SYS (Novel) Chapter 395

C395 - Even if You Cover It Up, You Can't Hide It (5)

It was impossible to keep the Garden of Swords in a state of war and block all of Hufester's territory. This was because the war had not truly erupted.

As much authority as the Runcandel clan had as the ruling clan of Hufester, they couldn't continue suppressing the convenience of all the residents without special justification.

Furthermore, the cause of the incident had already spread among the residents and Calon spies.

The rumor was that Jin Runcandel had caused the accident.

And the rumors spread like a buoy resurfacing on the surface.

No matter how much it was pushed down, words about Jin circulated among the residents of Hufester.

Starting with the news that the Twelfth Flagbearer had fallen critically ill.

And rumors that a rebellion had occurred in the Garden of Swords (which could be interpreted differently depending on one's perspective).

Dangerous rumors even suggested that the Twelfth Flagbearer had defeated all the flagbearers and even suppressed the acting matriarch.

Amidst the overwhelming flood of rumors, Runcandel had to make a decision.

In the end, before Jin could awaken and before a week had passed, Runcandel lifted all the blockades and restored Hufester to its original state.

Unless they were going to eliminate Jin, it was better for the reduced truth to be spread, not the rumors.

Jin Runcandel, the twelfth flagbearer of Runcandel, the continent's greatest swordmaster, had destroyed the Garden of Swords!

The Swordsmen Family originally belonged to the Magical Swordsmen.

The thrilling and tumultuous declaration to restore Runcandel's status as a Magical Swordsmen Family resonated throughout Hufester.

The true identity of the lightning Jin Runcandel had used in his early days as a provisional flagbearer was the power of the ancient beastmen tribe that had disappeared thousands of years ago...

Would Runcandel consider Jin Runcandel a traitor or a flagbearer of evolution?

"I will become the Patriarch," a single phrase that echoed in the Garden of Swords...

It was also reported that the Third Flagbearer, Luntia Runcandel, had made the same declaration.

The possibility of a three-way battle in the Runcandel succession was high.

The declarations spread like wildfire.

The Fourth Flagbearer, Dyfus Runcandel, and the Seventh Flagbearer, Mary Runcandel, reaffirmed their determination not to give up the throne.

Would it become a five-way battle?

What about the position of the Second Flagbearer, Joshua Runcandel?

Where is Jin Runcandel, whom the people of Hufester wanted to see?

From the moment the blockade was lifted, articles spread like wildfire.

As always, led by Dino Zaglan, the journalists sympathetic to Jin had no rest for a while.

The appearance of a hero is always exhilarating.

The public had been enthusiastic about Jin Runcandel since the Holy Kingdom incident, and his name had long been synonymous with a hero.

Initially, Runcandel wouldn't have let such media articles go unnoticed.

However, at this point, suppressing the media was quite burdensome.

There was no benefit in killing those who were friends of Jin.

On the contrary, it could be detrimental. Moreover, similar articles were already appearing outside of Hufester, making Jin's presence impossible to conceal.

Of course, alongside the endless words of praise, journalists on the opposing side to Jin also lived turbulent days.

Was Runcandel truly a Magical Swordsmen Family?

Baseless rumors, Runcandel was a Family that had become a conqueror of the continent with just a sword.

Could the Twelfth Flagbearer dare to tarnish that glorious history?

Denying the legitimacy of the family was equivalent to rebellion, and it was a moment when Runcandel's strict judgment was needed...

The limitations of a Magical Swordsman had already been extensively tested in human history, so there was no need to be fooled by the extravagant stories of the Twelfth Flagbearer...

Considering this simply as a form of rebellion was an excessively radical move.

Those who referred to it as merely 'radical' should have their heads chopped off with an axe and displayed at the entrance of the Garden of Swords.

While the lower-ranking Flagbearer made patriarchal declarations, the Second Flagbearer stood firm.

The Second Flagbearer encouraged the lower-ranking Flagbearers, saying, 'Healthy competition is always necessary,' and displayed a dignity worthy of the next patriarch.

Where is that madman now?

Strip Jin Runcandel of his Flagbearer status!

Amidst the praising and malicious articles stirring the world, there was one thing that interested both sides equally:

Where is Jin Runcandel right now?

After visiting the Garden of Swords, the only news was that Jin had left the Garden of Swords, and his whereabouts remained unknown.


Zipple, the First Magic Tower, the Tower of Stories.

As usual, Kelliark Zipple sat in front of the crystal orb on the top floor, passing the time.

Next to him, several newspapers from different countries were piled haphazardly.

Contrary to what was known to the public, there was a childlike expression on his face. He underlined the newspapers as he read them, unmistakably a noble with silver hair.

[What's so funny again!]

Kadun, the Fire Dragon, was roasting nearly five-meter skewers with his fiery breath, standing at a good distance.

Despite his true form, his face was filled with irritation.

"I've felt it before; the youngest of Runcandel has always been quite interesting."

[Interesting? Are you out of your mind?]

"Why not? At his age, he singlehandedly turned Runcandel into a complete mess. Even I couldn't do what he's doing. It's amazing, isn't it?"


Kadun angrily bit into a cooked skewer.

