SYS (Novel) Chapter 405

C405 - Emperor Sword Banquet (10)


The mana accumulated in Jin's palm swirled into a sphere and emitted a sharp sound.

The figures in gray robes immediately recognized the magic and hastily deployed a protective shield.

The Reverse Sky sphere shone like a moon under the dark night sky.

Bolts of lightning also rained down around the sphere.

The lightning relentlessly struck the protective shield of the gray-robed figures.

Normally, the power of the lightning from the Sword of the Reign of the King of Legends wouldn't have been able to penetrate the shield of the gray robes.

After all, they were also great mages.

However, the problem was the power of Reverse Sky.

The strongly held shield seemed as though it could crumble at any moment.

Moreover, the lightning was not meant to break the shield but rather to disrupt their vision.


The lightning against the protective shield dispersed and disrupted the gray robes' vision.

Therefore, they couldn't easily follow Jin's movements.


The living golems charged at Jin.

Each possessed considerable strength, but it was pointless if they couldn't reach him.

The charging golems lost their balance due to the suppression lightning.

Jin didn't waste the opportunity and quickly spread his sword energy in all directions, instantly killing them.

Jin's close combat abilities were on par with those of superhumans, and his magical capabilities were so advanced that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to refer to him as a great mage.

Such crude living golems couldn't pose a threat to Jin.

"Is this also Joe's doing?" Jin asked as he focused the Reverse Sky mana towards the gray golems.

Cold Joe is Rolt Joe's older brother and the leader of the Dark Magic Society.

He had created living golems called 'legend-type,' imitating the Legend Tribe.

These were much less sophisticated than living golems of the Legend Tribe type.

They probably wanted to hide that Kinzelo was behind the terrorist attack, and they must have deliberately sent these golems.'

The gray robes didn't respond but concentrated their mana.

There was something else that Jin was truly curious about.

How were so many living golems created, and for what purpose?

Especially because they seemed like mere disposable items.

The living golems in this plain numbered around three hundred, and those he had seen in the Emperor Sword Castle undoubtedly exceeded ten thousand.

At least ten thousand humans had served as material for these living golems.

And there was a high chance that this wasn't even all of it.

'Someone is helping Kinzelo gather humans.'

Gathering such a number of humans on their own would be difficult for Kinzelo.

It meant that there were sponsors at least at the level of a high-ranking feudal state or even a kingdom.

In those days, Kinzelo could barely gather thousands of humans with the support of the Holy Kingdom when the headquarters of the Dark Magic Society was in Oterium.

'If possible, I'd like to capture them alive and find out, but I don't think they'll give information due to torture. They probably have means of committing suicide.'


In the blink of an eye, Jin had broken through the shields of the gray robes.

The gray robes couldn't perceive Jin's attack because the lightning had obscured their vision.

The sword rebounded, but the shield also shattered.

Fragments scattered, and Jin adjusted his posture and thrust Sigmund forward.

He felt the familiar sensation of flesh and bone being sliced by the sword.

Jin had pierced the shoulder of the forwardmost mage, but other mages were casting attack spells behind him.

There were two types: a mana bolt and an ice sword.

Jin dodged the mana bolt and extended the energy of his sword to block the ice sword.

Shattered ice fragments scratched Jin's cheek and splattered drops of blood.

But at that moment, the gray robe whose shoulder had been pierced found death.

The sword energy that had deflected the ice sword had torn through his entire body.

Three left.

The hood of the fallen gray robe was torn off as he hit the ground.

Jin would undoubtedly recognize his face as that of a mage of this level, but it was the first time he had seen them.

He couldn't say if they were disguised by Bouvard or by a mage who had been active in the shadows.

The Reverse Sky sphere was spinning faster and faster.

The mage who had cast the ice sword was spitting blood, and the other two started restoring their protective shield.

They were about to fall into mana backlash.

It seemed like the fight could easily end.

Although the gray robes were great mages, they weren't familiar with fighting against magic swordsmen like most people in the world.

Even the best martial artists found it impossible to control the distance in close combat with Jin.

Furthermore, the mages had few options to face Jin.

Without the Reverse Sky, they might have been able to create distance using a different type of magic, but they couldn't find the opportunity to cast different spells while maintaining their protective shields.

The living golems continued to obstruct Jin, but each time they got close, they were swept away like fallen leaves.

"Damn it!"

The remaining two gray robes were also succumbing to mana backlash.

When mana backlash began, even Jin's combat ability decreased drastically, not to mention the gray robes.

"Why are you in such a panic? Did you think you could attack the Emperor Sword Castle with just this? I thought you had come prepared to face death."

The reason why the Emperor Sword Castle fell into chaos after this attack was mainly because it was a "terrorist attack."

