IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 170




A roar so loud that the earth's axis vibrated resonated as if it were tearing through eardrums.

"It's a rift!"

"Another monster...."

"Don't panic! Gather the guards toward the main gate! Prepare for battle right now!"

A tranquil afternoon, on a workday, turned into a disaster in an instant due to the enormous rift that emerged in the front yard of the entrance to the Royal Library.


A horrible monster with two heads exposed its shiny yellow teeth and let out a terrifying roar. When it spotted a person, it leaped into an attacking position.

In the midst of the chaos, a man, who covered his mouth with a black mask, raised his chin toward the poorly guarded entrance.

"... now."

"Let's go."

They both exchanged signals in secret and infiltrated the library like shadows.

"What do you mean?"

Meanwhile, the auditorium where the forum was held was also filled with the loud roars of monsters.

"Is it a rift again?"

"Damn it!"


As the gigantic monster started to rampage, the ground shook, and the shelves full of high floors shook violently as if they were about to collapse, screams erupted from everywhere.

"What the hell is this?!"

Marquess Debion, in charge of the forum, shouted in great despair, and one of the guards patrolling nearby ran to the library auditorium, panting.

"Marquess. There's a rift at the library entrance!"

"We have to get out of here!"

"If you go out, there are monsters. Isn't it more dangerous if you try to escape and attract their attention?"

"What if the building collapses or a shelf falls?"

The crowd began to murmur in horror, and Marquess Debion took a step forward with determination.

"Dear guests! Calm down! Outside, the knights and guards are dealing with monsters, so wait calmly..."

However, Marquess Debion's words did not continue to the end.


"There's a fire!"

It was because smoke began to flow from somewhere.

"The fire is spreading rapidly from the first floor! Evacuate everyone!"

"Oh my God!"

Through the thick smoke that began to rise, someone screamed desperately.

Due to the fire, next to the conference room where the forum was held, even people in the reading room rushed out into the hallway, and in an instant, unparalleled chaos unfolded.

"Hurry! I have a child at home!"


"Don't push!"

A monster had already appeared, but when a fire broke out, terrified people lost order as if falling like a row of dominoes.

If the shelves and books caught fire, the speed at which the flames would spread would go out of control, so many people fell into a state of panic.


You could see a forest fire through the window, and people ran and tangled in an attempt to escape from this hell.

And in this chaos, the elderly scholars sitting at the top, far from the entrance, couldn't make their way through the crowd, so they had no choice but to be pushed back.

"Can't breathe."

At that moment, a cold voice cut through those who hadn't escaped yet.

While a scholar staggered with a pale face from the smoky air, Princess Deborah spoke calmly, pouring water on her handkerchief and covering his mouth and nose.

She tore off the cumbersome lace and skirt and looked closely with her red eyes.

Is there really only one entrance in such a large library? There must be a separate path for servants to enter and exit, as in Seymour Mansion.

At that moment.

"Everyone, calm down and come this way!"

As if he were an imperial official, a man in a blue uniform gathered those who couldn't escape and led them to the emergency exit behind the shelf.

"There's an emergency evacuation route behind this."

"It's a relief."

"Oh. Really... What the hell is this?"

As I followed the guide who led me through the narrow staircase along the dimly narrow hallway, I saw a faint light at the end of the corridor.

"We have arrived."

The people following the guide, nervous that the fire might spread to the narrow hallway, seemed relieved only then.


Deborah squeezed and opened her cold, sweaty hands slightly.

However, only for a brief moment, she felt slight relief, and soon the atmosphere turned unusual.


"W-where are we...?"

As soon as she exited, the place that came into view was not an exit but a dark, empty space with a strong smell of blood.


A terrible sight unfolded before the eyes of the people, whose vision had become clearer as the thick smoke subsided. Like they had been stripped of their royal attire, the vacant lot was filled with brutally murdered bodies, their clothes stripped.

An infiltrator deliberately led Princess Deborah to the vacant lot, disguised as an imperial guide.

Then, behind the piles of corpses stacked in the vacant lot, men with black masks, who looked well-trained, appeared one by one.


A small arrowhead flew towards the princess in an instant.

The sharp tip quickly grazed her ear, and red blood dripped to the ground.

Crack, infiltration, deliberately set fire. Camouflage.

All these were traps laid layer by layer to lead the princess into a dead end and leave her breathless.


No matter how venomous and violent a snake is, it won't be easy to escape if thick spiderwebs are woven in layers.

"Everything is going according to my mistress's will..."

Albert, a sorcerer who controls spider-shaped monsters and one of the minions of the 4th Queen, stood atop the tower built in the Imperial Library, looking down at the Imperial Library where gray smoke rose.

The sight of people crying in pain and suffering filled him with strange emotions.

Albert, who had a painful childhood, dreamed of a world where disorder and darkness reigned.

The sight of the Empire's people groaning in misery delighted him because they despised and oppressed sorcerers.

"At last..."

As if the men had successfully completed their pursuit, Deborah Seymour appeared towards the clearing where the trap had been set, and Albert bit his lips.

Everything was annoying.

When the order to kill that woman came out of his mistress's mouth, Albert immediately set out to carry out that mission.

Because of Princess Deborah and Rosad Seymour, who was active in the east, many of his fellow sorcerers, who worked together for a great cause, died.

"Although Deborah Seymour is not the saint who appeared in the incense burning, it is to remove the greatest obstacle that hinders her mistress's plans in every way."

The Snakes of Seymour would be shocked by the death of the princess they loved, and they could also kill two birds with one stone by mentally destroying the Tower Master, who was difficult to enlist on their side.

"But... my lady used a lot of energy to create two rifts in a row."

As it wouldn't be easy to kill the famous daughter of Seymour, one of the founding families of the empire, this plan was directed straight by his mistress.

"Deborah Seymour. She is a smart and clever woman. To the point where Ophelia, who was quite a competent informant, couldn't even use her powers correctly."

The eyes of the 4th Queen, who had been deceived by the rumor that she was foolish, shone brightly.

"So, I must do my best."

As soon as the 4th Queen and Albert learned that Deborah Seymour would attend a forum at the Royal Library, they meticulously crafted a multi-layered network.

A rift was created in the southern part to prevent Isidor, the magic swordsman, from participating in the forum, and by setting fire, they lured the princess to their side with her own feet.

"If Princess Deborah is a saint according to my assumptions, it would be difficult for her to deal directly with trained assassins. So let's get rid of her."

A pure and powerful light that drove away the black ghost.

The reason it worked correctly is that monsters are vulnerable to divine power.

No matter how much divine power the princess wields, it won't do much damage against trained assassins.

"That dirty, dilapidated wasteland will be the most splendid grave in the Empire. Deborah Seymour."

As soon as the sorcerer, disguised as a guide, grabbed his poisoned sword and ran towards her, Albert was sure of victory.

But a second later, something incredible happened even to the naked eye.

"... What is the true nature of that pure light?!"

His eyes opened in a state of shock.

Is it really Princess Deborah, the incarnation of the saint revealed by the demon?

Hundreds of intense lights were created in the air like arrows, and these lights shot quickly at the men the queen had been training for a long time.


Shortly afterward, a loud explosion occurred in the vacant lot where Princess Deborah was.

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