IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 157



Recently, while the Crown Prince was carrying out relief activities abroad, a swarm of tarantulas large enough to cover the outer walls of a house appeared, and there were reports of several people dying as a result.

An unfortunate accident occurred during the incense ceremony, and when these things happened one after another, even Seymour's servants murmured that the Crown Prince was unlucky.

"A swarm of tarantulas...?"

While listening to Margaret's story, I suddenly remembered a dream I had two days ago.

"I can't even drink this water."

"Why? You can remove the insects and drink it."

"That worm. It might be a monster."

In his dream, Nayla was depressed as she looked at the messy well where worms floated.

They had just crossed the desert and arrived in the village, but the water was contaminated by insects that could be monster corpses.

Nayla wandered here and there as a volunteer, saw many monsters, and was very familiar with their ecology.

Most of the monsters that survived in the arid Demon Realm were venomous species, but there were also individuals that couldn't be distinguished from the pests of this place at first glance.

But here, the top predator was at the bottom of the pyramid in the Demon Realm, and to survive, they lived in colonies like ants, and they were highly venomous, so even though they looked like the same insect, they were much more threatening.

"Isn't the tarantula that appeared there a monster?"

But I haven't heard of any nearby rifts.

I rubbed my chin with a complicated feeling.

In the midst of this, the wizard who took the lead in the kidnapping case bit his tongue and committed suicide. It is said that he remained silent about why he kidnapped the girl and who ordered it.


The information I care about is collected one by one like pieces of a puzzle, but it was frustrating because I couldn't clearly see what the picture was.

"I feel like I'm falling into a maze."

I walked to the academy with Margaret, spinning the pieces I had in my head.

Before Thanksgiving, the academy was in chaos.

Everyone was excited as if preparing for a university festival because of the dance and other events held in the imperial family.

The atmosphere was heating up day by day.

Time passed quickly between dance practices and learning about social etiquette from the etiquette professor, and the debutante event was just around the corner.

10. Intersection

From who was the chaperone for each young lady to the trivial story of someone mixing various expensive garments in a certain dressing room.

Various diverse news related to the debutante spread constantly through people's word of mouth.

"The name of a young lady named Mia Binoche is the one that comes to mind the most these days."

The fact that Mia Binoche's chaperone is the duchess of a founding family has been the biggest issue in the social world recently.

This is because it is the first time that the lively Duchess Orge, who had only been a chaperone for young ladies from famous families, suddenly became the chaperone of a young lady from a family that had never been heard of.

"At first glance, the duchess's choice may seem scandalous, but in reality, it's quite a calculated move."

The Marquise of Baslein gracefully lifted her teacup and continued.

She spoke frankly about the events taking place in the social world and the people involved in it.

"From the Duchess Orge's point of view, it's not a bad choice because it's an opportunity to renew her image and enjoy the support of the commoners that Mia Binoche has."

"That's right."

"She also wants to look special as the chaperone of the Saint."

In the sanctuary, the cardinal stood up and exalted Mia Binoche, saying that she was the embodiment of the Saint.

And as the duchess climbed on this trend, social circles assumed that Mia Binoche could become the most notable young lady at this year's debutante.

"I, the chaperone of a villainess, and Duchess Orge, the chaperone of the Saint, are opposites."

The Marquise of Baslein said with a playful smile.

Of course, the villainess here was me.

"Did I hear that the princess strongly slapped someone with a fan?"

A few days ago, I crashed a party organized by ordinary nobles and slapped Baron Marco with a fan, causing a slight notoriety.

"I hit him so hard that his wig flew off."

I didn't touch him without reason.

Baron Marco had an affair with his maid and even pushed the pregnant baroness down the stairs.

Even while limping, I felt something in my head snap when I saw Baroness Marco appear in my etiquette class.

"Are you going to leave it like this?"

"I don't want to see my husband having fun at parties. I want him to be humiliated."

I gladly embarrassed the baron at the party.

"I've been very quiet for a while, but it's been a while since I acted like a villainess."

The dark wizards were looking for a Saint, so they never would have imagined that I, who hit people with a fan, had a past life as Nayla.

Of course, no matter how hard an opponent with the title of baron gritted his teeth and fought, he couldn't harm me being a princess, so it just played out as I wanted.

"More than anything, I'm furious about Baron's actions."

My etiquette teacher was now preparing for divorce, saying she realized that mental health was more important than pride.

Remembering for a moment an incident that happened during the preparation for my debutante, I opened my mouth in front of the marquise.

"... My hand slipped. Baron Marco's face is too oily."

"Jojo. I'm not criticizing the princess for her actions. It makes me much happier and prouder to be the chaperone of a unique and special young lady like Princess Deborah."

I thought I would receive a little reprimand for not acting like a noble lady, but it was a surprise.

The marquise toyed with her fan with a smile on her face.

"This debutante will be a battle between a villainess and an angel."

She found this situation, where a clear composition of confrontation was created, very interesting.

"A villainess... I'm glad I'm not the devil. I actually like this nickname."

I smiled.

"Although the princess is like the rumors, if you look closely, she's really different..."

"It's fun when there's a twist."

"You speak very well."

She clicked her tongue, saying that my speech is similar to Isidor's.

"It's true that I'm becoming more like Isidor."

There's a saying that goes, those who like each other, resemble each other.

The smiling marquise added another spoonful of sugar and stirred the tea slowly.

"Ah, Arabella asked when the princess would return. The snowy sea is very charming, so come to the castle during the holidays."

"Yes, marquise."

I returned to the annex after a multidisciplinary conversation.



After taking off my coat, the maid approached me while fixing my hair, which had become tangled due to the cold wind.

"Duke Seymour has something to tell you."

"What happened suddenly?"

"He didn't explain the reason, but he said the princess should go to the office as soon as she arrives."

When I entered the office with a feeling of perplexity, I met an unexpected person.

Oryx Mirkain.

The knight I brought with me as a slave during the jousting battle.

He was waiting for me now, dressed in a military uniform with a silver-engraved badge.

"Greetings, Grand Princess Seymour. This is Oryx Mirkain, who was officially named a knight today."

Duke Seymour, who was by his side, added with a smile.

"This knight has great loyalty to you."

After bringing him to Seymour, I left him with the Templar Knights and didn't do anything special, but when I received those eyes full of loyalty, I felt embarrassed for nothing.

"He is very loyal and has excellent sword skills, so I plan to appoint him as the leader of the knights you possess."

What? Did I just hear it wrong?

"Are you saying that you created a personal order of knights for me?"

"Yes. This is my gift for your debutante. I bet it will be much more valuable than jewels. And also for your own safety."

Feeling deeply the level of the Seymour family, I was stunned for a moment, then stood in front of Oryx with the most dignified expression on my face.

"Let's do well in the future."

"Yes, Princess."

He knelt in front of me with a very moved expression, and I touched his shoulder.

"Everything is fine. Oryx was timely named a knight."

I ordered Oryx the day before my debutante.

"There's something you have to do first."

"Just leave it to me. Princess."

And I gave him my first mission.

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