IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 185



Isidor and I sat side by side on the stone wall where we had once had a date together, gazing at the moon.

An elegant and beautiful moon that turned red like a ruby.

The red moon, coveted by the devil, was just an unusual sight that created a mysterious atmosphere when it disappeared without a trace.

"Princess. Are you okay?"

Isidor, who had been staring at the moon for a while, looked at me gently in the eyes and asked.

"As you can see. I'm fine."

I recovered so quickly that even I was surprised.

So, it seemed like nothing had happened.

It was hard to believe that the Great Demon had appeared just two days ago, as my daily life and that of my precious people were not much different from usual.

I lounged in bed eating snacks, while my father and the twins were busy writing a report on the incident.

That day, Enrique, who had trembled alone in an empty house, spent time reading a book, clinging to me.

Oh yes.

After that, one thing has changed.

The fact that every servant I happened to encounter looked at me with eyes full of awe and respect.

I even saw a couple of maids discussing in the hallway about attending the Holy Bath.

"I was the most rejected mine* by Seymour's servants."

(N/T: Refers to a person you want to avoid.)

I can't believe that the terror-filled looks I was accustomed to have changed so suddenly.

Of course, their looks changed, but I didn't feel it much because there was no servant brave enough to dare to speak to me first.

Remembering what had happened in the last two days, I looked at Isidor's profile and lightly swung my legs back and forth on the stone wall.

"Honestly, Lord Isidor seems busier than me. So, I was surprised to see you today."

Just by looking at his father, who was constantly called to the imperial family to report on the circumstances of the incident, I could guess how busy Isidor must be.

"Since it's a complicated case involving the 3rd Prince and the 4th Queen, there are many documents to complete. The Imperial Family is still investigating the incident."

Isidor let out a long sigh.

"At that time, I should have said I would have dates with the princess more often. That was the most important."

I laughed heartily at his complaint-filled joke.

There's no way to prove if the wish Isidor expressed fervently in that desperate moment was as powerful as his aphorism.

However, the reason I asked Isidor to confirm my wish, even though it was almost a superstition, was because of the memory of Nayla.

"I hate good girls. They're not to my liking."

The man who looked like Isidor, responding so coldly, sadly sobbed in front of Nayla, who lived a limited lifespan.

"Don't cry. Because there's no one here to comfort you. I'm not a good person anymore."

Nayla, terrified by the fate as a saint that had been given to her, asked Seymour to seal her divine power with ancient magic.

Due to the reduced density of mana, it was practically a seal that could never be broken, but it clashed with the ancient artifact Philap had, and the seal broke.

"If I had another life, I would like to be a bad person."

"Ha... you?"

Upon hearing Nayla's sudden declaration, the man rubbed his eyes and spoke as if puzzled.

"Why not? A bad girl suits your taste. I can do that."

"The attempt to fit my taste has already failed."

"Oh, that's true."

"Ha. You would have to be reborn twice to become a little wicked."

Obviously, the man must have said it half-jokingly to lighten the mood a bit.

However, I couldn't shake the feeling that the reason I was born twice through the body of Yoon Do-hee was because of the words that came out of the mouth of a man who was a descendant of a dragon.

"He must have been sincere, not half-joking."

I shook my head.

"Your words are effective."

".... By the way."

Isidor suddenly spoke with a serious expression.

"Do you remember the other day? The devil told me that I resembled a man. A face with these golden proportions is not common."


"At that moment, I thought it might be a high-level psychological warfare to shame me, but when I got home and thought about it, there was only one person who resembled me."

"Lock Visconti?"

His eyes widened.

"How does the princess know the name of the first Visconti?"

"I have memories of Nayla in my head. I saw him often in my dreams."

Isidor, who was looking at the red moon, suddenly touched my cheek lightly.

"He was an unusual person because, after establishing the Visconti family, he handed it over to his younger brother and disappeared."


"And he created Blanchia before he died."


"I didn't know that at all, but I found out today in a dream. Like I was that person, I cried in front of the statue of the Saint. As soon as I woke up, I suddenly felt a strong desire to see you."

Suddenly, I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn't breathe.

In this place where there was no one to depend on, without Blanchia and the Master, it would have been like drifting in the vast sea.

