SYS (Novel) Chapter 440

C440 - To the Black King (1)

After the death of the exile, no one dared to openly discuss it.

But there was an unusual atmosphere among the members of the Family.

Given the many uncertainties surrounding the exile's death, it was natural.

"Do you think what the exile said could be true?"

"What are you talking about?"

Two guardian knights, who had just finished their shifts and were starting their break, were engaged in a conversation.

"The part about the Acting Patriarch being concerned about the Second Flagbearer and punishing the execution knights at that time." Hearing this, one of the guardian knights nervously looked around.

Speaking ill of the Second Flagbearer could have irreversible consequences.

"Be careful with what you say!"

"There's no one in the courtyard at this hour. You're getting nervous for no reason. It's the most secluded place in the Garden of Swords, isn't it?"

"Well, anyway, now that the exile is already dead, we can't verify the truth behind those words."

"It was a situation where a thorough investigation should have been initiated, but the immediate execution of the exile seemed quite suspicious."

Joshua's swift execution of the exile appeared to be an action to quickly cover up the incident.

"The same goes for the actions of the Black Sword Association Head. If he really didn't save the exile, it would have been better to keep him alive and somehow prove his innocence."

The guardian knights fell silent for a moment. They seemed to be in a state of confusion.

"...If the exile's words are true, then one can't help but think that the price paid for long dedication to the Family is truly cruel.

Even the Acting Matriarch has not said anything about it yet."

"There's no law saying that we won't end up like that someday."

"Yes, it's quite an uncomfortable year-end..."


The guardian knights suddenly heard the sound of a door opening from the ground.

The guardian knights startled and immediately assumed a defensive posture at the sound.

The Tona brothers emerged from the hidden door in the ground.

The guardian knights remained in a contemplative state.



The guardian knights saluted, and the Tona brothers let out an exasperated sigh.

"It seems you don't value your lives much, discussing such dangerous matters."

"Uh, uh. You haven't been here for even two years. Are you so eager to die?"

"We're sorry!"

The guardian knights lowered their heads.

There was a fact that not only they but also all the knights who had been resting in this backyard did not know until now.

This place was the most comfortable space within the garden for the Tona brothers as well.

The Tona brothers had built their own refuge here one day after being exhausted from Miu and Anne's harassment.

It was a simple underground place with a crude door attached...

But the Tona brothers were gathering more information than they had expected in this place.

Just like now, they could casually overhear the conversations of Family members who came to this backyard.

The Tona brothers pretended to brush off dirt from their bodies, and the guardian knights approached them cautiously and stayed close.

Contrary to their words, the guardian knights felt that the Tona brothers didn't regard them as harshly as they had initially thought.

"If it were all lies, why would he bother risking his life to come to the Garden of Swords? How unjust would he feel?"


The eyes of the guardian knights widened at Daytona's words.

"We believe the exile's last words are not lies."

"Yes, that's true." The Tona brothers had never participated in the hegemony war, except for a brief dispute with Jin during their cadet days.

It was a well-known fact among the guardian knights.

However, now the Tona brothers were openly speaking against the Second Flagbearer.

When the guardian knights hesitated to respond...

The brothers spoke again.

"The reason they're not conducting a proper investigation is because the elder brother and the Elder Council have their own interests."

"Also, they left the body to be eaten by dogs. And it really could have gone that way if it weren't for the younger one. Only the younger one was willing to go against our elder brother's wishes and retrieve the body."

"What do you think?"

Faced with Daytona's question, the guardian knights were at a loss.

It was natural since these guardian knights were newcomers who had not yet decided which side to align with.

"Well, we..."

"It doesn't matter; we've troubled you."

"No, it's not like that!"

"The younger brother said."

"The elder brother and the Elder Council should have kept him alive."

"Do you want to know why?"

The guardian knights could only reluctantly nod their heads.

"It's because there is another exile who has not yet come to the Garden of Swords."

"It would have been better if the elder brother and the Elder Council didn't kill the exile who came this time and somehow recruited him or brainwashed him. Then, when the surviving exile arrives, they could have used his words as a means to deny the accusations. Wasn't his name Luton Ferman? Back then, he was the leader of the First Division of the execution knights."

Throughout the conversation, the guardian knights felt like they were sitting on pins and needles...

But in the end, they felt genuinely curious during that part.

"Is that really true? One more person..."


Haytona covered his and the guardian knights' mouths with his index finger.

Then, he smiled satisfactorily.

"What we want to tell you is..."

"The younger brother understands the value of loyalty better than anyone. That's why we want to participate in the hegemony war seriously, along with the younger one."

