IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 159



"Let me see the divine power that everyone said was amazing... Wow!"

Before Thierry could finish his simple words, a black monster with hundreds of teeth fell to the ground with a grating sound.

Mia quickly stepped back with a pale face, and Thierry was surprised by her passive attitude, which was completely different from the rumors.

"Hey! Why are you just standing there!?"

Thierry, looking at Mia, who seemed to have no excuses, turned his head to the roaring monster while cursing.

Meanwhile, Oryx thrust a long spear into the monster's mouth, and the monster, which became a living skewer in an instant, screamed in pain.

"At this moment, I don't know who the real monster is..."

Princess Deborah has such a fearsome knight.

"I will never make her angry."

Everyone in the place was mesmerized by Oryx as he freely swung the heavy lance and attacked the monsters.

When the monster that was supposed to be the boss quickly became a skewer, the remaining monsters lost their order and began to run wildly into the forest, destroying trees here and there.

"That girl isn't moving. It's absurd."

Still, this monster didn't seem much stronger than the rumors.

Thierry quickly dealt with the small demons with his sword and swallowed a curse, then squinted when he saw the Templar Knights on the hill in the distance.

"What's going on?"

"Why did Javier-nim appear now?"

The reinforcements that the 4th queen had promised arrived one step late, so Mia bit her lips fiercely.

That woman named Deborah messed it up again.

Meanwhile, Thierry's expression became even more annoyed as more and more people wanted to join the table Oryx had set.

"3rd Prince. I need a specialization to be promoted to the Templar Knights next year. You can rest."

Thierry shouted as he put his sword to the head of the most formidable monster, and the 3rd Prince, Javier, looked around with bewildered eyes.

Where is the duchess? It's completely different from what his mother explained to him.

The situation here, which was expected to be a disaster, was being quickly resolved by a giant man.

After having the Duchess of Orge rescued by her son, the 4th queen's plan for the Orge family to be forcibly indebted fell apart.

On the other hand, Oryx, who gave hope to the unknown knights as this year's jousting contest star, made a splendid debut as a knight by saving the duchess and defeating the monsters.


There was a lot of turmoil on the way, but the debutante continued as if nothing had happened.

The people of the Empire were more accustomed than before due to the phenomenon of rifts, and there were no victims, so the imperial family seemed to have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

"Cancelling the event can only make the public uncomfortable."

The Sun Palace, where the dance took place, boasted a much larger scale than what I had seen in fragments of my memory.

Treasures and ancient relics from each country flaunted their majesty here and there, and the crystal chandelier dazzled.

However, as splendid as the interior of the Imperial Palace was, it wasn't as good as Isidor, who was by my side.

"Did you prepare carefully?"

His skin, as smooth as a pearl, was enough to make me want to touch it.

The black tunic that flowed along the elegant body line, contrasting with the white face, emphasized the broad shoulders and narrow waist, looking more sensual than usual.

"...You're giving me a lot of strength."

Moreover, perhaps due to the pomade hairstyle, the bright facial features and refreshing eyes were exceptionally prominent.

"Am I really the most handsome boyfriend, right?"

As I was lost in my thoughts, Isidor asked with a smile.

"Oh, come on."

I laughed because I was speechless, and he said gently.

"You're smiling now."

Isidor must have come here before the start of the dance to ease my tension.

"I tend to have many enemies, so I must have worried a lot."

"Sometimes I wish... I wish that only I could be by your side in this world. Is that too selfish?"

Isidor, who spoke with a sweet voice as if confessing, suddenly frowned at the figure in the distance.

"Sir Thierry, why has he been circling around us for a while?"

"The face of Duke Visconti is especially selfish today. Of course, Princess Deborah is as beautiful as a rose..."

Isidor immediately cut off his words.

"My beloved is going to see my aunt soon, so she doesn't have much time."

"Oh, yes, it's okay. I'll get straight to the point. I came to thank Princess Deborah. I just heard that my mother arrived home safe and sound."

