SYS (Novel) Chapter 408

C408 - Why, Hairan (2)

All the Warriors who witnessed this scene couldn't help but be surprised.

Many of them were so astounded to see Grenille without even a scratch that they fell momentarily silent...

Ron didn't use any Final Movements or Secret Techniques.

It was simply a precise strike, one that didn't even contain his full power.

However, the fact that Ron Hairan's sword aura resulted in such a futile outcome was something none of those present could have imagined, except for Berakt and Joe, who were at the forefront of Grenille.

"Did Ron-nim's sword aura get completely... blocked?

Jin was also shocked and couldn't take his eyes off Grenille for a while.

They used a protective shield.

It's surrounding the entire helmet and seems transparent.

Not only did they not realize it immediately due to the dazzling light emanating from both the luminous energy and the sword aura, but Grenille was using a transparent shield made of mana.

He couldn't comprehend the principle of this shield.

All he could speculate was that some kind of authority had been added to the mana.

A great silence enveloped the Warriors, and the massive demonic creatures and living golems roared and wreaked havoc in the castle again.

The momentum of the monsters and living golems was not as formidable as before.

They also seemed somewhat intimidated, as if they were afraid of Grenille floating in the sky.

Ron and Berakt's gazes met in the midst of this chaos.

Ron was momentarily puzzled by the fact that his sword aura had been blocked, but his eyes regained the demeanor of the absolute ruler of the Emperor Sword Castle.

Berakt recognized the desire flickering in those deep eyes.

They were the bloodthirsty eyes of a wild beast facing its adversary.

It had been a long time since Berakt had encountered someone with such eyes.




Ron touched his forehead and suddenly burst into laughter.

Tears welled up in his eyes as if it were a joke heard once in a lifetime.

The ground shook every time Ron laughed.

The monsters stopped moving as they were overwhelmed by the energy contained in that laughter, and the living golems writhed on the ground.

Those who were nearby even had to put up shields as a precaution.

Ron spoke again after a minute of laughter.

"It seems like you're Cyron Runcandel, Berakt Sidricker, or are you just too confident in that thing?".

Ron shook his head and wiped his tears.

On the other hand, Berakt's subtle smile disappeared.

He was not offended by the insult, nor was he uncomfortable with Ron's arrogance.

He felt something entirely different.

He was noticing the change in the explosive aura that Ron had been emitting.

The fierce and volcanic aura that had suddenly surged began to refine.

Like light converging at a single point, the aura gathered around Rashid at an incredibly fast and silent pace.

Those who hadn't reached the pinnacle of power were completely unaware of this change.

However, most of those who had reached that level also did not notice the fact that Ron had wielded his sword once right after the aura had refined.

'Something just happened...'

It cut through the air.

Even Jin, who was standing next to him, realized an instant later that Rashid had left a trace in the air.

However, he recognized it only with his Mind's Eye and did not confirm it with the naked eye because it had happened so quickly.


A crack appeared in the shield surrounding Grenille.

The aura of the intangible sword that pierced the shield was formless, colorless, soundless, and intangible, possessing only Ron Hairan's light, the unmatched Warrior.

It was the pinnacle of a sword that only Ron Hairan, among the current generation of warriors, had reached.

A Hairan could truly become the rightful owner of the title "Sword Emperor" when they reached the sword known as the intangible sword.

Using the title of "Sword Emperor" and being the master of the Emperor Sword Castle were completely different matters.

"The Men of the White Wolf Tribe, a beastman."


The intangible sword's energy pierced Grenille's protective shield once more.

Joe didn't understand why the shield was being destroyed and hid behind Berakt.

Just as the Warriors had never imagined that Ron's sword energy would fail to strike Grenille.

Joe had never thought that Grenille's shield would be broken by an invisible and inexplicable force.

"In a way, you are a beast. Among beasts, there are some that are loyal and unique like loyal dogs, but most are ignorant and bark without understanding their place."

Every time the transparent shield was torn by the intangible sword's energy, the space around Grenille distorted.

"Especially vicious beasts like you, who recklessly threaten people without fear, must be eliminated as soon as they appear."

"Considering that among humans, they call you the Sword Emperor, I tried to show some respect. But you used a cheap wordplay. I wonder who the true beast is..."

"Berakt Sidricker, a wicked beast. You keep looking at me from your ship."

As Ron finished speaking, Berakt unsheathed the large sword hanging from his back.


Finally, the energy of the intangible sword completely pierced Grenille's protective shield and clashed with Berakt's sword.

Dozens of invisible sword energies were slashing Grenille's body.

The bulge forming the thundercloud was cut, and the ship continued to shake with fragments flying.


