IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 164



Unlike other imperial dances, the Thanksgiving Ball was the grandest of the year, and invitations were sent to many nobles.

It was also the place where small noble families could see celebrities such as the royal family and the heads of prestigious families.

"Oh, it's the Visconti carriage."

From the moment the carriage with the Visconti emblem appeared, the air subtly changed, and the nobles surrounding it murmured with expectant faces.

The door opened, and the youngest and most beautiful duke of the Empire stepped out of his carriage.

The person who descended while holding his gloved hand was Princess Deborah.

With her dreamy curly purple hair tied high, she looked as sharp as a knife.

Local lords and nobles, who were slow with news from the social world, clicked their tongues inwardly upon seeing Isidor smiling gently and his cruel expression in contrast.

"Oh, that arrogance is still there."

"Be careful, Count."

"Anyway, it's something we're talking about, but would Princess Seymour, who is over there, hear it?"

If there is a public opinion that everyone insults, no matter what they add, it won't be noticed much, so Princess's authoritarian attitude and luxurious adornments went up and down like popcorn in people's mouths every Thanksgiving.

This year, it was more neutral and cynical than noisy.

"That image of Seymour is a thing of the past."

"What does that mean?"

"Princess Deborah's status has changed. The debutante of this year was the princess... Well, I guess she didn't hear it, that's why she said that."

"Hmm. Because her family must have...."

"It is said that the successors of Seymour cleared the gray foxes to make Princess Deborah the queen of the hunting competition."

"If you play wrong with your mouth, your family can crumble like a fox, so keep your ears open."

Even if they pretended to agree and kept their mouths shut, there were those who wondered if it was an exaggerated rumor. Preconceived notions that are already deeply rooted are not easy to shake.

However, there was a striking scene where the Prime Minister and his wife, upon entering the banquet hall, approached the princess first.

Since there weren't many cases where a higher-ranking official spoke first with a young lady, looks of amazement came from all directions.

"The Prime Minister looks happy...."

"I heard that the Prime Minister often uses the store run by the princess."

The resolute Prime Minister smiled broadly while talking to the princess.

Shortly after, prominent bureaucrats surrounded Princess Deborah to make connections with her, making it difficult to even see her purple hair.

And that was just the beginning.

"Mmm. Today's dance seems difficult. The rhythm is too fast."

"Hmm, I'm thirsty. Should we look for some champagne?"

"Yes! Of course. Madam."

The Imperial Orchestra has been receiving songs arranged by the most famous composers every year, but the score containing the most challenging dance songs performed by the dancers was mixed up by mistake, and even those dancing were embarrassed.

Noble dancers secretly withdrew because the steps got tangled as they danced in the center of the banquet hall, or they stepped on skirts, which was very noticeable.

"No, what if everyone leaves? His Majesty the Emperor is watching from above...."

Instead of supervising the dance, he was frightened because he thought the hall would be truly empty, but after a while, he opened his mouth at the sight before his eyes.

Until now, Princess Deborah's dance skills were not well known because she didn't have enough partners to deal with.

Since the Duke of Visconti became the flower of the year, the dance skills that the princess showed during the Spring Flower Festival were buried. Most people knew today for the first time that she dances very vigorously.

"Oh my God."


"It's so beautiful. It's as if a swan and a black swan are dancing together."

Of course, the black swan is the princess.

The nobles forgot to speak and watched the scene with admiration as if they were watching a performance; in this way, they saw the princess take delicate and graceful steps to the fast-paced beat, with the duke skillfully leading her.

* * *

"Wow... If I hadn't practiced the dance in advance, it would have been a disaster."

I also practiced this type of fast dance several times while the ballroom dance teacher advanced with as much passion as someone who doesn't know the word rest.

However, no matter how athletic I am, if I hadn't practiced with Isidor beforehand, I probably would have made mistakes several times.


The level is high at the Imperial Palace.

Apart from the difficulty of the dance, it was fun.

I was dancing frantically, immersed in the other person's breath, the warmth of the hand holding mine, and the strange pleasure when the movements of the other's body were right. Isidor charmingly smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"It seems like practice paid off..."

At my mumble, Isidor gently rolled his eyes.

"Just that? Everyone is looking at you."


It took me a moment to realize that there weren't many people in the center of the hall. It almost felt like Isidor and I were having a solo performance.

"What, what...?"


"That was fantastic."

After a moment of silence, the nobles around me began to applaud loudly, and I felt my neck burning with embarrassment.

"Why are they doing that?"

Why are only the two of us in the middle like attention seekers?

As I whispered, Isidor shrugged.

"Many people avoid such fast songs because no one can perform them. What could be more embarrassing than falling while dancing?"

"They're playing a song that no one can perform at a dance with so many people attending?"

"I know. Thanks to that, the bothersome flies are squirming."

Isidor gently kissed my cheek, and I rubbed the back of his hand gently.

"I also don't want to dance with someone I don't know well."

It's not polite to monopolize a partner and reject the dance request of other young men, but first of all, I didn't have good manners.

"Mmm. I shouldn't be a close person."

Then the Crown Prince and the Fifth Princess approached, and I was startled.

"I see the Crown Prince."

"I enjoyed your dance with Duke Visconti."

"It was like watching butterflies fluttering in the night sky."

I felt embarrassed by the Fifth Princess's comment that elevated me to the sky.

"I would like to request a song from the princess, but my relationship with my close friend is also important, so I'll leave only my thoughts."

After speaking kindly, she walked in the direction where the Senate members were standing.

Before the next song started, the prince unexpectedly invited Mia Binoche to dance, and I made eye contact with the third prince escorting Mia.

"The third Prince went to rescue Mia when a demon appeared in the Forest."

"Unlike the other fish, everything seems to be going well between them."

Unknowingly, I found myself in front of the 3rd Prince, but my view was suddenly blocked by Isidor.

"Why don't you go out to the terrace for some fresh air?"

"It's okay, Duke."

I looked at Mia Binoche and the Crown Prince for a moment, then walked towards the terrace.

* * *

Even in Mia's eyes, Princess Deborah's dance was so dazzling that she couldn't take her eyes off her, so the burning sensation in her stomach worsened.

"As Princess Seymour, she must have had all kinds of good dance teachers since she was young. Unlike me, who is a fallen aristocrat..."

Mia, who had become intoxicated with a sense of excitement while surrounded by people exalting herself as a saint, felt the sensation of being pushed down again.

"I will practice more dance. As well as etiquette."

As she anxiously bit her lips, young men who were near Thierry approached her.

"Miss Mia. I've heard of your divine noble power."

"Thank you."

"It's humble. But I have a question. Why didn't you show the same power, which you used to defeat the black mist when the monster appeared in the forest?"

Mia held the fan with a pale expression.

She spilled the Sacred Blood on the wound to absorb power against Lucifer's corruption, and she healed the wound by touching the affected area. Most priests have never suspected her divine powers in that way.

"Well, that power isn't the kind of thing you can do so often."

"Mmm. I see."

"After all, as Sir Thierry said, it's too much to call her a saint..."

"Are the rumors exaggerated?"

She hears them whispering behind her.

She wanted the third prince to help her, but he was busy watching the princess dance, and after seeing the dance, he showed a gloomy attitude.

At that moment.

The Crown Prince approached and invited Mia to dance.

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