IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 186



"What is that noisy ship?"

A passerby murmured with a perplexed expression upon seeing the white and colorful boat floating between the small boat and the yacht, and his colleague beside him scoffed.

"What else could it be?! A new gift from Duke Visconti to Princess Deborah, who had a difficult birthday defeating the wicked demon!"

"Ahem! I made a mistake. I heard the Saint used a ship as bait to eliminate a group of witches."

"That's right. The more you know, the better."

The Empire was filled with stories about Princess Deborah's activities.

Composers wrote songs praising the princess's courage to face the devil head-on, and the divine light that colored the imperial capital in pure white.

The dressmakers were busy with purple fabric, replicating the style Princess Deborah wore at her debutante, and there was even a department head seriously suggesting erecting a statue of Princess Deborah in the main building of the academy.

Her popularity had skyrocketed, quite literally.

"By the way, why was Princess Deborah, the embodiment of the Saint, so vicious? Wasn't there a rumor that she was an evil person?"

"Don't you know yet?"

"I may not know."

"The saint hid from the evil conspiracies and devilish beasts, all the while pretending to be vicious to develop a powerful force to annihilate it. Hmm, that's what happened."

"Ah! Now I understand the deep meaning."

"Yes, it's as deep as a lake."

"Oh. I would like to see her again, even from afar."

"Ahem. This... is insider information."


"There are rumors that Princess Deborah occasionally works at the third branch of Armand."

"I must go immediately...!"

Of course, the rumor was spread by Princess Deborah herself to promote the new branch. The imperial people had no way of knowing the deep meaning of the Saint tainted by capitalism.

* * *

"..There are very absurd rumors circulating in the capital."

For example, that I pretended to be a villain to avoid devilish beasts and secretly increase my power.

"It's too much."

It's exaggerated like nitrogen chips*, so it's okay to talk about it, but it's a bit disappointing that the image of the wicked woman I had been obsessed with has disappeared.

(N/T: Referring to potato chips. The nickname was given because the desired consumer price continues to increase, and the actual amount of "potatoes" that should be in the bag decreases, and the proportion of "nitrogen" used as impact protector + antioxidant increases.)

"But after all, I am the strongest person in the world, so no one will act recklessly."

Unless they want a meteorite to hit them in the back.

I clicked my tongue and unwrapped the birthday gifts one by one.

My room was filled with belated birthday gifts from the royal family and nobles; I had been procrastinating in opening the boxes.

"Is this pure 24k gold?"

Unaware, she bit the gold ring and stood up at the sound of a knock, quickly putting on a dignified expression.

"Princess Deborah."

"What's happening?"

"It's already time."

"Oh yes."

Tonight, the birthday party that had been postponed due to the devil would be celebrated on board.

I repeatedly said I didn't need to do it because it was cumbersome, but Isidor and his father agreed on this matter.

"Since when did you two become friends?"

My father, who once terrified Isidor, seemed to be halfway when he saw that he was an excellent magician and devoted himself to me during the battle against the devil.

Isidor also seemed very friendly.

After a while, the carriage stopped in front of the white ship, and I coughed once.

I was excited, and my heart trembled inside, but I boarded the ship pretending to be calm, and saw a white grand piano on top.

Then Isidor came out slowly with a cake and a bouquet of flowers.

After blowing out the candle, he sat nervously in front of the piano.

"His skills have improved a lot."

The way he played the song, with a concentrated face, was so moving that it hurt my heart.

Isidor shyly murmured that he didn't like the performance, saying the notes in the second half were wrong, and I wrapped my hands around his, which had reddened from practice.

"It really is the best gift I've received."

Then Isidor hugged me relieved, and the boat that carried us descended slowly downstream.

The river reflected in the night sky was calm and peaceful.

Between him and me, a strong bond had developed from overcoming ups and downs, and a calm yet warm atmosphere flowed.

And... contradictorily, there was also an unknown tension.


While holding a ring case, he said slowly.

"Will you marry me?"

My answer was already decided, and Isidor smiled happier than ever.

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