SYS (Novel) Chapter 385

C385 - Who Is The Real Runcandel? (5)

"I understand, Young Master."


A little while later, Petro returned holding a sandwich filled with ample meat.

Petro couldn't help but wonder if it was appropriate to be looking for a snack in this situation, but Jin had a relaxed expression.

"Oh, it's perfect. Well done."

"Young Master."


"Is this really okay?"

"Well, Gilly and Murakan will return, and we'll have a delicious meal together, so just wait for me."

"...I wish you all the best, Young Master!"

Petro's resolute voice was overshadowed as Jin, with a carefree expression, took a bite of the sandwich and continued walking.

Nom, nom...

The Garden of Swords was so quiet that the sound of Jin chewing the sandwich seemed deafening.

And there were sharp gazes watching him.

How many Guardian Knights of the Family have been prepared?

Rosa and the Council of Elders had stationed Knights all along the garden's paths.

Although they tried to conceal it as much as possible, most of the Knights harbored hostility towards Jin.

The disruption caused by Jin within the clan was not well-received by the Knights.

Jin didn't pay much attention to their stares and focused on devouring his sandwich.

For others, it must seem like Runcandel is preparing for war.

Indeed, that's what was happening.

The Knights were not only stationed in the Garden of Swords.

The city of Calon had also been cordoned off, and Guardian Knights were placed everywhere.

News had spread worldwide that the gathering of Knights in Calon was not a good sign and needed special attention.

Zipple, Vermont, Kinzelo, and the other factions were on high alert, wondering if Runcandel was truly preparing for war.

It all came down to one person, the Twelfth Flagbearer, Jin Runcandel.

As he strolled casually and enjoyed his sandwich.

Finally, when he reached the entrance to the training ground, Jin ignited a small flame in the palm of his hand and burned the wrapping paper.

The gatekeepers nearly jumped when they saw him.

While it wasn't a secret that the Twelfth Flagbearer was a Magic Swordsman, seeing Runcandel use magic so casually in the Garden of Swords was quite surprising.

"Open the gate," Jin said as he wiped his mouth.

The gatekeepers were also Guardian Knights.

They had undergone extreme training for an ordinary human, and they could feel the energy contained in Jin's voice.

So they couldn't help but be amazed.

While they weren't surprised by the use of Magic, Jin's voice carried an unknown dignity and held profound power.

"...The Twelfth Flagbearer has arrived!"


As the massive iron gate swung open, the first person Jin saw was Rosa, sitting in the highest seat of the arena.

The Flagbearers and members of the Council of Elders beneath her turned their heads toward Jin, and the Guardian Knights behind them shifted their gaze.

They were ready to make a move if any orders were given.

"I apologize for being late, Mother. Thank you for waiting."

Even with such a greeting.

Isn't there too much of a crowd gathered just to intimidate me?

Jin didn't make such a sarcastic comment.

He just stood there for a moment, facing their gazes head-on.

Like a beast entering the enemy's lair.

And waiting for the enemy to bark first.

"Twelfth Flagbearer!"

When someone stoically uttered his name, Jin inwardly smiled.

'Yes, I thought you'd be the one to bark first.'

It was Miu.

She had an anxious and expectant look, not hiding her intent to kill. She felt her face tingle at the prospect of witnessing Jin's defeat.

She exuded a bloodlust that could send shivers down one's spine.

However, Jin knew that this bloodlust did not belong to Miu and Anne alone.

It was something felt by all Knights with a level higher than 9 stars in this training ground.

"Is this where you can stand like a statue?"

"Immediately bow before the Acting Patriarch, the Chief Flagbearers, and the members of the Council of Elders with respect!"

Miu and Anne's stern and resonant voices echoed throughout the arena.

Jin remained silent for a long while. He didn't respond to his sisters' voices, behaving as though he couldn't hear their loud and overbearing words.

For Miu and Anne, being ignored alone was humiliating and unbearable.

Their faces turned red with anger, and the veins on their necks bulged as if they were about to burst at any moment.

"This arrogant guy."


Jin let out a sigh.

Miu and Anne, who had drawn their swords to their hips, were momentarily taken aback by his action.

It was startling to see Jin sighing in apparent frustration.

However, within Miu and Anne's turmoil, there was an unrecognized sense of wonder.

Indeed, could I do the same if I were in that situation?

Could I be capable of sighing even when I saw them unsheathing a sword at me?

Could I stop it with a simple sigh?

And why, exactly, was no one getting angry at this insolent behavior they were witnessing?

In that incredibly brief moment, several questions crowded into both of their minds.

They had lost. Or perhaps, they couldn't win.

