SYS (Novel) Chapter 439

C439 - Someday, when you have forgotten, like an unforeseen catastrophe (2)

A sharp and thunderous voice resonated in the dark sky as if it could tear it apart.

Raindrops falling scattered in all directions, unable to reach the exile due to the energy contained in the voice.

Rosa Runcandel, come out and listen to me...

All inhabitants of the Garden of Swords couldn't help but doubt their ears after hearing this.

Neither the execution knights nor the Black Knights could address Rosa in such a way.

Family members and Guardian Knights passing by his side—it was a scene they couldn't believe unless it was a dream.

'Was the strange and cloudy weather a sign that something like this was about to happen?'

Why did he stand like that in front of the main house?


The Guardian Knights who unsheathed their swords were confused by the spectacle.

Judging by his strong and heavy aura, he was undoubtedly an execution knight, but they had no idea why he was doing this.

Certainly, they weren't supposed to be his opponents.

They just had to hold on until other execution knights or the flagbearers waiting inside came out.

The exile easily dodged the swords of the Guardian Knights flying towards him.

He effortlessly stopped the attack of the Guardian Knights, who fell on the wet grass, and the exile shouted once more.

"You must have remembered my voice, Rosa Runcandel. Reveal yourself."

The flagbearers watched this scene from various places in the main house.

"Well... I thought my ears were playing tricks on me."

"I've never seen someone so crazy. What the hell is going on?"

Miu and Anne, who were in the library, almost dropped their tea cups.

The same happened with Ran and Vigo, who were sitting across from them.

"...Judging by his skills, he's indeed a true execution knight."

"Isn't that an old-style armor? Is he someone who was expelled from the Family a long time ago?"

Ran and Vigo spoke, and a vein popped in Miu's neck.

"Damn it! How the hell is Family discipline coming to this? The younger brother has always caused trouble, and now even the lower ones are making a ruckus. Isn't it too much, Oraboni?"

Dyfus and Mary also observed the exile from another room.

They were silent for a while and couldn't say anything.

"...Eh, what's going on? Oraboni, do you have any guess?"

"I don't. But somehow... it seems to be related to the younger one."

"The younger one? Looking at the armor, it seems like this person was already an execution knight before the younger one was born. How is that possible?"

"It's just a hunch."

"Well, he does resemble the style of the younger one. Turning the Family upside down like this. Hm... Let's go down for now. I need to find out what this former execution knight has to say before being killed. We also need to see if there really is a connection with the younger one."

The exile continued to push back the attacking Guardian Knights, assisted by other guards.

Although it was a moment showcasing the dignity of the 9-star knights known as the "One-Man Army," this was still the Garden of Swords.

He couldn't continue dealing alone with so many Guardian Knights, and high-ranking knights who had realized the emergency situation began to come out one by one.

Knights wearing gray armor similar to the exile's began to appear all over the courtyard.

They were the execution knights of the Family.

They showed no signs of panic, not even in the face of this unexpected and unprecedented situation.

They didn't care why the exile was doing this or which faction the execution knights belonged to.

Their only concern was to subdue him as soon as possible so that the Family leaders could make a decision calmly.


The roar of the exile made nearby Guardian Knights step back.

That was the exile's final struggle.

The swords of about ten execution knights extended among the Guardian Knights, and he no longer had any chance to resist.

At first, he managed to dodge some blades, but soon the swords of execution knights of equal or higher skill pierced through his armor.

Like a chaotic vortex, shining swords tore through the outdated gray armor of the exile.

They pierced his arm, stabbed his breastplate, wrinkled his shoulder pads, and shredded his gauntlets.

Blood and muddy water splattered in all directions, but the incessant rain prevented his blood from leaving a crimson trail.


A stream of blood spurted from the exile's helmet.

Finally, the execution knights were able to kneel the exile in the middle of the courtyard.

Thud, thud!

The execution knights used their swords to pierce the exile's thigh and immobilize him, and they stepped on his back to prevent him from lifting his head.

It looked like a young hunter capturing and exhibiting an old and fierce beast.

The exile didn't scream even when the sword pierced his thigh and knee, nor did he make a sound when his arms were about to break.

The reinforcing knights successfully subdued the exile.

Now, it was time for those making the decisions.

All flagbearers, except Luna, who had gone to the Black Sea, and Luntia, who was on a mission on the continent, headed to the courtyard.

The execution knights tried to remove the helmet from the exile so that Joshua could clearly see his face.

