IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 184



The devil's black spear was approaching.

However, Isidor, who continued to protect the princess and block all the monsters that approached her, quickly stopped in front of her.


The spear thrown by the devil was deflected by the golden sword.

However, the devil quickly sensed that the princess was up to something unusual.

[Deborah Seymour. I thought of killing you after having some fun, but you're rushing me.]

When the enraged demon threw an even more powerful force, the mana flow in the air distorted, and his complexion turned pale.

He thought he had progressed a lot, but the fusion of mana and divine power slowed down due to demonic power, so the divine magic he was preparing would take a long time to complete.

As soon as Isidor saw the princess's rigid expression, he immediately realized that the plan had gone wrong.

[Now I have to taste your flesh, Deborah Seymour.]

"Is it because you're vulgar? You're making a fool of yourself."

As the devil was about to unleash his power on the princess, a cold wind like a jug of relief brushed Deborah and Isidor's cheeks, and powerful icy magic shot towards the demon.

The freezing-type magic did not pose a great threat to Lucifer, the demon who had survived freezing cold in the demon realm.

[Do you think this magic can work on me?]

As if it was absurd, he poured more demonic power and easily dismantled the magic. When the powerful magic from the Tower Master was neutralized, amazement and despair projected in the eyes of the wizards.

[It's annoying.]

Meanwhile, Isidor continued to throw his sword at the demon.

However, Isidor's sword didn't even hurt the demon's body.

Moreover, it was difficult to even approach due to the monstrosities surrounding the demon, so not only the wizards but also the knights were defenseless.

"How can it be so strong...?!"

"The sword of a magic swordsman doesn't work!"

There was a burst of astonishment here and there, and the devil laughed softly.

[Since the moment the vessel containing the Holy Blood was created, your failure was already foreseen.]

Mia's body, which absorbed the blood of thousands of sacrifices, was stronger than expected, and the demon's face filled with joy.

The demon, who easily neutralized Isidor's endless attacks, stretched his pupils horizontally like a goat and murmured abruptly.

[By the way, you... I thought I had seen you before. You really resemble him a lot.]

".... I don't think this face is common."

Isidor looked bewildered.

[Your cheeky tone and expression are similar to his. Watching the Saint die in pieces will make your arrogant face worth seeing.]

As the blood vessels under the demon's dark skin swelled, his body swelled beyond all comparison.

[I'll use both of you as food for my perfect resurrection!]

At the moment the demon threw condensed demonic power towards the princess standing with a pale and exhausted face.


A golden flash fell from the sky at a terrifying speed.

Isidor had deliberately lowered the devil's guard by launching a low-power attack for a while.

When the demon lowered its guard, he teleported as high as possible, falling sharply from above with his sword. The sharp tip of the sword with additional acceleration precisely aimed at the eyes.

"Even a devil's eyes are a vital point."

The sword deeply embedded itself in the demon's left eye and brain, and a scream full of pain resonated.

When an unbearable pain that seemed to have no end exploded over its head, the demon randomly threw its power, and a black storm erupted in the air.

However, the devil's random attack, with vision problems, did not accurately reach the princess, and Deborah began to count slowly to herself.

[Deborah Seymour, do you think I'll leave you with just one attack?!]

Then, suddenly, the devil's voice changed.

It was Mia's childish scream, who had been tormented by her inferiority complex and lack of qualifications all the time.

[I'll kill you! I'll kill you!]

Along with Mia's scream, the black storm erupted with a fierce force that could not be compared to the previous one.


The knights approaching the wounded demon instantly crumbled before the shockwave that seemed to tear the air.

Only Isidor, Duke Seymour, and some high-class wizards and knights could barely withstand the shockwave.

But only barely.


Duke Seymour spewed blood from his mouth, and Isidor fell to his knees, staggering.

The fierce energy of the demon, bordering the entire space, began to crush everyone.

The despair that comes after hope is even more cruel.

The hopes created by Isidor's attack shattered before the overwhelming power of the demon.

