IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 107




Roland looked at Viscount Cainbert.

"Without any reason..."

The commander knight approached Roland.

"Come to think of it, why are the former Duke Cassius and the princess here?"

"I just happened to pass by for my granddaughter's recovery on my way to a villa nearby."

The lie came very easily.

"I encountered Viscount Cainbert on the way, and he was waging territorial war with the family of my former granddaughter-in-law, so I thought I should mediate at least."

"Is that true?"

"Are you doubting me now?"

Viscount Cainbert shouted loudly.

"It's a lie! My Lord came to see me first and told me to carry out a territorial war, seize that mine, and then give it to him! If I did that, he not only promised me a large sum of money but also pledged his support!"

Roland looked at the viscount as if ignoring him and clicked his tongue.

"Commits a sin that can't be tolerated and, like a water demon, lures everyone in."

The old man spread his arms and declared his innocence.

"If you want to investigate, investigate as much as you can! Feel free to investigate me!"

Seeing how confident he was, it seemed Roland left no evidence.

"He's not stupid."

One of the reasons he brought Viscount Cainbert to the forefront was probably to cut off his tail.

"First, head to the capital with us. You will have to undergo an investigation at the imperial palace."

The commander of the knights said and led Roland to the carriage brought by the knights.

"No, you can't do that."

Liena called Roland, who was relatively obediently heading towards the carriage, and stopped him.


"It's okay, Liena. Go to the villa with my men first. I'll finish the investigation soon and then come there."

"But I'm worried about my grandpa. You're so old, how will you survive the investigation process?"

If someone saw him, they would think he was heading straight for torture.

No matter how much he was no longer the duke, Roland still had significant influence in Cassius and was a high-ranking noble.

"This is where I'm really concerned."

In the end, Roland would be released without any charges found, and there was a high possibility he would side with his granddaughter and interfere with me.

Just when I wondered if there was any solution, the Imperial Knights suddenly adopted an alert posture.


A group of people was running again towards this village, following the same path they had taken.

The people approaching on horseback, raising dust, were people I knew well.

"They are the Knights of Cassius."

The leader was Duke Edman Cassius.

When the duke reached the village entrance and stopped, the leader of the Imperial Knights remained alert and asked.

"Duke Cassius, what are you doing here? Did you really come to pick up your family?"

"I don't care what happens to my father."

But Edman's response was completely different.

"I just came to pick up my daughter, so if there's no problem, I'll take her."

"Really? Ah... The only person Viscount Cainbert has pointed out as the instigator is the former duke, so it's fine for the princess to leave."

"That irrational bastard!"

Roland growled as if he were about to jump and kick his son at any moment, but the members of the Imperial Knights quickly stopped him.

"I won't leave!"

Liena shouted at her father.

"Follow me in silence. You are on probation for the time being."

"No, I don't want to! I'm going to my grandpa's villa!"

Leheim, who was beside the duke, dismounted from his horse and grabbed his sister by the shoulder.

"Liena, don't go on with this and go back home."

"I don't want to! Trying to force me to go when I don't want to is violence too!"

"I'll ask you again. Please, let's go."

"Hey, brat! Didn't you hear Liena? Remove that hand right now!"

"Grandpa, please stay still."

Liena endured for a while, but since Roland couldn't do anything, there was no one here to actively save her.

Liena reluctantly took a step back.

"Fine. I'll follow my father. But please appoint Maxim as my escort among the knights. I feel safer having him by my side."

Maxim was a member of the Knights of Cassius, who adored Liena.

At the same time, he was also a person who had nothing to do with me but left a very negative impression.

"Thanks to him, the trial almost got ruined."

The head butler told me before that Maxim was the Cassius knight who caught him and didn't let go during my divorce trial.

The disaster was averted because Terence had safely rescued the head butler, but it was a huge crisis that almost caused a key witness not to be able to attend the trial.

"If he gives such a job to Maxim, he might release Liena."

It was a quite convincing assumption. Maxim served Liena in place of Duke Cassius.

But Duke Cassius shook his head.

"That's impossible."

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