IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 181



At the moment Duke Seymour blocked the black flames with his entire body, I don't know why, but suddenly I recalled a scene from my dream.

"If there's a next life, I want you to be my daughter."

Duke Seymour and the first founder, Mirju Seymour, were completely different people.

"Even this pathetic personality, which has been withdrawn, will be neutralized a bit if the cold blood of the serpent flows."

In the face of Mirju Seymour's strong comments, Nayla laughed cheerfully even as death approached. Since she had no family, her words sounded even friendlier.

"If a father is a loving and deep-hearted person like the Archmage, then his daughter should be happy."

"You're the only one who says I'm kind. Anyway... If you look back...."

"You're very kind, aren't you? Father."

My stomach churned, probably because of the arm that embraced me desperately.

Surrounded by scorching heat, I hugged Duke Seymour tightly, raising the divine power within me as best as I could.


Soon, an impromptu film of pure white formed around me.

For a brief moment, I sincerely begged my father to let me go.

"... Oh?!"

I felt a little perplexed as I clenched my teeth desperately, hoping that Duke Seymour would resist the poisonous breath.

My vision suddenly changed, and Duke Seymour and I were safely transported to the rear of the army.


In that brief moment, Isidor hugged both me and my father at the same time and used short-range teleportation magic.

"Ah, Isidor was watching me too."

When the poisonous breath shot in the direction where I was standing, Isidor and Duke Seymour moved at the same time, and the timing seemed to coincide.

"Duke Seymour, are you okay?"

"Oh... Yes."

My father was as embarrassed as I was.

"Really, I'm glad."

Isidor smiled slightly with a relieved expression.

"T-thank you. Duke Visconti. I am indebted to you all the time. Hmm!"

Father, who straightened his shoulders in a posture of being supported by Isidor, couldn't resist and mumbled toward his benefactor, rolling his eyes awkwardly.

"You're welcome. I just did what I had to do."

In the midst of this, Isidor, who responded courteously, summoned a long sword with a sharp blue blade and then disappeared from my sight.

Behind the random attacks of the 4th Queen, Isidor, who had disappeared, appeared.

By teleporting behind the demon dragon, just like when he dealt with the previous beasts, he emitted such a bright energy that made my eyes tremble.

"It's amazing...."

"If the Dragon Slayer were to be reincarnated, wouldn't it be like this?"

"A magical swordsman isn't called a war god for nothing."

The mages supporting from behind looked up at the air and spoke with puzzled faces.

"The tower lord will have a magical swordsman as his son-in-law, so he will be at ease."

The elder, who had been talking about his son-in-law, apologized with a gruff expression, under the cold eyes of Duke Seymour.

"I-I... in a life-or-death moment, I spoke too recklessly. I'm sorry."

"It seems the demon dragon will fall after a while, so build a defensive wall around the knights and the magical tower combat unit."

"Yes. Tower Master."

The situation in the sky was one-sided.

The left wing of the dragon, flapping in the air, was torn in an instant by Isidor's sword, and the monster's cries filled with pain echoed in the sky.


The demon dragon bent its long neck and distorted its body here and there.

But Isidor didn't care and cut off the right wing with his sword.

"The demon is falling!"

Even as it fell to the ground, the 4th Queen, who had turned into a demon dragon, continued to attack at will.

However, the Breath was blocked every time by the mages developing defensive magic.


Eventually, the demon dragon fell to the ground with the sound of the earth resonating. A thick layer of dust rose, but the attack magic continued to flow in the direction where the monster fell.

"It's over."

"Could it keep resisting after such an attack?"

"No... it's not over yet."

I know because I saw it in a dream.

How persistent and strong it is.

"Deborah, don't risk going ahead, stay back."

While sneaking around, Rosad, who was spreading magic, furrowed his brow.

"I won't bother you this time. I was surprised before, so I made a mistake."

And I cast one of the divine magics I had practiced in my free time.

"What's that?"

When I touched the ground with both hands, Rosad's eyes widened.