Grenille was shaking unstably, and it wouldn't be strange for it to crash at any moment.

It was incredible that a battleship that had just been struck by such massive sword energy had not a single visible scratch.

A blow fueled by pure power and a blow containing enlightenment represent completely different dimensions.

In fact, Ron was using much less aura than when he first directed the sword energy at Grenille.

However, something like mental strength or willpower was being consumed to compensate for it.

Is this the true level of the Warrior who has competed with my father for the longest time?

Jin felt a chill as he looked at Ron's sword.

It seemed that what Jin had known about the sword so far was crumbling and opening up a new realm.

Despite the pressing and dizzying situation...

Ron's intangible sword was so enticing that it sent shivers down his spine.

"Berakt-nim! Something is wrong. What the hell is Grenille breaking...! Could that damned brat be up to something?"

Cold Joe had never been able to shake off his fear of Jin since the destruction of the Dark Magic Society.

Not for nothing did Chukon Todlerer fear him...

Moreover, with his limited power and senses, Joe couldn't even comprehend the fact that Ron was using this sword, let alone recognize that the intangible sword was a level of unique and transcendent mastery.

He mistakenly believed that the power breaking Grenille was from Jin.

Seeing Joe like that, Berakt felt so frustrated that he couldn't find the words.

"Joe, you piece of sh*t... bastard!"


He was briefly interrupted as he blocked the intangible sword.

"This intangible sword energy is the power of Ron Hairan, not that brat. Get yourself under control and find the vice-leader's group immediately before he kills and devours you!"

"Understood! An intangible sword energy... Yes, that's right. It's impossible for that brat to possess such tremendous power. I must have lost my mind for a moment."

"Shut up and find the vice-leader and his group!"

The vice-leader and his group.

Ron knew he was referring to Bishkel and Margiella, as well as their subordinates.

Therefore, his curiosity was piqued.

Before Kinzelo's identity was revealed, Bishkel was known as the hope to revive the fallen Ivlianos.

Although it wasn't to the extent that Cyron and Ron were deeply interested, it could be assessed that he had the potential to shake the world in the future.

However, now the great warrior of the White Wolf Tribe, who has the power to shake the world, and a mysterious ship had arrived at Hairan, saying they would rescue Bishkel and his group.

Is it because they are trying to cover their tracks of terrorism, or is it that Bishkel has some extraordinary ability?

First of all, it was strange that Bishkel Ivlianos was the vice-leader of those ragtag guys.

He needed to capture them.

"Emperor Sword Castle! Secure Bishkel Ivlianos and his subordinates!"

"Yes, sir!"

"If they resist too fiercely, you can kill them. Make sure to capture or kill them, without exceptions!"

"As you command, sir!"

The giant monsters and living golems were nearly annihilated, but the problem was the Grenille ship, operated by Joe and Berakt.


Berakt's roar startled the knights, leaving them motionless.

Those with exceptional reflexes instinctively activated their shields to protect themselves, but others were not so fortunate, and blood poured from their ears and noses.

Their internal organs were damaged, and their eardrums ruptured.

Seeing the knights hesitate, Jin had to make a decision.

Should he go after Beradin, as he had done before, or search for Bishkel?

'...This time, it's better to protect the personnel inside the castle.'

He didn't think much and quickly came to a conclusion.

The real battle between Ron and Berakt had just begun.

If they engaged in a large-scale battle, the shockwaves alone could kill people within seconds.

Berakt's claim that every Hairan member would die was not an empty word.

Ron was aware of it and didn't give Jin any specific orders to find Bishkel.

Jin and the other elite members present at the Emperor Sword Castle had a duty to protect people from the fight between the two and safeguard them from the Grenille ship.

The intangible sword energy was becoming more aggressive against Grenille.

Berakt could only fend it off with his senses, and now it seemed that he was reaching his limits.

Even Berakt couldn't fight while protecting Grenille from the intangible sword energy.

Since he couldn't afford to lose Grenille in vain...

Berakt had no choice but to come to the ground.

If Grenille was destroyed, it would cause significant delays in returning with the vice-leader's group.


Berakt landed on the ground and squinted his eyes.

Ron pointed his sword at Berakt and smiled.

"Now that you've come down, beast-man."

"Ron Hairan, you will regret making me come down."

"But you're quite the beast, aren't you? It seems the level of your eyes is still higher than mine."

Berakt's right thigh was suddenly cut, and blood splattered.

It wasn't deep, but it was an effective blow as soon as he descended from Grenille.

Moreover, Ron didn't even swing his sword directly at Berakt.

It was the intangible sword energy that wandered through the air and struck him.

"If you kneel, you'll be at just the right height, don't you think?"

Ron smiled, satisfied, as he said this.

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