But Mary shouted at that moment.

"Stop! Show him the mercy of being able to remove the helmet himself."

Mary believed that, regardless of the reason that led the exile to commit acts of rebellion, preserving his honor by allowing him to take off his own helmet was the right thing to do.

The execution knights only followed Mary's order after Joshua nodded.

The exile took a long time to remove his helmet with broken and trembling arms.

Meanwhile, flagbearers and important figures of the Family arrived at the scene.

Jorden, who had just arrived, felt an intense pressure in his chest.

If the exile started muttering nonsense, there would undoubtedly be problems regarding his position.

However, he couldn't shout for them to kill the exile immediately.

Jorden suppressed his feelings of anxiety and silently observed the situation.

"State your name."

Joshua and the exile stared at each other.

Instead of revealing his name, the exile raised his voice again.

"Rosa Runcandel! You won't come out until the end. But you must be listening to my words."

"I asked for your name."

"I have no name to reveal to people like you, Second Flagbearer. We were crushed and trampled by Rosa without even having the chance to become your knights, so if you're curious about my name, ask your mother."

Joshua's eyes widened.

He had no idea that the former execution knights had been purged by Rosa because of him.

".... What are you talking about?"

"Jahaha, what am I talking about? Don't tell me you know nothing. I can't help but laugh."

"Explain it so I can understand."

"My comrades and I used to serve the patriarch and the First Flagbearer. But, to the Second Flagbearer, we couldn't serve. Rosa Runcandel deemed us unfit as your knights. She judged that you couldn't control us compared to the First Flagbearer."

Joshua always felt inferior when compared to Luna. However, he didn't seem very affected by these words.

"So, did that lead you to commit treason?"

"Treason? I'm just revealing the truth. The traitors are elsewhere. Isn't it strange, Second Flagbearer? The Black Panther herself purged us, and yet here I am, alive."

The exile turned his head with difficulty to find Jorden and the elder council members.

Jorden felt the urge to tear him apart when their gazes met, but he managed to restrain himself.

"Head of the Black Sword Association, Jorden Runcandel. He saved me and some of my comrades without your mother knowing."

At that statement, the knights turned their attention to Jorden.

Joshua was the only Flagbearer who looked at Jin, not Jorden.

'Bastard... this is your doing.'

'Your Runcandel is full of lies and betrayal, Joshua.'

The two thought as if they were speaking to each other, and Jorden finally unleashed his anger.

"How dare you spout such nonsense, filthy traitor! Did I save you? At the time, it was me who confirmed your corpses, following the orders of the Acting Matriarch."

"So, you created fake corpses to save us. Your acting skills are impressive, Head of the Black Sword Association."

"Moreover, you were punished for your treacherous acts, not because the Second Flagbearer was lacking. Did you suddenly develop a desire for honor as death approached and resorted to lies?"

"Lies? I came here with my own feet, seeking the Garden of Swords and my death. If it's not the truth, what could be another reason?"

Just as Jorden was about to respond with a desperate voice...

"As the Head of the Black Sword Association said, there's no proof that you're not a traitor."

Joshua spoke.

"And the Acting Matriarch did everything for the good of the Family. A few words from a dirty traitor can't tarnish the faith the Runcandels have. Your plan has failed."

It was also a message to Jin.

The black blade of the Kainer Sword emerged from its sheath with a soft sound.

"If you have any last words, speak them now. I will listen."


The exile began to say his last words, staring fixedly at Jin.

"When you least expect it, like an unforeseen disaster."

The exile weakly smiled through his torn mouth, and Jin chose to forget that the exile had once attempted to kill his comrades.

"A rooted soul will appear and reveal your dirty actions to the world."


'Thank you, Twelfth Flagbearer.'

The exile thought as the black blade of the Kainer Sword severed his neck.

The last remaining exile, Luton Ferman, will someday find redemption through the Twelfth Flagbearer and tread this land again.

The day when the spirits of the unjustly deceased execution knights return.


The head of the exile fell to the ground.

"Leave the corpse for the dogs to feast on."

Joshua said, and turning around, the spectators in the courtyard began to disperse.

Those who witnessed the exile's final moments were left with a lingering question:

Was he really a traitor?

In the midst of betrayal, doubt, and death, Jin stood firm until everyone left the courtyard.

Then, he took a flower from his pocket and placed it on the exile's chest.

He also picked up the broken sword that the exile had wielded.

It was to plant it someday in the Garden of Swords.


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