IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 158



"Today you look exceptionally beautiful, Miss Mia."

Marquis François said, rolling his smooth lips.

Before Mia's debutante, the dress he prepared was an ordinary design that never went out of style.

Instead, he replaced the beautiful jewels with white lace adorned with elaborate patterns, reminiscent of a priestess, even though she was wearing a dress.

He was very satisfied with his work and once again reminded Mia sternly.

"Even if an unexpected accident happens, don't lose your smile. It is also not recommended to add too many words to correct a mistake. If you expose your soft flesh, your opponent will want to stab you. The key is to respond with humility while remaining relaxed."

Marquis François gently curved his eyes.

"You have saved so many people in the imperial capital, so you can be proud of it."

"I understand."

Mia liked the clothes he had prepared.

Because the "me" reflected in the mirror seemed to have a real divine power.

With a smile on her expressionless face, Mia nodded and boarded the carriage prepared by the marquis.

After a while, she arrived at the mansion of Duchess Orge, her chaperone.

Thierry was standing next to the duchess, holding a dark blue fan in a noble manner.


Thierry, who had been playing poker all night, yawned, and the duchess shuddered and slapped her hapless son on the back.

"Ouch! That hurts!"

"If you're going to do this, you shouldn't have said you would escort me in the first place. You're yawning to the point where I can see your uvula!"

"My father is very busy with military training, and Diery is on the estate. The only one left was me."

"You shameless brat! Because of you, I can't live up to my name."

Looking at the dark circles under her son's eyes, it was clear that he had been playing all night.

She had a lot to say, but there were several eyes watching, so the duchess barely suppressed her anger.

"Miss Mia. Let's go to the Imperial Palace first."

"Yes, duchess."

"Get in. Mother."

Thierry gracefully reached out to his mother in front of the carriage.

But his bloodshot eyes irritated her.

"Hmm! Travel separately."

The duchess, who hit her son's hand hard enough to make a noise, got into the carriage with a movement and told the driver to depart first.

"Anyway, my mother is rude."

Thierry, who got into the carriage behind without thinking twice, nodded as soon as he sat down and fell asleep in an instant.


After a while, he hit his head hard against the window, opening his eyes.


As soon as he woke up, his five senses sharpened. He didn't feel well.

"Young master! A rift has occurred!"

Shortly after, the scared cry of the driver pierced his eardrums.

The horse pulling Thierry's carriage ran wildly, and the interior began to shake even more violently.

Thierry rushed out after kicking the carriage door with his feet and was faced with a horrible sight.


In the distance, a rift was occurring, the kind he had only heard of before.

When the space opened, dark energy flowed, and the servants were frightened not knowing what to do.

Birds in the forest were fleeing in flocks, wildly flapping their wings, and the horses pulling the carts were running wildly here and there, eventually breaking the line and marching.


Eventually, Thierry found an overturned carriage with the family crest hanging down the slope.


It should be the carriage his mother had ridden before. Thierry's body began to tremble like a poplar.

Thierry quickly ran downhill with a pale face and realized that the carriage door was gone, and there was no one inside.

"Where is she?"

At that moment.

Thierry's vision caught a huge man taking care of his mother.

Suddenly, Thierry wondered who that man resembling a brown bear was.

"Yes, I remember...!"

Thierry's eyes widened at the sudden appearance of an unknown knight who had competed against Diery in a joust last summer.


"I really wish nothing had happened."

I sighed as I waited for the arrival of the Marquise de Baslein.

As in the original story, if a rift occurs, there may be another loss of lives, so I ordered Oryx Mirkain to get on and follow the duchess's carriage.

"Just in case, I collected all the scrolls I had and gave them to him."

If, according to my assumption, the rift is some kind of device to help Mia play an active role, there was a high probability of an accident on the way to the imperial palace, and the Duchess might get injured as in the novel.

"But the event occurred on a different path and timeframe than in the novel."

I reflected as I thought about the map.

There was a 100% chance to go up and take the shortcut through the Sky Forest due to the location of the mansion.

"In the original story, the accident happened where the goddess's tombstone was in the opposite direction."

That part of the novel happened right at the end of the year, so I remembered the content very clearly.

And when Mia was healing the Marquise de Baslein while trembling with fear among the demons, the chapter ended with a sentence saying that someone came to the rescue at just the right moment.

It was a great cutting skill.

"Who was the one who came to rescue Mia?"

I don't know who it is, but if it goes according to the original story, Oryx Mirkain will take the place of the savior now.


"Young master Thierry. This knight completely stopped the carriage, which was about to fall."

The driver, who saved his life thanks to Oryx Mirkain, stammered to Thierry.

The rift appeared, and the horse broke the line and ran away, and the carriage, which had veered off the path, almost split in half.

However, Oryx, who first felt that the situation was grave, jumped and blocked the carriage, avoiding a more significant accident.

It's a pity that it only appears once every 100 years, but after receiving systematic knight training and being able to control the aura at will, Oryx has superpowers that transcend common sense.

It was also thanks to his training while saving every minute and second to become Princess Deborah's knight.

"Ugh... Oh my God. What the hell is this?"

The Duchess of Orge, who sat with weakened legs, groaned with a pale and tired face.

"Mother, are you okay?"

"I feel dizzy."

Seeing that Mia Binoche, who was traveling in the carriage with her mother, was fine, it seemed that the unknown knight had arrived just in time.

After confirming that her mother was not seriously injured, Thierry nervously moistened his lips as he watched the rifts gradually widen.

"Sir, thank you very much for saving my mother's life. But if all those rifts open, and monsters come out, everyone here could die."

"I have a magical scroll of movement. It's better to evacuate everyone affected with this."

"How did you get such a thing...? Oh, you belong to the Seymour family...!"

She hadn't noticed because she wasn't feeling well, but just now, she noticed that the man was wearing a uniform with the Seymour emblem.

The Seymour family seemed to be distributing scrolls to the knights.

"I will never forget this grace."

The duchess said very moved after Oryx easily offered the movement magic scroll.

She had been saved twice by this huge man resembling an angel.

She urgently asked before breaking the scroll.

"What is your name? Are you a knight of Duke Seymour?"

"I am the knight of Princess Deborah."

Shame passed through the corner of the eyes of the Duchess Orge, who had never looked very well at Princess Deborah.

"The princess is the one who changed my fate, so if you feel any grace towards me, please return it to the princess."

"Mom, first of all, get out of here. Think about how you will repay the princess later."

The atmosphere worsened, and the duchess urgently evacuated, and Thierry, who confirmed that his mother was safe, said as he applied Aura to his sword.

"I am very close to your teacher. Because of her jealous lover, it seems that the princess hasn't played much with me lately."

Oryx looked at Thierry, who was acting frivolously in the middle of this critical situation, with a subtle expression on his face.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Come to think of it, there's no need to feel threatened. On our side, there's the heroine who annihilated the Black Phantoms at the incense ceremony."

Thierry smiled as he pointed to Mia Binoche, and Mia, who was suddenly called, trembled with a bewildered expression.

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