SYS (Novel) Chapter 394

C394 - Even if You Cover It Up, You Can't Hide It (4)

In the midst of the solemn atmosphere, Runcandel was stirred by Jin's 'Declaration' of becoming a Magic Sword Master.

Both the Flagbearers and the Elders, along with the Knights following them, talked about Jin whenever there was an opportunity.

Would Jin really awaken, and if he did, what kind of punishment would he face?

How many Master Swordsmen would align with him?

Among these questions, there was only one thing that Runcandel and the others could predict.

The fact that around 10% of the Knights would support Jin.

Therefore, Runcandel thought it would be difficult to completely turn the tide, even if the situation changed.

"...It's this kind of atmosphere. So, unnie, it might be a good time for you to start moving more actively than before."

Miu and Anne had come to look for Luntia and had made such statements.

They had explained in great detail, for more than 30 minutes, how the youngest had shown his fangs and how the proper power had to be given to Joshua.

It wasn't something Joshua had ordered.

However, they wanted to reaffirm their loyalty to the future patriarch during this opportunity.

'If Elder Brother Joshua becomes the next patriarch, the governing rights of the Five Eastern Regions will be ours.'

'Even if we don't bother looking for that human named Histor.'

Since they had decided to become Joshua's people a long time ago, they had never dreamed of becoming patriarchs even once.

They only wished to control the Five Eastern Regions and other territories through Joshua and survive.

They hoped that if Joshua became the patriarch, he would most likely purge most of the other siblings.

"Luntia, sister?"

Luntia only stared at the pure white ceiling.

Due to the stiff nature of her body, it would take some more time to fully recover, but the major treatment had already been completed a few days ago.

"Are you listening to us?"

Throughout the entire conversation, Luntia hadn't answered even once.

Is it my fault...?

For the past twelve days, she hadn't spoken to anyone who came to see her.

She just remained silent, like someone with aphasia, lost in her thoughts.

"...Unnie, it's understandable that you're shaken by the severe injuries you received."

"But staying like this will only make you a laughingstock."

Miu and Anne avoided using the word 'defeat,' instead referring to her as a 'laughingstock.'

In reality, they didn't believe Luntia had been defeated by Jin.

Luntia's defeat was nothing more than an accident, and they were confident that if she faced him in an official duel again, the result would be different.

It wasn't just Miu and Anne; everyone in Runcandel had similar thoughts.

But Luntia herself didn't think the same way.

For twelve days, she had done nothing but reflect on her battle with Jin, every minute without rest.

Even if she were to fight again, even if she stayed vigilant and gave it her all from the start, she still wasn't sure if she could change the outcome.

It's true there were things she hadn't shown, and it's likely Jin had many hidden cards as well. In Luntia's empty eyes, a strange fervor grew, something Miu and Anne still couldn't understand, the depth of her determination.

Miu and Anne exchanged glances and nodded.

"Well, think about what we've said. Besides, you already believed that Elder Brother Joshua would become the patriarch."

"At a time like this, if the sister helps, it will be a great force. We'll be waiting, so contact us when you feel better."

After Miu and Anne left, an older woman entered the room.

Luntia's maid: "Lisham."


Luntia turned her head slightly to look at Lisham.

"It seems the younger master has just awakened."

Suddenly, Luntia sprang to her feet, and Lisham smiled.

It was the first time she had seen Luntia react this way in almost twenty years.

"How is he? Can he wield his sword again?"

Luntia still didn't know that Jin had consumed Numerus's Blood. That's why she asked this question first.

"I heard he's surprisingly well. Enough to recreate that battle right away."

"My sword and my flag coat..."

"I thought you would be looking for them."

Lisham handed Luntia her beloved sword, Charles, and the Flag Coat she had prepared in advance.

As she watched Luntia hastily put on the clothing, Lisham reminisced about Luntia's childhood.

Young Luntia used to say she wanted to become the strongest in the Family.

'When I look back, after the First Flagbearer gave up everything, Miss lived like someone who had lost the meaning of life...'

Lisham's eyes filled with tears.

She too had dreamed once, like all the other maids, of seeing her young mistress at the top of the Family, ruling the world.

But Luntia had lost her purpose too early.

Climbing to the top and challenging the giant star Luna, showing that she could shine even brighter than her, was the only thing that had driven Luntia.

After the disappearance of that giant star, a sense of boredom had settled in her.

Her life was full of silence and meaningless inner peace.

And Lisham had a premonition.

When the Twelfth Flagbearer's sword pierced Luntia's chest, when her mistress fell in front of that pale blade, she felt that a new star had been born in her mistress's heart.

"Where is the younger brother? Is he going to see mother?"

"No, I heard he's heading to the mausoleum."