"Something close to magic."

The white light that rose from the ground transformed into a long vine and spread, beginning to tightly encase the body of the enormous demon dragon.

"The scales of the demon dragon are so tough that magic doesn't work well. They have to take advantage of it being restrained and cut deeply into the vital points with a sword."

"Finally, they will pay for their meal, won't they?"

When Isidor intervened, the White Knights, who had gathered their ranks, ran towards the captive monster.

Meanwhile, the demon dragon roared furiously, trying to break free from the light vine surrounding its body. The dignity of the royal family bearing the 4th Queen was nowhere to be found.

She had completely lost her mind.

Similar to the sorcerer who had turned into a spider the other day, that wild monster could no longer be called the 4th Queen.

Most of those who bargained with the devil with their souls as collateral ended up like this.

The ego quickly disappears, turning into a monster that embraces only the crumbs of desire.

As if the knights were attacking correctly, the murky magic that had spread in all directions gradually faded.

When things settled to some extent, everyone who didn't believe I was a Saint looked at me with a perplexed expression.

With a dissonance of cognition.

"The princess who used to be vicious is a Saint? I can't believe it."

What I expected came true.

I knew that the claim that Mia Binoche, who had been serving in the slums, was a saint was gaining strength in the social world.

"It's a lie, and it won't last long anyway."

By the way... Where the hell is Mia?

Even after defeating the 4th Queen, who was supposed to be behind this incident, a chilling and ominous feeling spread through my body.

When I saw the Queen turning into a Demon Dragon, the reason I was momentarily stunned was not because it was a threat.

Rather, it seemed very simple.

The only thing that descended upon the body of the 4th Queen, who was thought to be behind everything, was a devil-bearing pet.

"The Demon Dragon wouldn't have had the strength to cause a crack in the barrier...."

It was about to dawn, but it was still dark in the forest due to the thick dark clouds.

When the rain began to fall, a crowd in imperial uniforms approached in the distance.

Apparently, the imperial family had sent a research team after hearing that the witches' stronghold was in the Sky Forest.

"I arrived too late."

The head of the research team was the Crown Prince.

"Given the importance of the situation, it took a long time to decide on the representative of the research team because there was a lot of internal noise."

The prince dismounted his horse and said.

"I heard that there were witches among the royal family, and that the witches' base was located in the Sky Forest under the jurisdiction of the imperial family. Can you guide me there?"

"There, a small cave between the tree roots is believed to be the entrance to the witches' base."

When I entered, I saw a labyrinth of intricate paths, and at the end of the path, a terrible sight unfolded.

Some vomited at the sight of piled-up skins and intestines. I stifled a groan and quickly lowered my head to find something on the blood-stained ground.

"A six-pointed star...."

The symbol of the Great Demon.

After all, the contract with the 4th Queen was not for a Demon Dragon.

"There's a person there."

And after a while, the research team pulled Mia out from behind the altar, trembling with a frightened expression in a corner.

"Mia Binoche!"

When the person claiming to be the embodiment of the saint was discovered in the Witches' base, a commotion erupted.

"Heuk... ugh..."

Mia shrugged her small shoulders and shed tears with a pitiful expression on her face.

"T-thank you so much for saving me. Thank you."

As they took her away, she cried sadly and continuously bowed her head, and I raised my eyebrows.

"What is she talking about now?"


[Mia. Wait for the damn moon to come out. The moment the connection between the demon realm and the earth solidifies, nothing can threaten you.]

A creepy voice echoed constantly in her head, and Mia began to cry sadly, as if she were possessed by something.

"After all, it was me, not the Queen, who summoned the Great Demon."

Mia cried even harder as that strange sensation filled her.

[Yes, it was you. You called me when you contained the Holy Blood.]

The Holy Blood, containing the power of the demon, was created by sacrificing the corpses of thousands or tens of thousands of people.

All of that flowed into Mia's body.

The proper vessel for the descent of the Great Demon was completed at that moment.

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