"She arrived home? I understood that the Duchess of Orge would go to the ball today as Miss Mia's chaperone."

"I think the shock she received, because of the monsters, was bigger than expected. She said she couldn't move due to muscle pain."

"Then, who will be Mia's chaperone?"

As I felt perplexed, I met Thierry's black eyes.

"Anyway, thanks to the princess's knight today, my mother was able to survive. This grace will surely be repaid in the future under the name of my family.

As soon as Thierry was about to kiss the back of my hand, Isidor immediately covered his lips.

"Do you want to die?"


"I won't let that mouth move again."

As I watched the fight between the two handsome men, the Marquise of Baslein, who had been outside for a while to greet the royal family, appeared, clicking her tongue.

"Princess Deborah. Let's go."

"Yes, Marquise."

As I climbed the red-carpeted stairs, I reached a dressing room prepared for the young debutantes.

And inside, the young ladies and ladies waiting for the dance to begin were gathered in groups of two or three.

"Is the atmosphere supposed to be this gloomy in the first place?"

It's not because of me, right?

When our eyes met, I smiled, but the young ladies only looked at the Marquise of Baslein with longing eyes. She was definitely the most popular woman in social circles.

"My shoulders are getting tense for no reason."

"It's good that you're calm."

The Marquise of Baslein gracefully took a drink, and I sat on a chair with the drink she handed me.

"Today, Princess Deborah will probably be introduced to the noblest people in the empire."

She said affectionately while adjusting her necklace.

"All this time, I've been telling the young ladies to show the virtue of humility. Of course, it's very important to approach with a humble attitude without being sarcastic, but I won't give such obvious advice to the princess."


"Perhaps the princess will fare well in her own way."

"At least I'll make sure not to tarnish Agath-nim's face."

At my words, she waved her fan and smiled.

"All I have left to do is paint my face with gold. The response to the project proposed by the princess is explosive. Lately, the corners of the Marquis's lips are glued to his ears."

"That's good."

As I talked with her, a familiar face approached.

"Princess Deborah."


The dressing room stirred at the appearance of Princess Vivian, the most popular among the young ladies.

"We decided to talk comfortably among ourselves. I'm sad, Deborah."

"Miss Vivian. Have you come?"


She handed me a sapphire bracelet that matched the color of her hair and smiled gently.

"This is my gift for your debutante."

"Thank you."

I put it on my wrist, she wrinkled her nose, and then gently hit my shoulder.

"You look beautiful today. See you later."

"Yes. Princess."

As soon as the princess left, the Marquise spoke.

"The more I see the princess, the more popular she seems. I can see why my nephew is so nervous..."

"Lord Isidor is very popular."

"Hmm. I have no idea about this. Anyway, it's almost time. Princess."

As the debutante's moment approached, the dressing room became more and more crowded.

Perhaps because they were nervous before their debut in high society, some were sweating profusely, while others had notably worse complexions.

I was as nervous as the young girls, but my face in the mirror was no different from usual.

"Sorry every time, but this face is the best."

With my neatly dressed attire, I walked into the hallway with Mrs. Baslein, and after a while, I saw Mia Binoche coming out of the opposite dressing room.

"Who is that lady?"

"Instead of the Duchess of Orge, it seems that Mrs. Aaron's family has decided to serve as her chaperone."

Recently, the temple has been pressuring, and she is receiving sponsorship from Marquis François, but finding a replacement so quickly...

As I suspiciously watched her, I met Mia's blue eyes head-on.

She immediately turned around and descended the stairs, I looked at her delicate back and glanced over the staircase railing to see the ballroom.

Inside the ballroom, the nobles invited to the debutante were appearing one after another.

And the nobles seemed to show a lot of interest in Mia, who had long, pink hair like a goddess.

The Earls and Marquises entered in order into the ballroom and filled the hall, and then the Dukes and their direct descendants appeared one by one.

And I also descended the stairs with the Marquise of Baslein.

At that moment.

Before I could take the last step, the men from the Seymour family ran towards me, and I started to sweat."

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