SYS (Novel) Chapter 416

C416 - Why, Hairan (10)

It's amazing...

Does this make any sense?

Jin was left speechless as he gazed at the perfectly restored Grenille.

Not only Jin but also the other warriors were astonished by the fact that the fearsome battleship had returned to its original state.

Even Zipple was dedicating a considerable amount of time to the maintenance of the Kozec battleship, which could take several months or even years depending on the extent of the damage.

However, the time it took the leader to repair Grenille was no more than a mere ten seconds.

It was hard for everyone to accept the idea that this could be called "repair," even after seeing it with their own eyes.


The Grenille battleship formed new storm clouds and cast a dark shadow on the ground as the leader's metallic hand gathered metal pieces to form a sword.

It was the same sword that had ended the lives of the great wizards Susan Lillista and Chukon Tolderer in Oterium.

"Did I steal Riol's legacy? It doesn't seem like an appropriate way to put it. In the first place, it wasn't your property."

[We kept it, so it was ours]

"Following that logic, it's mine now since I have it."

[Haha, that's an interesting perspective]

The leader chuckled.

Although Jin had encountered Kinzelo members several times, it was the first time he had seen the leader in person since the days of the Provisional Flagbearer.

Suddenly, Jin remembered the first time he saw the leader in the Second Tomb of Temar.

-[What kind of nonsense is this?]

-Are you talking nonsense? I'm just a lucky guy who survived when all of you were crushed by the weight. I'm just trying to be generous with poor orphans]

-[Get lost before I kill you too]

-[Don't be so blunt. Listen to my proposal. My old friend. I've prepared a bright future for everyone]

In the records, the leader presented himself to Temar, the ten great knights, and Murakan, who fought in the "Tower" of the Black Sea.

Jin had always been curious about the relationship between the leader and Murakan, and about what the "bright future" the leader proposed to everyone was in the records of the second tomb.

One thing is certain...

The leader possesses tremendous power, whether a thousand years ago or today.

There weren't many who could stand in Murakan's way a thousand years ago, and in the present era, the leader is the only person who can use the "teleportation" ability and instantly repair a ship.

Furthermore, the leader's abilities didn't end there.

"In the end, I had our leader use his powers...."

The great warrior, Berakt, watched as his numerous wounds, large and small, disappeared as if they had been washed away.

Ron and Rinpa carefully evaluated the situation instead of pressing Berakt again.

A moment of silence passed.

The leader's appearance had been followed by a series of shocking events.

Everyone had thought they had cornered the terrorists, but now it seemed like they were back to square one.


The situation was worse than at the beginning.

Since the limits of the leader's regeneration capability were unknown.

[Kinzelo Leader, every time I see you, I feel disgusted. Hey, hey. Where do you get that omnipotent act? You're nothing more than a damn demon. Anyway, you won't regain your senses until I beat you to death]

Huuu, Woo...!

Murakan breathed out dark energy towards the leader.

Shadow Energy surged towards the leader as if to annihilate him, but he effortlessly dissipated it with his sword.


[You're saying my name again as if you know me. Ah, I'm going crazy. Don't expect to come back safe today]

Jin didn't try to stop Murakan, who showed intense fighting spirit.

This was because he didn't seem to have lost his reason, unlike when he first met the leader.

[Well, if you want to fight so badly, I can't help it]

The battle resumed again as Murakan ran towards the leader.

The Grenille ship spread thunderclouds, and Berakt made a complete recovery, rushing into the fray.

However, the overall situation remained challenging even though his wounds were healed.

Berakt couldn't face Ron and Rinpa simultaneously.

"I will... take care of... this white wolf."

Ron nodded in response to Rinpa's words, which meant leaving Berakt to her and going to confront the leader and the Grenille ship.

"I humbly accept."

Although Berakt raised his sword and tried to prevent Ron from leaving, he couldn't withstand Rinpa's relentless attack.

"Damn mutt... I am your sworn enemy... Understand the situation."

The Grenille ship still couldn't unleash its lightning as recklessly as before.

Jin continued to control the final form of the Decimating Flame Orb Of The Dark Sky, and chains of fire continued to coil around the Grenille ship.

'Kinzelo's leader seems to be handling Murakan quite calmly.'

Murakan had been continuously using a lot of Shadow Energy to defend the ground...

But even taking that into account, the leader clearly surpassed him.

The leader's sword skills were exceptional.

The leader's sword possessed a depth that would never fall behind any sword Jin had seen before.

Murakan alternated between his human form and his true form as he engaged the leader in aerial combat.

The leader moved through the air as if it were solid ground, demonstrating his familiarity with aerial combat.