"I'm not sure about the power of words, but maybe fate exists."

Isidor whispered as he dropped his lips on my forehead, and I hugged him tightly to feel his warmth.

"Yes. Clearly, it exists."


Then I heard something explode, and I shivered in his arms.

"I had some leftover fireworks that I bought from the royal magicians last time, and I lit them... Did it surprise you?"

I was surprised to hear the sound of fireworks; recent incidents must have affected me.

"I thought it would be great to see fireworks here."

"It's quite cool."

I said shyly and cast my eyes to the red flames that were in full bloom like flowers.

Isidor pulled out a blanket from somewhere, wrapped me in a warm blanket, embraced me again, and I held his hand tightly and opened my mouth.

"When I first met you, I didn't know you were such a meticulous and kind person. I thought you were just a gold lover."

"Not bad," he laughed heartily. "I also didn't know that the princess could be such a charming and lovely person."

"And straight, wonderful, and diligent..."

"I'm not very diligent. I prefer playing to working. If I set my mind to it, I can do nothing for a whole month and not get out of bed."

"But why have you been working so hard like a workaholic?"

"I wanted to save money and buy a title within two years."

"Why was the deadline so short?"

"Because I didn't want to get married."

At that moment, Isidor started to cough violently, and my body in contact with his shook.

"Someone from the family had contacted the strange son of a count's family."

I said slowly.

"Above all, if you have a title, you can live as you please."

"Oh, that's why you asked about the price. You're an independent, self-sufficient, and enterprising princess."

"Do you know how surprised I was that the title was more expensive than I thought?"

Even now, when I think about the moment he wrote the amount of ten billion, my spine chills.

"At this moment, the princess can choose any title she wants and get it. You're the embodiment of the Saint and the heroine who saved the empire. To be honest... with the right push from Seymour and the princess's popularity, you could also aspire to the imperial throne. I'm ready to abandon the Crown Prince at any time..."

"The imperial throne...? Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Honestly, I'm too busy trying to keep my current business in order."

Baristas from the south will come soon, and I plan to start a franchise business, but the dream of being unemployed seems distant.

"I see."

Isidor nodded slowly, licking his lips and clearing his throat as he coughed several times.

"What's wrong? Are you sick?"

"No. Well, it turns out a hot spring was discovered on the southern estate."

Why is he suddenly talking about hot springs?

"It's developing as a tourist center, so if the princess wants, you can enjoy the hot springs for the whole month and relax. While working as a partner."

"It's quite tempting."

When I gave a positive response, Isidor started to move his tail like a fox, and began to advertise, like a public relations ambassador, the fun things in his territory and how comfortable it is to rest.

He also secretly showed off the size of his fortune.

"... Now get to the point. Isidor."

"Ahem, um... are those negative thoughts about marriage still valid?"


As I prolonged the answer, I could see his fox ears drooping for some reason.

For a while now, his interior was clearly visible to me, so I couldn't help but contain my laughter.

"By the way, I want to see milord's beautiful face every day and want us to travel together to the hot springs to take a break from work and have fun."


"It means that the only person I want to share my future with is you, Isidor, you're the only one."

I pressed my lips against the back of his hand, and Isidor's eyes widened.

His cheeks seemed redder than the red full moon in the sky.

"Ah, the princess always shakes my heart whenever she has free time."

Isidor rubbed his cheek and murmured.

"That's why it's fun and exciting, isn't it?"

He smiled.

"How did you find out? I can't take my eyes off you every time."

"I also find it difficult to take my eyes off you because you're very handsome. There's no need to tell you, as you seem to know it better than anyone."

Isidor laughed playfully.

"You can look at me. I'm all yours."

"It's okay."

Isidor and I stared at each other as if we were having a staring contest, then we smiled at each other, and then, slowly, we brought our lips together as if possessed by something.

"I really like you."

He whispered.

Isidor was my first companion, reliable partner, attentive counselor, and even a loving and affectionate lover.

Perhaps I am the luckiest person in the world to have met him.

"Well, I saved the empire twice, so I should have been born with this kind of luck."

"I love you. Deborah."

He sweetly pronounced my name and confessed.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling a dizzying euphoria as if I were flying, and at the same time, a burning sensation in my stomach.

"I love you too. Isidor."

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