IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 165



As it was an unexpected request, Mia blinked slowly with her large eyes as she looked at the prince and took his hand.

It was an honor to receive a dance request from the Crown Prince, so the envy of noble girls was palpable. It was the same look she felt when she walked with Philap Montez.

From a certain point, she felt a strange sense of superiority while posing as a Saint.

"I couldn't help but ask you for a dance; everyone agrees that you are a Saint," said the Crown Prince with his characteristic indifferent face.

"By the way, the more you think about it, the more amazing it is. Since you're not an official priestess, you must have been far from the altar attacked by demons, but the divine power extended that far."

"Even I think it's a miracle to have such power. It must be God's grace and arrangement."


The Crown Prince looked at Mia with a curious expression.

The source of the divine power must have been on the side of the altar, but she did not refute the fact that she was far away.

On the other hand, Mia, who had focused on dancing while feeling a sense of superiority, felt that she belatedly regained her senses at the Crown Prince's suggestion.

"A demonstration of divine power?"

Mia quickly hid the tail.

"...Yes. I wondered if the atmosphere that had been stagnant due to the cracks would improve if I demonstrated the power I showed at the celebration in front of everyone."

"Thanks for the good suggestion, but I have many shortcomings. That power... consumes a lot of divine power, so it can't be used frequently."

As Marquis François repeatedly said that collecting Sacred Blood was not easy, Mia said urgently.

"I'm a Saint, but can't I use the power whenever I want?"

Mia swallowed dry saliva at the sound of criticism.

"Healing power is available anytime."

"I think that's what other priests do too."

"Something others do?"

Mia couldn't help but stiffen her lips.

How difficult it is to deal with dirty patients bleeding and pus.

"Well, I am well aware of your good deeds. Due to the Black Mist, there are many nobles who haven't seen your powers, and there are many skeptics, so I'm just trying to create an opportunity. Let me know when you're ready."


Suddenly, the soft melody of the orchestra came to an end, and Mia looked at the back of the prince with a pale face.

She felt sick.

She had the illusion that the young men who spoke to her before, as well as the nobles around her, were discussing whether she was a Saint or not.

She grabbed the dress with trembling hands, fearing rolling down the rickety cliff again.


The terrace of the imperial palace shone as if it had been sprinkled with stars due to the white lights tightly woven with small magic stones with lighting magic.

I walked with Isidor through the terrace corridor, looking at the decorations placed here and there, and walked out into the garden.

There was a large fountain in front of the ballroom, and nobles walking to see the garden, which is only open during Thanksgiving Day, could be seen everywhere.

Usually, they were couples of men and women who seemed to be lovers.

It was the perfect place for a date.

"Would you like to go there?"

He carefully took my hand, and I held his hand while suppressing a slightly growing smile.

Because I've been busy preparing for my debutante, I haven't had many opportunities to enjoy even an ordinary walk like this.

While walking through the garden that looked like a maze, I heard a voice from somewhere.

"Do you want to trade it for the dressing room used by Princess Deborah?"

"Yes. Make good use of your personal connections."

"My love. Princess Deborah's clothes are not something anyone can wear... I made a mistake! It was a joke! A joke! By the way, has it become popular enough to follow the princess's dressing room?"

The man quickly turned around.

"Until last year, there was no interest in what Princess Deborah wore in the social world. But lately, it's different. Even I, who used to think the princess was arrogant, now see her as someone confident and sophisticated."

"According to my experience, people don't change much, but what happened to Princess Deborah?"

"Maybe... Is it because of Duke Visconti?"

"It could be. Because I also changed for my love."

I couldn't enter the garden anymore and stepped back from the overly tender conversation that constantly echoed in my ears, although I didn't have much curiosity.

Meanwhile, Isidor followed me with a more serious expression than when we first arrived here.

"What's going on?"

"Now that I think about it, the princess and I address each other very formally."

He must be obsessed with the phrase "My love" from the previous couple.

"...What's wrong? I'm fine."

"My love," I thought that the moment that word came out of my mouth, it would send shivers down my spine, but it didn't seem to be the case for Isidor. He opened his mouth while looking at me with dewy eyes, like a rose sprayed with dew.

"Why? Is 'my love' so beautiful that it makes you nervous?"


Surprisingly, the catch was that he looked as desperate and clear as an actor called the master of romance, so it didn't send shivers down her spine even when he said that.

"The problem is that face."

It's worth listening to Isidor, but the problem is that he wags his tail like a fox, waiting for me to say that decisive word.

"I too, please. Baby."

"...I'm not good at that."

"My love is so charming and cute that way."

"Oh, please. Stop it!"

I slapped him on the shoulder as if I were chasing away a fly, and while hitting him, he continued saying "baby" and "my love" as if he were singing with a happy look on his face.

"I think I sometimes go crazy because I like you. Am I weird?"


"I could get a star for you."

And as a bonus, I got all kinds of cheesy phrases.

"Ah. This sly snake is enjoying my reaction."

Suddenly realizing that I was caught in Isidor's rhythm, I squeezed his arm, and after licking my lips, I said.



As if he really didn't know what I would do, Isidor's curious gaze caught my attention.

"Baby... I really like you a lot."

When I managed to speak with a soft voice, his arms trembled.

Then, suddenly, he pulled me towards him and kissed my lips several times.

When I pushed him away because I was worried it was too crowded, he sighed, rubbing his cheeks forcefully.

"That was very dangerous. That nickname."


"You can't do that outside."

"I won't do it inside either."

"Still, at least once a month..."

I went out to cool off from the heat I felt from the dance, but I returned to the banquet hall thinking that I was even hotter because of Isidor, and soon we met the crown prince approaching us.

"Duke Visconti."

"Yes. Your Highness."

"I have something to tell you."

While I stayed alone for a while, the Third Prince approached.

His partner, Mia, was not there. So I looked at him suspiciously.

"Why do you look so cautious when I don't even have wine in my hand? I enjoyed your dance, Princess Deborah. That was great."

"It's because my partner was very good. Most young men would take a step back without even trying."

Reminding me of the unpleasant incident where he spilled wine on my skirt, I mentioned the incident where he fled from the duel.

As if he didn't understand, the third prince just smiled.

"I hope to have the chance to experience it next time."

The third prince walked toward another young woman after saying that, and I turned my body as I watched him flirt with an uncomfortable feeling.


The dance entered the second half, and Isidor and I left the banquet hall at the right moment.

Escorting me back to the Seymour mansion, he surprised me as soon as I entered the carriage.

"The Crown Prince suspects Mia Binoche."


"It seems he found something suspicious. The Crown Prince has a monstrous sensitivity, so he is sensitive to the flow of mana and human presence."

"...After all, Mia couldn't deceive everyone until the end."

Because it wasn't Mia who did it.

After a moment of hesitation, I spoke.

"I think there is a correlation between Mia and the cracks in the barrier."

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