IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 171



Death barely passed through her ears, but there was no time to reflect on that.

To survive the threat in front of her, Deborah instinctively cast divine magic without ceasing.

Her opponents, unlike her, were assassins skilled in reading signals. The desperation that if she stopped attacking, a weapon could pierce through her and pierce her brain, pushed her to the limit.

Meanwhile, the scholars who ventured into the wasteland with Princess Deborah opened their eyes to her incredible abilities.

Albert, who was watching the constant burst of light, also felt an unsettling fear.

"You've been hiding that kind of power well all this time."

An overwhelming power that instantly annihilated half of the well-trained elite troops.

It was said that when darkness falls over this land, a savior appears.

"It's more like a war goddess than a Saint..."

As befitting her reputation as a savior, she created endless halos of divine light, and Albert, whose eyes were distorted by the dazzling light, brought his thumb to his lips and bit it hard.

"I must kill that woman here today, no matter what."

Black blood dripped like ink.

He pulled out a red spider with a skull pattern from his long sleeve, wrote something on a small piece of paper, and began murmuring a long spell.

The left side of Albert's face gradually turned black, then cracked like dry earth.

His left arm and shoulder, which had broken like a sandcastle without strength, finally turned into a swarm of spiders and dispersed rapidly.

The swarm of spiders quickly sneaked into the cracks of the building and between the stone floors.

And the spider, which had the most deadly poison among monsters, slowly approached the princess.

He couldn't give Deborah Seymour the opportunity to heal.

The spider precisely aimed at her nape so that the poison could paralyze her brain in an instant.


Then, suddenly, the nerve connected to the tarantula was cut, and Albert let out a groan of pain.

The magic that connected the body and mind with the monster was excellent, but it had the disadvantage of not being able to completely secure the field of vision and the risk of returning great pain when the monster was attacked.

Albert, with his eyes closed, gasped as black blood spurted from his mouth and then looked down with bloodshot eyes.

"How did she block it this time...?"


It was thanks to the divine spirit, which she always carried with her, that the princess could detect the approaching monster in advance.

She didn't go to the racetrack to get the egg of a divine spirit for nothing.

From the moment Albert deployed his dark magic, she could sense that something larger was nearby thanks to the vigilant divine spirit.


Deborah gritted her teeth as she looked at the corpse of a spider that Purple had stepped on.

"After all, the tarantula swarms that appeared at the Crown Prince's charity event and harmed people were monsters."

It also meant that there was a strong wizard capable of dealing with monsters, and someone with that special ability was targeting her in this area.

"You're determined to kill me."

The fear that sprang from the sharp murderous intent pressed on her rib cage. Furthermore, Deborah had been consuming a lot of power since she had almost no combat experience.

She was so nervous about the tug of war that her life was at stake, her legs trembled, and her breathing became increasingly erratic.

The strong wizard who controlled the spider colony couldn't send just one spider, so she became even more alert and looked around.

".... Here it comes."

However, the princess's prediction was wrong.

Instead of a wizard dealing with the tarantulas, masked assassins crossed the wall and landed in the wasteland.

They were the assassins who had been holding their breath and waiting for Albert to send the spider.

Purple quickly spat out a piece of mana from its mouth, but dozens of weapons had already been thrown in an instant towards the princess.


Her hair turned white, like a sheet of paper in an instant, as she recalled the fear she felt when the arrow grazed her ear.

It reminded her of the entrance exam day, the dizzying sensation of disappointment that left her breathless when she encountered an unexpected problem in the mathematics area where she had the most confidence.

Divine magic requires elaborate casting.

The halo that had been created in the shape of an arrow in the air due to a miscalculation fluttered and scattered over her purple hair like a flurry of snow.

Deborah, who had maximized her divine power as if clinging to it, crouched as if protecting her heart, imagining the sharp pain that would soon invade her.

But the terrible pain she imagined did not happen.

The daggers that fell like rain bounced off the blade of a golden sword.


Isidor, who rushed to the capital as fast as possible using the enhanced movement magic circle and overlaying 7th-class movement magic several times, surrounded the princess and blocked all attacks.

Deborah's condition, breathing heavily, was a mess, and Isidor's jade-blue eyes, looking at the princess, shone like a furious wave.

He gripped the hilt without saying a word, with a cold expression the princess had never seen before.

Isidor, who leaped at lightning speed, took care of the remaining assassins in the blink of an eye.

Soon, silence fell on the wasteland.

In the ominous silence, the sound of something moving in unison was heard, and insects hiding in the darkness gathered at a point.

"Duke... Visconti... how... is he... here...?"

Albert's rough and somber voice scattered in the air.

He roared wildly as the swarm of spiders wrapped high above slowly turned into a human figure.

"I should be in the South!"

Albert, half of his face as black as coal, exclaimed.

Isidor appeared directly behind him with movement magic instead of answering, and the sword covered in Aura pierced Albert's abdomen.

"It's too rude."

Isidor said coldly while twisting his sword.


"Who is behind this?"

Instead of killing his opponent at once, he questioned him by cutting off his fingers, ear tips, and lips.

Albert twisted his body in pain but never opened his mouth.

"You'll stay silent until the end."

Isidor's sword cut him with a force incomparable to the previous one.

"Since when do you nobles listen to our words? It's funny that you're trying to get an answer."

"Great. The only thing that will come out of your mouth will be screams."

".... Arrogant bastard."

Albert's blackened body piled up like clay and then split into two parts: head and body.


Albert's mouth, which had turned into a giant spider, opened wide from side to side.


The monster opened its mouth widely, showing its fangs, and rushed towards him as if to swallow Isidor in one go.

But the anxiety lasted only a short while.

Isidor summoned a long spear and thrust it sharply into the mouth of the man who had already turned into a monster.

As he agitated the inside of his stomach with as much sword energy as he could, the black poison exploded like a burst, and Isidor quickly wrapped up the princess and avoided it.

"Kuogh, kugh..."

The pieces that crumbled like fragments turned into swarms of tiny spiders and wriggled.

"Where are you going?"

When Isidor raised his sword and struck it forcefully against the ground, the mana that spread like a spiderweb shattered even the tiny spiders trying to escape.

A black mist fluttered around him, as if a cursed soul wandered through the air.

Before being destroyed, Albert gathered all his strength and uttered words that were nothing more than a curse.

"This... won't... end... here..."

The dying man's voice coldly pierced Deborah's eardrums.

"If the light is strong... th-the shadows are even darker..."

Even in the midst of his disappearance, the wizard left only an ominous and deep feeling.

After a while, the princess and Isidor were left alone in the wasteland.

The scholars who had evacuated here with the princess had already fled when Isidor arrived.

"Let's get out of here at once."

Isidor, who hugged the princess's body tightly and stroked it several times as if confirming that she was alive, suddenly lifted her body.

The corners of his eyes were red, as if he were crying, so Deborah couldn't ask him to put her down.


The red spider, which brought a tattered piece of paper in front of the 4th Queen, staggered as if it were drunk and stopped moving.

It was as if it announced the death of its owner.

"No way."

The 4th Queen looked at the spider with her sharp eyes and slowly opened a small note.

[Deborah Seymour must be the saint revealed by the devil.]

"It really is her."

She deceived her all this time.


Suddenly, a scandalous laughter burst out.

"Is that snake a Saint?"

Literally, a woman who sells her soul to the devil and makes money from the rift she created is a saint.

It really wasn't even funny.

The 4th Queen crumpled the paper furiously and waited for the news that the princess had been assassinated.

However, the only news that came was that Princess Deborah had safely rescued the outstanding scholars and was now in the Seymour mansion.

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