SYS (Novel) Chapter 433

C433 - Raiders, Brothers (1)

The large pot simmered slowly...

And steam rose from its contents, which included octopus, mussels, abalones, scallops, clams, crab, creating a delicious aroma.

Seafood Soup.

It was a dish that Euria, the daughter of Kashimir and Alisa, had loved since she was two years old.

Now, she is nine.

She couldn't go to school due to some circumstances, but she spent her days without feeling lonely or bored, along with Enya's younger brother, Pinte (and the old dog Puffy), and Jet's son, Kou.

And the day Euria especially enjoyed was when everyone, kids and adults, gathered to cook and eat Seafood Soup in this manner.

"Seafood Soup, Seafood Soup!"

Thanks to Euria's enthusiastic chants, all the kids sang along to this strange and delightful song.

It was such an endearing sight that even Veris, whom the kids usually considered a witch, couldn't help but chuckle.

Especially Kashimir and Alisa felt deep and intense emotions seeing Euria like this.

'If it weren't for Jin-nim, Euria...'

'It's a blessing to witness our daughter in these moments.'

The couple couldn't help but get emotional as they served Seafood Soup to the children.

"Eat a lot, kids. Make sure to chew well."


The adults raised their glasses in a toast as they watched the children enjoy their meal.

It was a moment of harmony.

"Not only were we able to save Euria, but if it weren't for Jin-nim, we wouldn't have moments like this," Kashimir said.

"You're right, Kashimir-nim. Thanks to Lord, people who would never have met are now gathered like a family. It's so sweet and comforting. It's been a while since I've tasted such fine wine. It's a shame that Lord isn't here..."

It was the first time Tikan's companions had such peaceful moments after the terror in the Emperor Sword Castle.

Along with the tasks they had left pending during their stay at the Emperor Sword Castle, there was a mountain of information to gather.

"Today, without Uncle Jin, no. Without oppa, it feels a bit empty," said Euria.

Everyone agreed with Euria.

"Aunt Strawberry Pie too."

"Butterfly too."

"Yes, we're also disappointed. Is it delicious?"

"Yes, yes."

"Jin-nim said he's overseeing the Guardian Knight promotion exam, right?"

"That's right, Miss Enya. Indeed, you're aware of Jin-nim's schedule. It seems he intends to supervise the promotion of the Guardian Knights so that it doesn't go according to the Elder Council's wishes. Even Murakan-nim mentioned that he would support Jin-nim and attend as an observer."

Although they couldn't see the scene directly, they could easily imagine Murakan causing a commotion.

After all, he was the guardian of the clan and a powerful Black Dragon, so it wasn't hard to imagine him shouting and making a scene.

"I think Murakan-nim might be the only one able to stand up to the guardian knights of Runcandel."

"I think he'll do the same with the Elder Council in the near future."

Everyone chuckled and savored their food with a somewhat disappointed look.

They felt let down thinking that only Jin, Murakan, and Gilly couldn't experience this intimate and warm moment.

"Next time, we should invite the Phantom Legion Leader to eat together with Jin-nim."

"At first, he behaved like a real madman, but I heard that once again, he risked his life to protect Lord. He's not lacking as my successor."

"I think Jet, if you ever say something like that elsewhere, you might really disappear without a trace. I tolerated it because you're cute, but Lata Proch doesn't have that kind of personality."

"Probably, at least some of your fingers would have disappeared if you had him in front of you. Do you think the leader of the Phantom Legion is a coward?"

In response to Kuzan and Veris, Jet replied indifferently, as if unimpressed:

"I'm just trying to act tough sometimes. What's wrong with you guys? Now that I think about it, you two are also my successors."

For his part, Yulian, who was beside them, silently nodded in agreement. His Guardian Dragon, Caltor, still couldn't wake up even though Quikantel gave him elixir every day.

However, since Jin brought the inner core of Ozdock, he had shown a very favorable attitude toward all his comrades.

Alisa brought a new bottle of alcohol amidst this conversation and looked at her comrades.

"We'll be busy again for a while after today. Everyone knows that Jin-nim is quite worried about Tikan these days, right?"

Indeed, Tikan has been one of Jin's major concerns lately.

Since the declaration of patriarchy, internal conflicts had intensified, and there had recently been tensions with the emperor. Additionally, Zipple and Kinzelo had shown constant suspicious movements.

Now everyone knew that Tikan was Jin's force, so it was not an exaggeration to say that it was a situation where an attack could come at any moment.

"It's fortunate that Runcandel can't attack us directly thanks to Jin-nim. He said the Phantom Legion Mercenaries will soon send support troops, but we can't rely only on the Lord. We have to prepare ourselves too."

Of course, those stationed with Tikan had considerable power, surpassing the forces of most small countries.

However, the issue was that their individual forces were excellent only in comparison to small countries, and their limited number of troops was a significant problem.

"Jin-nim's preparations for war and disaster response, which he has been working on since his days as a provisional flagbearer, are slowly being completed."