Lisham spoke as Luntia was about to leave the room.



"I wish you good luck. As I always have, and forever."

As Luntia turned around, she watched Lisham for a moment.

And then she started to walk with renewed vigor, like a general on campaign.

There was no longer a sense of heavy boredom in her eyes.

The desire that Miu and Anne hadn't discovered was gradually shining more brightly.

The Flagbearers, the Elders, and the Knights following them had already headed to the mausoleum to confirm Jin's awakening.

So many people going to the mausoleum at once was a novelty for the past several years.

But among the crowd at the mausoleum, Luntia saw nothing but Jin.

Seeing her younger brother standing amidst the people around him, she couldn't help but smile.

"You look like you weren't in a coma until yesterday, so lively."

"How in the world did you wake up?"

"You should have visited the acting patriarch first. Why did you come to the mausoleum first, Twelfth Flagbearer?"

Jin remained silent amidst the voices of the Elders.

Instead, his gaze wandered around until it settled on Joshua.

"Second Flagbearer, I heard you struggled with the aftermath and that you had already summoned the Knights, which is very commendable."

After Jin's Declaration, Joshua had quickly stabilized the Garden of Swords using the Knights he had pre-summoned when Jin's arms were cut off.

He presented himself as the next patriarch.

If Joshua had let the situation unfold without forethought and had kept the Knights as they were, there would have been several more days of confusion.

At worst, there could have been an invasion by external forces taking advantage of the situation.

With most of the fighters, including Rosa and Luntia, having suffered varying degrees of injury, it was the most opportune time for outsiders to attack Runcandel.

No one dared to reprimand Jin, even though the Twelfth Flagbearer spoke as if he were evaluating the Second Flagbearer.

Even Joshua, the person in question, showed no signs of discomfort.

"Flagbearers exist not to disrupt the Family but to organize and lead it. I simply did what was expected of me."

He spoke in an easily understandable language, sounding humble but carrying a message that anyone could grasp.

"Even though I did what was expected of me, you put the Family in danger."

"In a way, I merely cleared a path through stagnant waters. Isn't that why the acting patriarch didn't punish me because she knows it?"

"The reason mother doesn't punish you is that she believes you have value. It's also related to why you went to the mausoleum as soon as you woke up."

Temar's legacy and ancient Runcandel.

Everyone had closely observed that power.

Jin's power, as just the Twelfth Flagbearer, overthrowing the Garden of Swords in an instant.

Eyes filled with greed were fixed on Jin.

They hoped that if Jin could consecrate the Knights of ancient Runcandel in the mausoleum, that power wouldn't be limited to just the Twelfth Flagbearer.

So, what the Elders wanted to hear from Jin now was just one thing.

Is there any way for you to make us 'Magic Swordsmen' immediately?

Jin was sure.

If he said, "I will immediately share that secret with those who follow me," at that moment, a considerable number of Elders would be favorably disposed toward Jin.

"You must have a plan on how to bring the first patriarch and the ancestors to this mausoleum."

"It seems there are only idiots everywhere."

Suddenly, Jin frowned as if feeling uncomfortable.

"If you want to know, step outside. Challenge me, fight, and take advantage of it. I tell you to follow what I taught you that day. Otherwise, you will disappear from history without leaving a single trace until the day of your death."

"Don't think only you can use that power, Twelfth Flagbearer."

"Don't think the Second Flagbearer is at the same level as me, committing all sorts of wickedness with the help of the Prophet."

The Prophet.

Jin mentioned her directly, and Joshua didn't seem surprised.

Some Elders already knew of the Prophet's existence.

From their reactions, Jin could expect that Joshua would also soon reveal the Prophet to the Family.

I need to let them know that the legacy of ancient Runcandel has the power to counter Zipple.

Kinzelo and Vermont will soon start seriously arming golems.

Joshua probably knows this.

Even in the previous life, when Zipple began possessing 'mass-produced Magicians,' the balance of world power changed significantly.

The living golems of the Legends tribe and the Demon Men that Kinzelo and Vermont were producing could exert far greater power than the mass-produced Magicians.

It wasn't easy to face them in a "normal" manner.


After lighting the flames in the center of the mausoleum using mana, Jin took a step forward, passing by Joshua.

And just as he was about to leave the mausoleum, Luntia blocked his way.

Jin and Luntia stared at each other in silence for a few seconds.

"I will also become the patriarch."

When Luntia spoke those words, everyone gathered in the mausoleum could only doubt their ears.

Even Joshua seemed to have trouble hiding his emotions this time, and his eyes widened in surprise.

Smiling, Jin replied:

"I thought there were only idiots, but it seems there's a real one. Let's do our best, big sister."

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