IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 106




After hearing what I said, Viscount Cainbert stared fixedly at Terence.

"His Royal Highness...?"

He soon let out a sneer of contempt.

"Ethel Wallace, have you lost your mind? It's not possible for His Royal Highness to be in this town!"

When the viscount began to laugh at the village for leaving, the viscount's son also laughed, and even the soldiers laughed at us.

"You won't believe it."

Terence's appearance still exuded charm, but it made no sense for the prince to be here dressed as a commoner.

But unfortunately for Viscount Cainbert, this absurd situation had become a reality.

At the next moment, the viscount took a deep breath with the sound of his unsheathed sword.

"... What, what are you doing?"

In an instant, Terence approached the horse that the viscount was riding and pointed his sword at his neck.

"It's, this guy!"

"How dare you?!"

The viscount's son and the soldiers, who noticed the incident belatedly, pointed their swords and spears at Terence.

"From insults to the royal family to attempts to assassinate the royal family."

Terence looked calmly around without lowering the sword pointed at the viscount.

"If everyone is massacred here, there will be nothing to say, right?"

It was a question full of laughter, but tension flourished on the faces of those surrounding him.

Perhaps it was because they felt an unusual energy from Terence.

At that moment.

"What if you stop?"

Roland, who was heading for the carriage, probably decided that if they waited longer, his plan would be interrupted.

"As someone who lives above, show generosity and forgive those beneath you, Your Highness."

"Well, then this person is really..."

Viscount Cainbert stammered and looked at Roland with pleading eyes.

"I see. This is the first time I see him in person, but according to my granddaughter, he is definitely the second prince."

The viscount, whose face immediately turned pale, quickly shouted at his son and subordinates.

"Can't you stop pointing your weapons at that precious person right now?"

Without the viscount having to do it, they had already thought about it and dropped their weapons to the ground.

"I apologize!"

"P-please spare my life!"

While the soldiers begged Terence for forgiveness, Roland shouted at the distracted viscount.

"What?! Won't you immediately arrest those who dared to aim weapons at His Highness?!"


"Do you really want to be punished for attempting to assassinate the royal family?"

After a while, the fifteen soldiers surrounding Terence were tied with ropes and surrounded by other soldiers.


Among them was the viscount's son, and the viscount reassured him with a wink as if telling him to wait a little longer.

"With this, all those who rebelled against His Highness have been suppressed. His Highness will punish them gradually according to the law."

Roland, with a malicious smile on his face, approached Terence.

"Viscount Cainbert has to continue with the territorial war, but it can be dangerous, so it would be better for you to retire with me."

"He insulted me."

"What an insult. The viscount just laughed heartily when he found out from my ex-daughter-in-law that His Highness the Prince was here."

Roland's wrinkled eyes narrowed.

"Or is it true that you intend to block the territorial war that His Majesty has allowed?"

He was truly a cunning bastard.

Terence, who was competing with Mikhail for the throne, had to be careful with every move.

Moreover, since Mikhail had been dethroned for tarnishing the emperor's authority, it was a dangerous act to intervene carelessly in matters approved by the emperor.


But Terence was also a formidable man.

"If that were the case, what would you do?"

When he showed no sign of hesitation, Roland's face hardened.

"Tell me. What would you do if I told you I would stop this territorial war?"


"He knows the power the royal family holds; it wouldn't be a difficult task to defeat them all if he wanted to."

"I know well. But I also know very well that His Highness the Prince is not the type of person who does that."


"For generations, members of the royal family have taken the lead in caring for the people and setting an example for them."

"It's very eloquent. Different from someone who was once called the devil of Cassius."

"Hehe, it's just a thing of the past."

The two men engaged in a fierce and fiery battle of nerves.

The viscount and others stood paralyzed, waiting for this uncomfortable moment to pass.

At that moment, Terence suddenly concealed his violent aura and smiled gently.

"It's a joke. There's no way I can stop the territorial war that received the approval of His Majesty without any justification."

While everyone was bewildered by the sudden change, Terence asked Viscount Cainbert.

"So, does the viscount really plan to continue with the territorial war?"

"Well, that's..."

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