IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 160




"Deborah Seymour…."

From the moment Princess Deborah descended the stairs like a snake preparing to hunt, the nobles gathered in the hall focused on her.

This is because they raised their heads with curiosity about what jewels Deborah Seymour would wear on this occasion and what kind of path she would take.

Perhaps because she looked down from above, the princess felt more oppressive.

The mermaid-cut dress that revealed her slender body made her appear taller, and the long flared ornament that hung only at the bottom of the skirt made her look like a colorful serpent in motion.

It was said that the more venomous the beast, the more beautiful it is.

Today, she didn't wear large jewels, but this made her distinctive features stand out, drawing the attention of the nobles.

Shortly after, the Duke of Seymour and the twin heirs known for their genius approached her.

When these grim characters gathered in a place with a cold appearance, they emitted an atmosphere and a strong presence that was hard to reach.

Duke Seymour didn't cast Freezing Magic, but the place where they were seemed cold.

"Those people must also have blue blood."

"By the way, they are all really beautiful."

"That's right. Not to mention the activities of Rosad-nim, Belreck-nim is one of the top three researchers in the tower…."

"What the hell are they talking about with that cold expression on their faces?"

Amid the looks of amazement and fear that sprouted from here and there, the Duke of Seymour was busy looking at his daughter, who had grown splendidly.

"Deborah. You've also entered the social world now. When did you become so big?"

"There are no signs of nervousness at all, obviously, whose younger sister are you? It's amazing."

Belreck made a gentle compliment, and Rosad raised his thin lips and added briefly.

"You are the prettiest here."

"It's natural."

"Brothers. There's no way it will rain bean flour*, right?"

(*Literal translation: receive a small gain by chance through someone else's affairs.)

"What can I do if you are the one who stands out the most?"

"Belreck. You said the right thing after a long time. Whose daughter are you? You're shining dazzlingly. So don't get nervous."

While spitting out all kinds of compliments indifferently, the royal family entered the hall, and the debutante, which the young ladies most awaited, began.


"I see Her Majesty, the queen."

The first person introduced to me was the second Queen, technically the highest-ranking wife in the imperial family, where the positions of empress and first Queen were vacant.

However, the Marquise of Baslein told me beforehand that she was not interested in power because she didn't have a son she could push as the next emperor, and she had a sincere belief in God.

"A pleasure to meet you. Princess. Like Seymour, you are as colorful as a rose."

Faced with the insincere greeting from the second queen, I thought for a moment before opening my mouth.

"A rose has different meanings depending on its color."

".... uhm. That's right. To be honest, the princess is a red rose."

"When I saw the second queen in person, I thought she looked better than anyone with white roses."

The eyes of the second queen, full of boredom, changed instantly.

The second Queen liked flowers, and when she was young, she was skilled enough in flower arrangement to decorate her hair with fresh flowers.

"Usually, noble maidens wear jewelry, which made the second queen stand out."

There was an anecdote that the Pope had escaped to the imperial court for a while due to internal conflicts within the temple, and the second Queen welcomed him with a white rose as a sign of respect, which impressed him greatly.

"I can't imagine how much comfort the Pope must have felt when he saw Your Majesty's pure white rose, who was physically and mentally exhausted from the power struggle within the temple."

As if feeling good after recalling those events, the 2nd queen narrowed her eyes and waved her fan.

"It's been a while, so there are many young noble ladies who don't know much about it, but you've studied a lot, princess. I guess I didn't know you well...."

"There are many things I don't know. I would like to know more about those days."

"Jo jo. In my time..."

The second queen, who had expressed boredom at first, became very talkative once she opened her mouth.

She even introduced me to the princesses and said she would invite me to a tea party later.

"The start was better than expected, princess. I am very proud."

Said the Marquise of Baslein with a proud expression, as the second queen, who had grabbed me and happily remembered the old times, left her seat.

"Because the marquise taught me a lot."

