SYS (Novel) Chapter 415

C415 - Why, Hairan (9)

Most people on the ground couldn't immediately recognize the metallic gate forming in the sky out of nowhere.

However, they had a gut feeling that whatever came out of that metallic gate wouldn't be on their side.

"What is that?"

"Is it a person...?"

"It's blurry and can't be seen..."

While warriors exchanged looks and words, Ron, Rinpa, and Berakt also momentarily stopped their fight and looked up at the sky.

Then, the leader emerged through the steel gate.

A unique whitish body surrounded by a dazzling glow.

Surprisingly, the leader floated in the sky.

He floated in front of Grenille without visible wings or equipment, calmly looking down for a moment, as if he were a god in person.

The battlefield had an atmosphere that would make one believe a god had descended.

Giant monsters, wizards, living golems, flying ships, and now an unknown figure shining brightly.

For a moment, most warriors on the battlefield felt an unsettling fear and unfamiliarity toward Kinzelo's leader.

Warriors had the ominous premonition that the tides of the battle might turn against them once again.

And Jin didn't particularly like that the warriors had such feelings as they looked at the leader.

A divine being, or a strange fear.

In Jin's opinion, those grandiose images didn't fit Kinzelo's leader.

"A ruthless criminal."

No more, no less.

He might even add the adjective "foolish."

'If you wanted to give me a great benefit, you shouldn't have addressed me so dignifiedly.'


A spark of fire shot out from Jin's grip.

It was a faint spark.

However, the tiny shadow of that spark, like a dot in his palm, would soon turn into formidable Shadow Energy that would envelop the sky.

Decimating Flame Orb Of The Dark Sky-The Final Version Of The Demon Empress

The shadow of the spark shot up into the sky.

Murakan's Shadow Energy curtain that had covered the entire sky tore and filled with holes.

However, it began to regenerate rapidly by launching the legacy of the Demon Empress.

Jin released his Shadow Energy and initiated the connection between him and the sky.

The sky, suddenly darkened and unfamiliar, was a sight the warriors couldn't be more unaccustomed to, much like the feats Kinzelo had carried out in the Emperor Sword Castle until now.


Unlike the leader's appearance, warriors could clearly identify whose power that was and what exactly it was about.

Shadow Energy.

The Contractor of Solderet, the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel.

Warriors were also excited to see what kind of surprise Jin would show.



"Fill in the gaps of my Shadow Energy."

Although Jin had recovered a bit, he wasn't in perfect condition.


There was no shortage of Shadow Energy to launch the legacy of Riol Zipple with Murakan nearby.


When Murakan spread his wings and released his Shadow Energy, black particles scattered in the area like ripples.

The particles surrounded Jin and Murakan and shot up into the sky.

It was as if they were opening a door.

The Shadow Energy particles extended up to the sky and drew a line that seemed to split the sky in half.

Finally, the line split, and a ridiculously enormous gate opened right in the middle of the sky, while the radiant runic characters of Riol Zipple shone all over Jin's body.

The runic characters danced gracefully in the empty space, like sparkling snowflakes.

-[Ah! Damn it!]

-What's happening, leader?

-I left it behind. Damn it, the situation was so urgent that I didn't even think to grab it. Ha, what a mistake...!]

-What did you forget? Oh, wait...!

-[Decimating Flame Orb Of The Dark Sky-The Final Version Of The Demon Empress. I left behind the legacy of Riol Zipple that was stored in the Dark Magic Society headquarters... Did you happen to bring it, Joe? Please tell me you did.]

-Huh. Well, that... leader, I didn't have the chance...

-You insignificant and useless bastard! Are you telling me that you, the leader of the Dark Magic Society, forgot it? Does the leader have to pay attention to every little thing?

At that moment, the members of Kinzelo could only recall that conversation.

The transcendent grand magic Jin was unfolding had been acquired through the destruction of the Dark Magic Society.

The legacy of Riol Zipple that the leader and Joe had forgotten to retrieve was now about to become a disaster that would engulf Grenille and the members of Kinzelo.

The runic characters streaking across the sky were the marks.

When the marks pointed towards Grenille and the members of Kinzelo, a massive sphere revealed itself in the open sky.

People instantly thought it was the sun. Otherwise, there was no way to comprehend the enormous ball of fire radiating intense heat toward the ground.

"This is... damn it! It's from Riol Zipple...!"

"Joe! Quick! Deploy the shield!"

"Grenille hasn't been repaired yet... Aaarh!"



A rain of fireballs descended from the flame orb.

The rain of fireballs converged towards the Grenille ship and the leader instead of hitting the ground.

Tens of thousands of fire tentacles coiled around the Grenille ship.

Grenille was trapped like prey caught in a trap, and the leader's faint figure was completely obscured by flames.

The sound of the Grenille ship being destroyed echoed along with the fire under the black and reddened sky.