The moment they unsheathed their swords, they would embarrass themselves in front of everyone. Miu and Anne's intuition warned them.

Yet, both sisters had to draw their swords.

It was necessary to maintain Runcandel's honor.

"It's nice to hear a sigh. I've sighed many times because of you."

Miu and Anne felt lucky.

Mary stepped forward, gently interposing herself between them.

It was to help her younger, inexperienced, and weaker sisters avoid making a single mistake that could cost them everything.

Miu and Anne felt their hearts race as they gripped their swords tightly.

"Seventh Flagbearer... Stand aside!"

"If you're asking the Twelfth Flagbearer to be polite, then look around as well. Although the Acting Patriarch hasn't said anything yet, do you think you can act this way? I could strike you right here. Behave yourselves; it's better to be courteous."

Mary's defeat of Miu and Anne at her hands was not a disgrace, at least not in the eyes of the public.

Everyone in Runcandel was well aware of the clear hierarchy among them from the beginning.

It wasn't any different from Mary giving Miu and Anne a chance.

It was because she judged that if both of them were killed or maimed by her beloved little brother, it would result in a loss for Runcandel.

It's impossible for Mary not to have seen what Miu and Anne had intuitively felt.

Indeed, Mary could vividly imagine an excited Miu and Anne pouncing on Jin and being taken down with a single blow.

"I warn you, do not make annoying sounds like 'hpmh' or 'tcf' towards me. Stay silent as the dead until the situation is over."

Miu and Anne managed to regain their composure with great effort.

Silence settled in once again.

Jin hadn't said a word until that moment.

In the midst of the oppressive silence, those gathered in the training ground had various thoughts, but most couldn't help but feel a certain fear toward Jin.

Just as Miu and Anne had felt, it was almost inconceivable that someone in that position could display such an attitude.

Some members of the Council of Elders even had a sense of apprehension.

'... It reminds me of the First Flagbearer.'

'The day the First Flagbearer declared she would resign from the position of Patriarch was like this too.'

The First Flagbearer, Luna Runcandel.

She was the object of Cyron's expectations and everyone within the Family.

When she declared that she would resign from the position of Patriarch, she had been as confident and imposing as Jin was now.

No one, and nothing, seemed capable of stopping her.

However, there was a vast difference between Luna then and Jin now.

Jin had come to this place with the intention of making the exact opposite declaration.

"Twelfth Flagbearer."

Finally, Rosa's voice echoed from the seat of honor.

"Yes, Acting Patriarch."

Jin looked at Rosa.

"Your fate here can be decided in a matter of seconds with just a few words from me, something so weak and trivial."

"Is that so?"

"Therefore, you must speak only the truth when I ask you."


"Why did you leak information about the Tomb of the First Patriarch to the Seventh Flagbearer?"

"Because I believed the Seventh Flagbearer would represent me and discuss it publicly."

"As you say. So, what is your plan now?"

"I would like to hear the opinions of those gathered here, including the Acting Patriarch."

Jin briefly looked around before continuing.

"I have felt it while visiting the Tombs of the First Patriarchs since my days as the Provisional Flagbearer. Runcandel can never surpass Zipple."

"How dare you!"

"What are you saying now!"

Among the Elder Council members, it was Jorden, the head of the Black Sword Association, who reacted first.

"I said I wanted to hear your opinions, not insignificant outbursts. Council of Elders members, does any of you believe that Runcandel stands a chance when it goes to war against Zipple in the future?"


"If you really think that, then go stick your noses in a bowl of water and drown yourselves right now."


The Council Elders who had shouted drew their swords.

"You're crossing the line, ignorant brat."

"Relying on unfounded hopes and dreaming of an uncertain future is the mark of weak and corrupt individuals. Runcandel doesn't need people like that."

"What do you know? Are you capable of evaluating the outcome of a war between Runcandel and Zipple, let alone speak about its results? Do you think you've contributed as much to this Family as you believe? Do you think you've fought against our enemies as much as you claim?"

"Allow me to rephrase the question. It's been a long time since the Patriarch became a Demigod, and yet, he hasn't engaged in a total war with Zipple. What is the reason?"

Jin stared at the Elders and continued.

"It's because the Patriarch judged that we can't win. Even my father, who can sweep you all here like dust, thinks the same! But dare anyone say we stand a chance against Zipple?"

The older members of the council did not respond and instead stared at Jin.

Jin had directly referred to Cyron, leaving them speechless.

"No, none of you can. None of those gathered here can possess greater power than the Patriarch."

Furthermore, as Jin continued, the older members of the council drew their swords once again, unable to tolerate it any longer.

"However, I have a solution."

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