Whenever I had free time, she would tell me about various facts related to each family and its members.

Along with the importance of a mentor, I realized the reason why Agath-nim is a popular chaperone.

"It's the first time I've seen the second queen so lively."

"I see you, Marquis Mislow. I heard that this year Sir Patrice Mislow has been promoted to Vice-Captain of the Red Knights. Congratulations."

After a successful conversation with the second queen, I exchanged greetings with mixed-blood imperial people who were nearby.

"Oh, the princess of Seymour has good taste and a good memory."

"I know, right. That's incredible. I can see why the second queen didn't let go of the princess."


They made a fuss after pretending to be acquainted before they could be introduced, and even mentioned the latest news about the family.

"What...? Of course, I thought I should memorize everything."

Now that I think about it, there aren't many young girls who collect all their portraits and memorize them by comparing their names and families.

I secretly swallowed my tears when I realized the damage that Korean education had done to me, which naturally thinks that the end of study is memorization.

"Fortunately, it wasn't really in vain."

With all the latest information about the nobles and each family in my head, I could smoothly navigate conversations and avoid awkward interruptions.

But that was only for a while.

I overheard a conversation that seemed to be attacking me from somewhere.

"It seems she has prepared quite a bit before her debutante, but she has to be consistent anytime, anywhere to be a lady with the virtue of humility."

Duke Serig, one of the Senate forces, interrupted me with a sarcastic tone.

He was softly recalling the incident where I burst into an ordinary aristocrat's party and slapped Baron Marco on the cheek.

After the public incident with his daughter Emmanuel, it was impossible for Serig to have good feelings toward me.

Even if I hadn't done that, Duke Serig would probably have accused her of the behavior of the former Deborah.

"I see, Duke Serig."

I looked at him with cold eyes, raised my blood-red fan, and toyed with it.

When I reminded him of the fan incident with the baron, he slightly twisted his lips.

"I also agree with Duke Serig's words."

"Is that so?"

"That's why I couldn't bear Baron Marco's double standard, pretending to be an honest bureaucrat in front and deceiving behind."

"And that's why you hit someone with a fan? Isn't that too arrogant?"

"Are you defending someone who committed adultery?"

When I spoke loudly, as if for the ladies around me to hear, Duke Serig's expression wrinkled slightly.

"P-Princess! What is that habit of speaking?"

"I didn't know I would cover up for that kind of man, so my voice grew unconsciously."

"When did I do that?"

"Princess Deborah, was that Duke Serig's intention? It was a saying. However, in all things, there are certainties and virtues, but it's a problem that the princess is the one to judge."

Then Marquis Raymond intervened and tilted his head, pretending to be innocent.

"Am I crossing the line when punishing someone different from the outside, but if William Raymond secretly copies a classmate's thesis, it's not?"


The more they talked to me, the worse the situation became, and the harder their expressions became. I politely inclined my head.

"Thank you for teaching me to live consistently. I'll keep it in mind."

I spoke courteously and made eye contact with Isidor, who was holding back laughter nearby.

Isidor handed me the weaknesses of family heads, wives, and children conflicting with Seymour.

If you're in a relationship that draws parallel lines anyway, you don't need to wear a mask to look good.

This is Deborah's way.

After all, humans are selfish animals driven by their interests, and from their point of view, it interests them to bring me down, the daughter of the duke and Master of the Tower, so even if I act with kindness and courtesy, it won't change their attitude.

"In that case, it's much more effective to show that the weapon of intelligence exists."

You have to learn that if you touch a venomous snake, it will bite you.

That way, you won't be able to speak as carelessly as before.

"By the way, what kind of interest does Mia Binoche have in displaying her divine powers and pretending to be a saint?"

While watching Mia smiling among the nobles, I lightly played with the fan.

Whatever her purpose, it was natural for me to move in the direction where I could gain more.

And this place where the rich and powerful gather was also the best stage to expand my business.

I walked slowly toward my prey, Marquise Debion.

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