[I felt it back then too, but are you really the Murakan I know? Why have you become so weak, my friend? Remembering those days when you were so imposing makes me want to shed tears]

[Is that so? I admit, I've grown weaker. I've regained some strength, but I'm still not what I used to be in the old days. That's why I learned something]

Murakan surprisingly accepted it without being shaken.

"It's becoming more and more surprising. Murakan, the strongest in the world, is learning something? What did you learn?"

[Humans use phrases like 'one person attacking many people' or 'many people attacking one person' or something like that.]


The wind passed by the leader's back.

It was the formless sword energy of Ron.

When Ron's formless sword energy grazed the leader's steel bones, it created a friction sound that tore at the eardrums.

"Metal, it's quite an unpleasant sensation."

Ron leaped forward and made a horizontal slash that cleaved the leader's torso.

Although the steel bones were easily cut by Ron's formless sword energy, the leader effortlessly reconnected them.

In other words, Ron's sword had passed through like water, and it had no impact on the leader.

In a sense, Ron's sword felt like it had just passed through him, but that didn't mean it hadn't caused any damage.

"In the end, this is also just regeneration; it can't be infinite. I'll cut you until you can't regenerate again..."

Jin and Murakan shared the same judgment as Ron.

They couldn't read the leader's intentions at all...

But they made this judgment based on Berakt's change in behavior.

Since the leader appeared and started using his powers, Berakt has become increasingly anxious.

The leader's abilities probably come with a high cost.

It must have been a very high price if someone like Berakt has lost his composure.

It must be crucial to Kinzelo, like the leader's vitality or something.

Murakan swung his front paw to create an opening, and Ron once again struck the leader's spine with a horizontal slash.

The leader's steel sword grazed Murakan's forehead, but it wasn't a fatal blow.

On the ground, Rinpa continued to press Berakt, while other warriors tended to the wounded.

Among them, only the knights of Hairan were organizing their ranks and dispersed to pour sword energy towards the Grenille ship, which was bound by a large magic.

The situation was stabilizing quickly.

However, the problem was that Jin was still holding Grenille alone.

The ground assault would resume if he let go of Grenille, and while elite warriors would suffer few damages, ordinary civilians and lower-ranked warriors who hadn't left the battlefield would face death.


A thread of blood flowed from Jin's lips.

The mana backlash was beginning.

"It's still fine, for now."

Jin wouldn't be able to maintain the magic while suppressing the backlash in a situation where the attack could come from anywhere.

But for now, he could focus solely on his magic.

'I don't know if the leader's power runs out first or my backlash erupts first, but it's probably the former.'

Isn't it time for them to come?

Jin spat blood and glanced towards the sky.

In any case, this battle would undoubtedly tilt in favor of Hairan when they arrived.

'The Dragon Knights.'

The Runcandels have the Black Knights, the Zipples have the White Nights and the Specter Corps, and the Vermonts have the Imperial Guard and the Special Force.

Hairan also possessed elite knights worthy of the three great families.

Hairan's strongest knights, the Dragon Knights.

Jin only had to hold on until they arrived.

Even if he left the battlefield right now, no one could point fingers at him.

Jin was already exerting himself to the fullest in a fight where he didn't need to participate as an outsider.


A sharp howl echoed from beyond the black dawn sky.

A smile appeared on Jin's lips upon hearing the sound.

Ron and the other warriors had the same expression.

It seemed that a flock of dragon-like creatures, Dragon Birds, was rapidly approaching the Sword Emperor's Castle like shooting stars.

There were about thirty of them.

'It's the first time I see them in person.'

The Dragon Knights deployed in formation and surrounded the battlefield.

The concept of an "encirclement" might not seem feasible with only thirty of them, but each of them was Hairan's finest sword.

The entire battlefield was filled with the aura of the Dragon Knights in an instant.

"Commander of the Dragon Knights!"

When Ron shouted, the man riding the largest of the dragon birds raised his sword.

"Yes, sir! At your command!"

"Half of you will take care of the land, and the other half will follow me. We will annihilate the enemies."

Without the need for separate orders, the Dragon Knights quickly divided into two groups.

Half of them descended, while the other half ascended and gathered around Ron and Murakan.

At that moment, Jin released his control over the Grenille ship.

The chains of fire that had swirled in the sky converged into a flame orb as the Dragon Knights approached.

Jin pointed his finger at the Grenille ship.

Then, once again, the black sky opened its jaws wide and spat out a massive flame orb.

Grenille tried to increase its thrust to escape the flame orb, but the Dragon Knights blocked its path.

Finally, Grenille had to endure another round of destruction as the flame orb struck the hull. The leader was already enveloped in the sword energy of Ron, Murakan, and the Dragon Knights.

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