[How much damage have we suffered because of that damn brat? Your brother died, and the Demon God Orb was destroyed, not to mention our alliance with Kinzelo. The Holy Kingdom incident... I dare not even mention it. And recently, we lost a Black Knight spy, Kelliark!]

"Including the fact that we lost some of the Specters."

[Yes, that too. Is that all? A Magical Swordsman...! That brat is breaking the oath!]

Kadun's anger stemmed from that.

A thousand years ago, he and the Zipple of that time had painstakingly wrested Runcandel's magic away.

Kadun could understand that Jin, as an individual, was overturning the world as a Magical Swordsman.

The problem was that Jin had declared his intention to turn all of Runcandel back into a Magical Swordsman Family.

It was unbearable.

Remembering how powerful Runcandel had been in those days made his teeth grind and sent shivers down his spine.

"Calm down, Kadun."

[You haven't lived it a thousand years ago, so you wouldn't know. If it weren't for those bastards... the world would have been entirely ours since then. It's because of those dreadful Magical Swordsmen that I had to wait for a thousand more years.]

"A thousand years isn't that long for a Dragon, right?"

[A thousand years is a lot for a Dragon too! Damn it, can't you see that I'm reacting so sensitively to this?]

"I understand. It's about how important this matter is."

[We have to meet with the acting Patriarch of Runcandel again and press them to remember the oath.]

In response to that, Kelliark smirked.

"No, it's not necessary."

[Give a more convincing explanation.]

"Of course. Think about it, Kadun. Based on what we've observed so far, the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel is not one to recklessly cause trouble. The fact that he openly mentioned restoring Runcandel's status as a Magical Swordsman Family is because he has a reliable safety net."

[Are you talking about Cyron Runcandel?]

"Yes, Cyron Runcandel. What the Twelfth Flagbearer believes in is his father. I don't know how much of the Black Sea's secret Cyron has shared with his younger son, but one thing is certain..."

Cyron Runcandel had not yet entered the territory of the Black Sea's five kings.

As Kelliark continued, Kadun's pupils dilated.

[...It can't be. Runcandel's strongest Knights, along with the Demigod, have been searching for decades. By this point, they should have undoubtedly found the territory of the Five Kings.]

"I was hoping for that from Cyron and his Knights as well. However, judging by the Twelfth Flagbearer's actions, it's more likely that he's still wandering, unable to find the territory of the Five Kings."

If Cyron had already found the territory of the Black Sea Kings and couldn't leave for some time, Jin wouldn't have made such a declaration.

That was Kelliark's judgment.

"The Black Sea is truly an unknown land. Even if Cyron hasn't found the territory of the Five Kings yet, it wouldn't be surprising."

[Hmm, that's true.]

"Perhaps he gave up on finding the territory of the Five Kings. So, as long as he's alive, he might be looking for an opportunity to break the oath with the Twelfth Flagbearer."

[Anyway, it's annoying.]

"Kadun, Cyron is just a human after all. And I assure you, he won't get what he wants."

Kadun nodded silently.

A human, and one with limited time.

Once Cyron disappeared, Runcandel would no longer be a problem.

"Furthermore, the oath is just a symbol. What is truly engraved in Runcandel's blood is a curse. So, don't rush, let's watch him. It's quite interesting, you know."

[Agreed. But still, it's a good idea to confirm Jin Runcandel's whereabouts for now. It's unsettling.]

"That's a valid point. Let me see, I'll check the crystal ball..."

[You can't see anything in there!]

While Kadun exclaimed in frustration, something caught Kelliark's attention beneath the crystal ball.

There was a sealed letter.

It had flown to his beloved son, Beradin Zipple.

"...We may not need to search. I'm quite sure he's coming here."

Kelliark waved the letter in his hand.

[What's that?]


While everyone was curious about Jin's whereabouts, he was simply passing the time with his comrades in the Tikan Free City mansion.

He was flipping through newspapers while enjoying some Latrie cookies.

However, Jet rushed over and handed him a letter.

"Sir! A letter has arrived in Tikan with your pseudonym. It seems to be some kind of invitation."

"Give it to me."

Jin was already expecting an invitation, so his reaction was quite calm.

When he opened the seal, the first thing he saw was an image of a lion holding a sword.

The 'Emperor Sword Seal.'

Only the Lord of the Emperor Sword Castle could use it.

(Paul Gray Mick! You are invited to the Emperor Sword Banquet.

Join us to enjoy the splendors of the Emperor Sword Castle and make your name shine.

Ron Hairan - Lord of the Emperor Sword Castle.

P.S.: Thanks to my grandson, I have no choice but to send you this invitation as well. If possible, don't come.

Don't come!)

After reading the content, Jin let out a chuckle.

He could almost imagine how desperately Dante must have pleaded with Ron Hairan to invite him to the banquet.

Jet, who glanced at the content, sighed.

"My lord, why did that guy bother sending the invitation if he didn't want you to come? Ron Hairan is quite petty."


"Yes, milord."

"Do you have appropriate attire for the banquet?"

"Yes, I do, but... Why do you ask?"

"Then prepare it. Also, let the others know. We will all go together to meet this little lord."

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