The gray robes, the gigantic monsters, and the living golems were not weak and could deliver a catastrophic blow to a small or medium-sized country with just them.

However, facing the Emperor Sword Castle in a formal battle, especially one with Ron Hairan, was an impossible task.

If it weren't for the fact that it was a terrorist attack, not a frontal assault, they would have been killed by Ron's sword before even getting close to the Emperor Sword Castle.

They would have become corpses at the hands of Hairan's knights without Ron even having to appear.

Even without considering Vermont as their sponsor, Hairan is one of the most powerful clans in the world.

While Sigmund traced its path, the right arm of another gray robe was severed.

The blade didn't reach his head only because of the protective shield, but the fact that he was going to die was unchangeable.

Jin was getting more and more relaxed, while the mages were continuously caught in a desperate situation.

Furthermore, the mana of the Reverse Sky had reached its peak.

The wrinkles forming on the mages' hands were visible through their gray robes.

It was a common occurrence when someone tried to forcibly stop the backlash, and if it continued for a while, their bodies would wrinkle, and blood would flow from all the holes in their bodies.

The faces of Beradin's guards paled as they watched this from behind.

In a way, they felt distant from their lord having to compete against someone like this.

Although there seemed to be some sort of friendship between their lord and Jin, both were ultimately archenemies.

Jin could face the mages, but in this situation, he might change his mind suddenly and drive his sword into their lord's neck without hesitation.

In fact, from the guards' perspective, it would be more beneficial for Jin to kill Beradin and themselves.

Although they had received special orders from Ron to save Beradin, Jin didn't have to follow them.

After all, there were no witnesses.

If it had been another Runcandel, there would have been no one to save Beradin.

As if he were reading those thoughts, Beradin made eye contact with his guards.

"Jin is not that kind of man. Relax and wait."


Now, the gray robes screamed each time lightning struck.

They couldn't withstand the shock even if the lightning hit their protective shields.

There was no need to use the Sword of Legends or the techniques of the Battle God...

Jin was leading them to their death with just his sword and magic.

Their breaths became ragged, and it seemed like they might collapse at any moment.

Jin coldly stared at their shattered protective shields.

It was time to end this.

However, just as Jin took a step to finish off the gray robes, he hesitated and turned around.

Suddenly, a powerful and familiar aura spread from behind.


In an instant, the area was illuminated by a bright light.

When Jin turned to look, he saw the Emperor Sword Castle covered in thousands of lightning bolts.

It wasn't like the lightning tsunami Jin had caused in Runcandel.

But it was on a scale that couldn't be explained even by 10-star lightning-type magic.

What was even more astonishing was that this thunderstorm wasn't produced by a magical spell.

My brothers' power...!?

The power of the Legends, the most powerful warrior race in history.

The electric storm ravaging the Emperor Sword Castle clearly resembled that power.

Slightly different but so similar that even Jin could have been mistaken.

Jin suddenly recalled the living Legends-type golems.

Does this mean that Cold Joe has completed the living Legends golems?

Even if it's complete, I thought they had sent other failed living golems to hide the fact that Kinzelo is behind all of this...!

Jii, jii~

Amidst the sudden change in situation, Jin heard an unpleasant laugh.

It was the laughter of the dying gray robes.

"Monsters like you have always made what we've dedicated our lives to seem insignificant..."

"That's why we decided to become monsters ourselves. You, who were born a monster, will never understand the desperate choices we've made until you die."

The mages were removing the gray robes that covered their bodies, exposing their bare chests.

Jin involuntarily swallowed hard when he saw what they had embedded in their chests.

It was a gem similar to the "Light Heart."

"You expect this power to belong to you entirely, Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel."

"A new world is opening up. There will be no place for you there."

Jin clenched his teeth as the gems embedded in the mages' chests began to glow.

It wasn't because of the unexpected strength of the "lightning" the mages were releasing. Jin felt extremely uneasy.

The same unbearable discomfort that Jin had felt when he encountered the unfinished living Legends-type golems in Oterium.

Jin's expression twisted in anger.


As similar as the gems on the mages' chests were to the illuminating heart, as powerful as the energy of the lightning was, the power they possessed was ultimately stolen and, in itself, a falsehood that insulted their brothers.


You've crossed a line far beyond the limit.

As if it was no longer worth watching, Jin rushed forward and swung Sigmund.

The mages had shown physical abilities vastly different from when they wore their gray robes, and they used their fists to deflect Sigmund.

The mages were overconfident, thinking they could defeat Jin.

But the next moment...


Jin grabbed the head of the mage in front of him with his bare hand.

The mage's head was completely crushed and scattered in all directions as Jin squeezed his fist.

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