IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 163



The rumor that Princess Deborah had received an unprecedented number of foxes caused another stir in the social world.

"The Queen of the Hunt" is a title that young ladies with many connections and virtues have obtained... Can she achieve this?

Now that they think about it, they can't say that the princess is unpopular. Because each connection is like a jewel. Isn't quality better than quantity? Although you kill a hundred lizards, a dragon is a hundred times better.

"Visconti, George, the Crown Prince... Now that they think about it, there's no one better."

After successfully completing her debutante and becoming the "Queen of the Hunt," wherever she goes, everyone talks about Princess Deborah.

Moreover, most of those who talk are popular.

That deeply angered the 4th Queen.

"What are you doing? Damn it!"

A wrinkle appeared on the smooth face, maintained with black magic, of Marquis François.

The 4th Queen couldn't contain her anger and slapped him on the cheek.

"Why are all my subordinates acting so stupidly? From the temple to the Senate, everyone is pushing Mia to become a saint, so what's so difficult about making her the debutante's main character?"

Marquis François fell on his face, trembling.

The ranks of witches are fixed according to the power and status of the demon they contracted, and they obeyed high-ranking demon contractors under instinctive fear.

"I'm very sorry."

"Don't just talk, tell me what you will do. Haven't you forgotten the end of Madame Ophelia?"

Marquis François looked terrified at the dark red blood-stained altar and shook his head desperately.

"What's the problem?"

They hadn't gained anything.

It was challenging for Mia, who had been elevated as a saint, to be pushed and buried by Princess Deborah without meeting the expectations of the central social circle.

"Damn it, that Princess Seymour always gets in the way. It's creepy..."

The sweating marquis suddenly raised his head and opened his mouth.

"Still... Mia has a weapon that Princess Deborah doesn't have."

"What is it?"

"It's the support of the people."


"It's true that it's hard to ignore the voices of the humble. Pretend not to, but even the Crown Prince is influenced by rumors that he's unlucky."

The marquis's eyes gleamed intensely.

"A simple and friendly saint who is completely different from a cold noble princess... How about an image like this?"

Even if it's obvious and explicit, if you create a composition of confrontation and instill a sense of belonging and hostility at the same time, lower-level fools will empathize with you and be captivated.

The princess was famous for being extravagant, so she was easier to stir up.

"Moreover, the timing is good. Thanksgiving Day is a time when high-ranking officials come down to check the livelihoods of the people. They can also talk about Miss Mia's dedication and service to the people."

It would be the icing on the cake if public opinion from the people and high officials gave her a positive evaluation.

"This is your last chance. This time, you have to succeed. I'm not very patient."

"Yes. My lady."

Marquis François thought this would be simple.

Just like last time when he demonstrated his divine power in front of the bishop, it's enough to serve according to the movement of his superiors.

But Marquis François's plan crashed against a reef before drawing a line.

It was because of Princess Deborah's unpredictable behavior.

"Damn it! What the hell is the Armand Foundation?"


"What's happening there now?"

The Prime Minister, who left the site with his vassals to inspect the people's livelihoods and inspected the village, asked while watching the villagers gather.

"I'll go and find out. Your Grace."

After a while, a vassal who grasped the situation reported.

"It seems that the Armand Foundation is donating high-quality tea leaves."

"If it's Armand, isn't it the dessert shop in the west gate? When I was tired of work, I used to stop by there for coffee."

During times of peace, the Prime Minister stopped by Armand with his assistant for a walk.

"Are they making a donation there?"

"Yes. The staff is handing out bags of tea leaves, and the villagers are delighted to be able to drink fragrant tea."

Although there are many cases where the empire distributes grains, there are almost no cases of distributing tea leaves, which are classified as luxury items.

Meanwhile, tea was everyone's favorite, and it felt like a Thanksgiving gift because it was wrapped with a ribbon.

Meanwhile, there were many areas that had a gloomy atmosphere when they went out to patrol, but this place seemed revitalized.

"They are doing a very good job with that donation."

At that moment, while the Prime Minister looked pleased.

In the distance, a man approached running hastily.

He had given permission for Armand to donate tea leaves, and the administrative officer who handled it with him appeared randomly upon hearing the news that the prime minister had arrived.

"I see Your Grace, the Prime Minister."

"I was looking with pride at the significantly meaningful scene of the people. Who is the owner who runs Armand? I want to congratulate him on his hard work."

When he thought that the owner of Armand must be a worthy middle-aged colossus, the secretary opened his mouth.

"It's Princess Deborah."


He had been busy with all kinds of tasks during Thanksgiving, and he had no idea what had happened on debutante day.

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