"So you guys too..."

"It would be good to think it over carefully. If you want to receive proper rewards for your brilliant dedication in the future. That's it for today."

"Watch your mouths wherever you go!"

The guardian knights left the courtyard in shock.

"Do we stop here today, Haytona?"

"Let's. It seems everyone has a loose tongue, and rumors don't spread very well."

The Tona brothers intentionally waited for the guardian knights seeking the backyard.

They listened to the conversation from inside the cave and only contacted those who expressed doubts about the recent events.

"As the younger brother said. Rumors will take some time to spread since everyone has been well trained. Let's wait patiently. There will surely be results. Like everything the younger brother does."

"Once the rumors start to spread, Family members will have doubts. They will wonder why some of the Second Flagbearer and certain factions within the Elder Council are always looking for something."

Hidden Palace, the attention of those present focused when Jin spoke.

The icy bed where Talaris lay receiving a massage, along with Luton sitting by her side, Murakan and Siris on the opposite side: Everyone's gaze was fixed on Jin.

"If it is revealed that their actions were not to resolve internal conflicts within the Family but to conceal something once again, then both will truly suffer significant consequences."

Jin had no intention of using the exile's death just to create an uncomfortable atmosphere within the Family.

He wanted to shake the foundations and position of the Second Flagbearer and the Elder Council.

"Yes, the day Luton returns will probably be the day of the worst scandal in Runcandel's history."

-The Twelfth Flagbearer is right, but one person must survive. Captain, please witness the end of those people. And someday, when the Twelfth Flagbearer becomes the Patriarch and allows it, then please live on behalf of me and those who have died.

Luton gently caressed the sword left by the deceased exile, recalling his last words.

At that moment, Luton wanted to say he would rather die. However, he didn't dare utter those words. He knew better than anyone how painful it was to continue living with nothing but hatred.

Surviving was the most difficult and burdensome of all. Luton survived to take on more responsibilities.

"What should I do now?"

Luton asked.

"First, recover your body."

After the death of the exile, Jin and Luton used formal language when addressing each other.

Jin forgave Luton for attacking Tikan...

Believing that it was now right to treat him as an execution knight.

Luton had decided to become Jin's sword, so he thought it appropriate to use honorific language.

"Yes, you've weakened quite a bit. You're still hovering around the 9-star level, but you weren't supposed to be easily surpassed by me, right?"

After being severely injured by the Elder Council, Luton was in a significantly weakened state.

Although he was still at the 9-star level, he had originally been the leader of the First Division of the Execution Knights, making him one of the individuals closest to the Black Knights.

This also included the Black Knights of the previous generation, who were considered the "strongest in history," in other words, Cyron's Black Knights.

Luton could have easily become a Black Knight if not for the purge that had occurred.

"I also think I need to recover, but it seems there's no way."

"You should go to the Holy Queen (Holy King) for treatment."

"...The Holy Queen?"

"Unless you use Numerus's legacy, there will be limits even for her. However, is there anyone else who can provide better treatment than the Holy Queen? I'll write a letter for you."

"Even the patriarch couldn't easily make requests to the former Holy King, Miklan. You're truly remarkable."

"You should leave without exposing yourself to anyone."

"Of course, that won't be a problem."

"Well, you should improve to some extent with the Holy Queen's treatment. Once you regain your former strength, focus on taking care of my son-in-law, Luton."

"What will I do after the treatment?"

"You should become the master of my knights."

The younger division.

Jin planned to entrust their education to Luton.

"Train them mercilessly, just like the Execution Knights."

The younger division should become the focal point of the knights who would gather around Jin in the future.

For that, they must have corresponding skills.

The current younger division, aside from Bellop, Mesa, and Scott, had skills that barely reached the average level of the Guardian Knights, so it was necessary to make them grow quickly.

"There is a risk that they will lose their lives if I take that action. Moreover, those who have recently acquired the title of Guardian Knights generally do not show a willingness to undergo a new training period, as they are always eager to reap rewards."

Becoming a Guardian Knight required an exhausting process, and it was natural that those who achieved it sought rewards for a while.

"If there are those who strongly object, you can dismiss them without informing me. But I don't think anyone will refuse."

"Understood. Tomorrow, I will go to see the Holy Queen, so please have the newcomers sent to me immediately. It would be best to start right away."

"By the way, Jin..."

"Yes, Talaris-nim."

"When do you plan to visit the headquarters of the Black King's Mercenaries?"

"I think I'll go immediately tomorrow. It would be better to find a force to protect Tikan as soon as possible."


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