"That alone isn't enough, dear. Besides, that system is specialized for escape, not for defense or counterattack. Hm, maybe I should find and train some of my juniors who were abandoned by the imperial family."

"The abandoneds from the special forces are too dangerous."

"I know, it's just something I said out of frustration. I'd rather hire the mercenary Amela, even if it's just for that."

Amela, the great mercenary from the Gaifa islands, was a figure rivaling the leader of the Black King's Mercenaries and was among the top three mercenaries in the world.

"Even if it's not Amela, we should consider the Black King's Mercenaries. We should meet with their leader before the Lord arrives."

Said Kashimir, and someone approached them with lively steps.

"Dessert! We have special Latrie cookies! They're fresh, crunchy, and delicious, too deadly for kids to eat!"

It was Latrie.

His appearance instantly captivated the attention of the children, leaving them spellbound, and even the adults couldn't resist his appetite.

"Give me one!"

"Me too!"

Latrie smiled satisfactorily as the children rushed towards her.

However, a moment later, while Latrie distributed cookies, she suddenly glanced towards Euria.

Unlike the children, Euria didn't hurry to grab a cookie and was staring into empty space with vacant eyes.


Latrie's urgent voice made everyone immediately realize what was happening.

Euria was in a state where the power of Az Mil was manifesting.

Although it had significantly improved compared to when she was very young...

Euria still couldn't fully control the power of Az Mil.

It was a side effect of glimpsing too much of the future during her childhood.

Latrie quickly tried to "resonate" with her, but it wasn't as easy as when Euria was very young.

"Latrie, Euria is fine!"

"I think I need to transform into my original form to get in..."

"No, I'm fine, Latrie."

It was Euria's voice.

She continued to look into the future within her mind, but unlike before, she seemed to be aware of the boundaries between what she was "seeing" and the present.

"Can you hear my voice, Euria?"

"Yes, I can hear you."

"Does it hurt?"

"I don't think so, not yet."

Latrie and her companions exchanged glances.

Finally, Latrie sat in front of Euria and closed her eyes.

The resonance still wasn't happening.

Instead, Latrie decided to calmly ask Euria what she was seeing.

"Euria, tell me what you see."


Euria responded in a dreamy, sleepy voice.

"In what part of Tikan? In our mansion, in the soda shop, or on the streets?"

"Everywhere. I can see everything... as if looking from afar."

"Is there something you're riding? Like Murakan-nim or perhaps me?"

"Neither of you."

"Then, what does it look like?"

There was a moment of silence.

It was the result of intense concentration to discern the exact context that Az Mil's power was showing.

"A boat... a small boat. And..."


Out of nowhere, Euria let out a scream and opened her eyes.

Latrie and the others immediately embraced Euria, who was trembling as if she had witnessed something extremely terrifying.


Euria whispered with a trembling voice.

"Tikan will be attacked."


"Right now..."


Before Euria could finish speaking, a terrifying explosion was heard from outside the mansion.

It felt like a small earthquake accompanied by vibrations.

Something powerful was hitting the outer walls of the Free City.

"Are those cannon shots? Mana bombs?"

Jet reflexively shouted as he looked out the window, but Quikantel and the Warriors already knew it was something else.

What was attacking the Free City was the sword energy of the Warriors, and not just any sword energy - it was from individuals with at least 9-star power level, and there were many of them.

"Take the children to a safe place, and everyone, prepare for combat. These are not ordinary individuals. Immediately contact Jin and the Phantom Mercenaries."

Quikantel shouted, and the explosions and vibrations continued to reverberate.


In the central training ground of the Garden of Swords, a solemn atmosphere prevailed as the guardian knights underwent their promotion examination.

Jin and Murakan were sitting on the opposite side, observing and evaluating not only the guardian knights but also the elders assessing them.

"If it weren't for the elders, I would have promoted only those who fit perfectly with my taste. Having too many geniuses in the Family is a problem. We wouldn't lack knights even if we did things my way, tsk," said Murakan.

"Those who couldn't be promoted despite their outstanding skills were being rotated among the Flagbearers anyway. Hm, that guy doesn't seem bad," replied Jin.

Jin and Murakan were scrutinizing the gems among gems when someone hurriedly entered the training ground.


The door opened, and it was none other than the butler Petro.

Petro tried to maintain a serene expression not to reveal anything to potential enemies, but Jin saw through his anxiety and apprehension.

"Young Master, we've received an urgent distress signal from Tikan," Petro whispered as he approached.

Jin had to make an effort not to show his concern.

Jin calmly inquired about the situation:

"What is the exact content of the signal?"

'There's a report of an invasion by 9-star or higher Warriors. There have been no additional signals.'

If there were no additional signals until they reached the transfer gate, it would mean an extremely serious situation.

"Have you contacted the Guardian?"

Of course.

'We depart immediately. Also, were any of my affiliated forces near Tikan?'

Fortunately, there were, otherwise, it could mean a disaster, Petro replied.

'Young Masters Daytona and Haytona have been wandering near Tikan for several days to see you.'


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