The hull was being destroyed with each lash of the fire tentacles, and the fragments turned into ashes even before reaching the ground.

"Damn it...!"

Berakt roared in frustration and swung his great sword.

The leader fell victim to the flames as soon as he appeared, and the useless Joe didn't know how to face the situation again, and the vice-leader was injured and barely rescued.

So, he was the only one who could stop Jin.

I have to get rid of that damn magic.

Otherwise, the leader's vitality might be in danger.

Berakt wildly swung his great sword while frothing blood and saliva...

But his opponents were Ron and Rinpa.

The two calmly blocked Berakt's attacks.

"You seem quite desperate. It looks like your master is in danger."

Ron accurately saw through Berakt's thoughts and commented, while Berakt responded with a roar.

However, Berakt's roar couldn't instill the same fear on the battlefield as before.

If Ron and Rinpa hadn't already disabled Grenille, they wouldn't have been able to push them into such a desperate situation so quickly after Jin cast his grand magic.

Grenille's initially majestic form had disappeared, and the flaming ship looked like it would be shot down at any moment.

On the other hand, the flames emanating from the Decimating Flame Orb Of The Dark Sky-The Final Version Of The Demon Empress continued to visibly intensify.

Naturally, the ground forces came to the conclusion that the situation had changed.

But Jin, Murakan, and some exceptional warriors felt a strange uneasiness.

'Even though the battleship Grenille is doomed to be destroyed, but the leader... It's not over yet.'

The leader was truly an enigmatic figure, veiled in secrecy. As a result, neither Jin nor his comrades, nor any other faction, precisely knew how formidable his abilities were.

However, considering that he leads the great faction called 'Kinzelo' and has wielded a power worthy of being called authority, Jin couldn't imagine that everything would end so easily.



Finally, the Grenille battleship began to plummet.

It was split in half and destroyed to the point that its original form was unrecognizable, and anyone would find it hard to imagine the Grenille battleship returning to its original state.

As the colossal hull was about to crash to the ground, it seemed like the people on board...

Including Bishkel and his group... would also meet their last moments.

However, for some reason, Jin felt a chill even as the ship was falling.

It was as if a cold piece of iron passed by his back...

Suddenly, Jin turned his body and saw something.

Metal pieces, steel.

It wasn't just a feeling born of a premonition but rather a sensation originating from a real object.

Unknown metal pieces emerged out of nowhere and rose into the sky after passing by Jin and Murakan.

These metal pieces not only affected the two of them but were enveloping the entire battlefield.
A whirlwind composed of steel fragments devoured the entire battlefield.

"That's his power, brat..."

"...Yes, it seems so."

The leader of Kinzelo possessed the ability to manipulate steel like the Blacksmith God.

And Jin also had the feeling that the leader's power surpassed Picon's metal authority.

The runic characters rose in the air and marked the metal pieces.

Chains of fire followed the runes and melted part of the metal, but they were unable to eliminate them all.

There was an overwhelming amount of metal in the air, enough to overshadow Jin's flames.

Fortunately, these metal pieces didn't seem to have especially dangerous energy...

Maybe they're not made for killing?.

The metal pieces didn't seem to attack enemies like Jin's flames.

Instead, they were enveloping the falling Grenille battleship.

Suddenly, a giant metal hand formed, holding Grenille.

"It has been a great welcoming party. I've had a hard time all this time because of Riol Zipple's legacy. It seems that great wizard and I don't get along well."

As the flames dissipated, the leader's form was revealed again.

Unlike the initially misty and radiant form, now he was in the semblance of a "skeleton."

'Did he use his metal manipulation abilities to create bones...?'

-Well, before, you assumed quite a bit based on Murakan's memories, right? This time, let me guess your psychology. You came here to save those three, and you set some kind of trap. But now, your guts are churning because we're not falling into your trap.


-Why are you laughing like garbage? Did I get it wrong? Where do you want to take us? Answer me.

-[Well, I took a good hit there. You're right, Jin Runcandel. You guessed almost everything correctly. Right now, I'm not in a condition to deal with you properly. As you can see, my body doesn't even have bones]

The conversation Jin and Murakan had with the leader the day they met came to Jin's mind.

The leader, who now formed 'steel bones,' exuded an incredibly powerful aura compared to that time.

Although his face was not very clear and difficult to see, Jin could be sure that the leader was smiling.

"It's been a while, Jin Runcandel. How have you been all this time?"

"We're not here for a friendly reunion..."

Jin averted his gaze behind the leader when he stopped talking.

There, what had seemed to be the Grenille battleship, completely destroyed and falling apart, emerged from the gigantic steel hand, fully restored to its original state.

It looked exactly the same as at the beginning, without a single scratch.


Jin said, and the leader shook his head.

"It's unfortunate that you think that way. In my case, I've missed seeing you. After all, I also need to recover the stolen legacy of that powerful great wizard."

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