[Deborah Seymour.]

Mia made a sharp weapon, quite different from the spear that the devil used to wield, and began to approach the princess calling her by name.

-"Please, run!"

Isidor managed to get up and run, but it was in vain.

["Don't bother me!"]

A black storm gathered at a point and attacked Isidor.

Isidor couldn't resist the power and was pushed a few meters, and Mia advanced with a cruel smile.

To bring her to death.

To Deborah.

-"Stop her!"

Knights and mages rushed out to protect Princess Deborah, but it wasn't a fight.

It was like a human stepping on an ant.

They were powerless against her overwhelming power.

The darkness that Mia radiated, when she finally arrived in front of Deborah, was as thick as an abyss.

-"If it weren't for you, I could have become a saint beloved by all...."

-"If it weren't for you..."

Deborah met Mia's eyes dripping with black blood and felt a deep hatred.

["Deborah Seymour. Without you, I could have continued being a saint. And things wouldn't have come to this extreme."]


["Soon, the empire will become a sea of blood full of corpses. Because of you, all your loved ones will die."]

Deborah opened her mouth, and her red eyes shone intensely.

-"It was you who tormented yourself with an inferiority complex, Mia Binoche. I did what I had to do. Don't blame me for the cause of your suffering."

["Shut up! You pretend to be good to the end! Whatever happens, I won't let things go as you want!"]

I hope you're unhappy like me.

When Mia raised her arm and tried to pierce the princess's heart, the princess smiled gently.

-"I agree with what you said."

The moment the princess finished speaking, a dazzling light exploded.

The Horun district, which had been darkened by demons and misty fog, suddenly turned white, as if it had reached the sky.


Those who were desperately fighting against the demons coming out of the cracks suddenly looked around.

-"A miracle... A miracle has happened."

-"Oh my God..."

The monsters running wild in all directions stiffened like stones and stopped moving, and everyone in the capital looked towards the sky where an intense divine light descended.

["This can't be."]

One step before stabbing Princess Deborah's heart, Mia suddenly felt her body stiffening like a stone statue.

["No! It can't end in vain!"]

However, the divine magic that Danae devised to prepare for the Holy War showed no mercy to demons.


The wizards who noticed the identity of the light descending from the sky were mesmerized.

A white meteorite, like the noonday sun, appearing through the thick dark clouds, plummeted towards the devil with fierce force.


The devil couldn't even finish his sentence correctly.

But surprisingly, the meteorite did not impact anywhere else except on the devil.

It was truly something divine.

["Ahhh...! No!"]

Lucifer disappeared in an instant, but Mia struggled with her arms while gritting her teeth until the end.

But Princess Deborah raised her arms to the sky once again, and this time, an even larger meteorite began to charge.

Did they say the stronger the light, the deeper the shadows?

However, Mia's body, which had turned into a demon, in the intense light, began to crumble like wood in flames.

And a deep silence fell.

The demon that had dyed the world black as if to devour it retreated, and everyone couldn't easily speak in front of the miraculous final light.

-"Finally... it's over."

The first to break the silence was Princess Deborah.

The princess, who performed the incredible miracle and was once one of the greatest ruffians of the empire, lay down on the ground with a tired face.

-".... I'm exhausted." -she murmured softly.

The rain gradually subsided, and the dark clouds that had dyed the sky black began to recede.


-"The devil is gone!"

-"The appearance of the Saint who appeared after a thousand years has once again expelled the evil demon!"

Everyone cheered and was moved by the appearance of the Saint most beloved by the imperial people. And they shouted the princess's name non-stop.

A thousand years ago, Nayla lost countless companions under the red moon, but this time, there were no losses.

Belatedly, the temple changed its stance and sent high-ranking priests and potions to detoxify demonic power, and all the injured people who participated in the battle could be purified.

-"Ahhh. My dream was to be a rich unemployed person...."

Deborah, who had abruptly saved the Empire, sighed softly and fell into a deep sleep on Isidor's back.

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