IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 169



"By the way, things in the world become unpredictable all the time.

Although I was the one who improved the formula, I couldn't use it in practice, so I was implicitly ignored.

Fortunately, while I was eating only the copyright fees alone, I got very excited when I discovered the possibility that I could use a formula.

So, after Thanksgiving, I stayed in my room all the time, researching divine magic until I reached the point where I could fight against Isidor.

"You would lose to me in nine out of ten duels. I can use any amount of attack-type magic using my divine power, regardless of my magic class."

While smiling and bragging, Isidor ruffled my hair slightly.

"I'll have to be nervous next time. But... do I have to keep fighting with you in the future?"

He asked with a slightly dejected expression.

"It's a joke. I won't do it."

Maybe a puppy threatened by its owner's attack would make that kind of expression.

"I always feel that the princess's jokes are not funny."

"Aren't you attacking your lover too much?"

"The princess was trying to hit my bones."

He grumbled, put on the vest he had taken off for a while to compete with me, straightened his clothes, and put on his glasses again.

"I'm sorry every time, but this style is really good."

Normally, I don't like glasses very much, but it was because of the outfit he made; it had an intellectual charm.

The changing atmosphere and appearance, according to the clothes and hairstyles, were so interesting that I kept looking at him in amazement.



"How about a joke like this?"

I reached for his glasses again, and Isidor raised an eyebrow disapprovingly.

"It's still not fun-..."

I quickly took off his glasses and covered his pouting mouth.

Isidor tightened my waist and hugged me, biting my lower lip several times while letting out a small laugh.

"I guess you found out what I secretly looked forward to."

"Were you expecting something? I had no idea."

"Probably, you don't know how excited I was to hear that the princess would come to the place where I live."

He closed the dressing room door, next to the gym, and slid his lips several times over my neck.

The bold movement of his hand, coveting my body, made my breath quicken, and my toes curled slightly.


"It's a mess."

After a while, I shook my messy hair and rubbed my flushed right cheek.

"It's just beautiful."

He spoke savagely while licking his red-stained lips, and I returned to the living room after spending the last moments with him.

Soon, the servants arrived with cold drinks and snacks. Throughout the card game, snacks that constantly stimulated my appetite came out, making me feel like I was being pampered by the Visconti family.

"... This mansion is very beautiful."

A rich unemployed person living lazily...

I murmured unconsciously because it was the mansion of my dreams come true. His eyes sparkled as if he intended for these words to come out.

"Come and play here often."

"I feel that really, after this, I will come here often."

"Why are you trying to leave when you say you like being here?"

I felt like I had to go back soon, so I stood up.

"I was invited to a leadership forum. I'll just show my face, but I think I need to prepare content related to the discussion topic...."

I've only been attending formal lectures, but lately, I've been receiving many letters asking me to attend various events and tea parties.

After my debutante, I declined with the excuse of wanting to take a break for a while, but this event was difficult to refuse.

First of all, it was difficult to refuse because it was an event planned and organized by high-ranking officials of the imperial family, and since Marquis Debion was in charge of the work, it seemed like I had to show my face once in terms of network management.

"I know the event the princess wants to attend is the day after tomorrow, so why are you preparing already?"

"In reality, I tend to get very nervous when I attract attention. My mind goes blank."

"... I didn't know because it's not at all obvious."

"Is that so? That's why I have to prepare a lot so I can relax my mind...."

At that moment, I heard a cat meowing from somewhere, and for some reason, a familiar golden cat approached me and rubbed its head against me.

"Why does it feel like I've seen it at the academy before?"

"Cookie also says not to go."

"Is this little one Cookie?"

"Originally, in Blanchia, it increases in size. He is afraid of people and many things. He usually doesn't follow people, so it was incredible that he liked the princess, especially."

Cookie is also a divine animal.

But I couldn't believe that the cat, the size of a house, is so timid.

It was exactly the opposite of Purple, who was fierce from birth, so I stifled a laugh that almost escaped me and held Cookie in an instant.

"Are you Cookie?"

Cookie cried softly with its bright yellow eyes.

"You are really very cute."

It hurt my heart when I saw its pointed ears standing upright and its long whiskers trembling.

"There's even a cute cat in this house."

I gently tickled its chin, and Cookie squinted its eyes and purred.

Looking at me, who was obsessed with Cookie, Isidor smiled boldly.

"It's late, do you want me to prepare dinner?"


I had no choice but to nod my head as if I were possessed.


In conclusion, my first visit to the Visconti mansion did not go well and ended in a disaster.

This is because a crack occurred on the estate near the south coast.

Apparently, the monsters had been eliminated by the Visconti soldiers, but Isidor prepared to leave the capital to deal with the damage situation, and I returned home, struggling to suppress my anxiety.

"What was the purpose of creating the crack this time? Or is it just a crack created to cause chaos without a clear intention, like the cracks that have occurred in various parts of the empire?"

It was still unclear who was behind this, so it gave me a headache.

Currently, we are investigating the movements of Marquis François, but if he uses an installed magic circle, as I did when I entered Blanchia, it would be difficult to determine the specific location of the leader.

Even if I ran to the place he was going, it would be enough to immediately close the basement where the magic circle is, so it practically made no sense to follow him.

Wizards must move in a very sophisticated way because their identity is a matter directly related to life.

"My head hurts."

In the midst of this, I can say that I am very fortunate to be able to use divine magic.

Inhaling, I stopped thinking and prepared the material to present at the forum.

I thought it would be better if I focused on something else, but my mind kept getting more and more distracted.

I stared endlessly at the starry night sky.


The forum organized by Marquis Debion took place in the Imperial Library building in the Horun District.

It was a building with an ancient and profound style, so it was quite pleasant to look at.

As soon as I appeared, Marquis Debion walked to the front.

"Princess Deborah. It's here. I've wanted to see you in person for a long time. I am very glad that you attended."

"Pleased to meet you. Marquis Debion."

"You don't know how honored I am to have been able to help the Princess in such a meaningful charitable work. Come this way. I have prepared a separate place for the princess."

When I entered the building, the eyes of the people sitting in the seats inside the library seemed focused on me.

It wasn't like there was a suffocating silence as before, but people still struggled with me for my impression and background, and I really didn't hate it.

"It's good to look strong."

I sat in the front seat designated by the marquis, and after a while, the seats began to fill one by one with scholars from each field.

"Hello. Princess Deborah."

I was startled when someone suddenly spoke to me.

"When I heard that Princess Deborah was leading a summit, I thought it was really cool. Count Ollit's family is a family business, and thanks to the Princess, I also gained the courage to start a summit. I'm sure you're very busy, but I would appreciate it if you could attend Count's party later."

"Oh, yes. Of course."

Although she seemed nervous, her eyes were full of passion, so I let myself be carried away without realizing it, and when I replied that I would, she started talking about various things.


I was a little bewildered because it was the first time I received countless handshake requests.

"The halo of the Prime Minister is really amazing."

While thinking that I should continue to get along well with that man in the future, a policy presentation started in front of the audience.

At that moment.


I was trying to stifle a yawn when suddenly a sound like thunder rang out.

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