SYS (Novel) Chapter 434

C434 - Raiders, Brothers (2)

The Tona brothers were fishing on a small uninhabited island near Tikan.

They carried hidden weapons in a wooden boat and disguised themselves with straw hats that made them look like ordinary fishermen.

"When will we be able to meet the younger brother?"

Haytona asked.

As soon as Haytona spoke, a fish bit the hook.


As the fishing rod trembled, Daytona quickly reeled it in.

Daytona thought it was a great catch after seeing the large arc drawn by the seawater in the air and the tension of the fishing line, but what he caught was a small fish.

The Tona brothers lost their appetite at the sight of the tiny fish.

"It seems like the younger one has become a very big person; it has become difficult for people like us to casually encounter him."

Daytona carefully removed the hook and gently released the fish back into the sea.

Naturally, that small fish could not become the protagonist of this vast ocean.

It was nothing more than a tiny creature among all the predators of the sea, including whales and sharks.

However fiercely it fought, it would find it difficult to become the sovereign of the sea.

In a way, the Tona brothers seemed to see themselves in the small fish swimming away.

Lately, the two of them had been feeling a deep sense of crisis.

They received even less attention within the Family, and they had not received expectations from Cyron and Rosa either.

The younger one at least showed some interest in them, so they wanted to get a little closer to him.

Their nanny Emma told them to use Jin's strength to secure a place within the Family or seek help for their survival.

But they just wanted to talk to him without any particular reason.

In other words, it was an unconscious desire to seek encouragement and comfort from the object of their admiration.

However, the Tona brothers did not know what that feeling was.

No one had ever told them that sometimes humans can naturally feel those emotions when they are tired and going through a hard time.

Because they were born and raised in Runcandel.

"That's true. He's not someone we can meet without a special reason. But the problem will arise after we meet him. What will we say when he asks why we've come? It would be pathetic to say we came because we missed him, right?"

"That's true."

"Ah, if we hadn't been so ignorant when we were young, maybe the younger one would have thought a bit more about us."

"Back then, we were truly fearless."

Their gazes turned toward the city of Tikan, beyond the fishing rod.

Tikan rose tall above the blue sea.

The island towering high like a tower is the brilliant achievement of the younger brother.

They thought it would be more meaningful to be a part of that island than of Runcandel.

After all, it seemed unlikely that they could gain much value from the Garden of Swords.

"...Let's go back. We'll only disappoint him more if we meet him like this. He's a busy guy, so we can't bother him just because we want to meet him."

"Yeah. It's better to catch and kill Zipple's fanatics or inspect the assigned territory."


An incident occurred as the brothers sighed deeply while packing up their fishing rods.

"What, what!"


The Tona brothers jumped up and looked at a small boat.

That boat was doing something different from several other fishing boats in the waters near Tikan.

The boat was filled with Warriors, not fishermen.

There were twenty of them standing on the deck.

The boat was very close to Tikan, and the Warriors did not hesitate to unsheath their swords and began firing sword energy towards the free city.


The outer wall, reinforced by magic, was suddenly sliced through by the sword energy, spilling like tofu.

"Who the hell are they?"

They couldn't quickly identify their affiliation.

However, as the terrorist attack began, the brothers had an immediate certainty that they were facing a group of highly talented individuals.

At least 7 to 9 stars, possibly even more.

Who sent such skilled individuals?

Are they mercenaries?

There weren't many large groups of mercenaries like this.

Is it Zipple?

Or the Imperial family?

Regardless of who sent them, can we win if we fight against them?

No, we can't.

Strictly speaking, we have no reason to fight them.

We might get involved in something unnecessary.

After all, aren't Jin's companions in Tikan?

Various thoughts crossed the minds of the Tona brothers in an instant.

Naturally, the rational choice would be to stay still or retreat, but the Tona brothers shouted in unison:

"Let's go!"

The fact that they could come just to see the younger one meant they could also fight for him.

They didn't care about gains or losses.

They used sword wind to propel their boat.

The distance was short, so the Tona brothers quickly reached the outer wall of Tikan.

They couldn't win in a fight, and they had already come to that conclusion before arriving, but the Tona brothers started laughing as they approached the battlefield.

People in the world didn't give them the nickname "Sons of Hell" for nothing.

"Stop, you bastards, no. Die!"

Daytona shouted.

His eyes flickered as he swung his great sword.

The sword aimed at the assassins trying to enter Tikan.


The energy released from his sword cut through the air with a powerful roar.

At the same time, Haytona also extended his chain sword.

The Tona brothers were currently at 7 stars, but the blessed body of Runcandel enhanced their sword energy, making it no less powerful than the swords of those who had achieved even higher enlightenment.

Five of the assassins managed to deflect the sword energy.

The remaining fifteen had already entered Tikan and engaged in combat with Jin's comrades inside.


Daytona and Haytona continued to unleash sword energy.

Four of the five assassins hesitated for a moment due to their momentum.

Blocking such powerful sword techniques on the unstable ship required incredible skill.

However, the four assassins didn't need to block the sword energy from the Tona brothers.

The fifth person blocked it perfectly.

It was the captain of the five assassins remaining outside the island.

The assassins carried ordinary longswords, perhaps to conceal their affiliations.

"This wasn't in the information."

"What should we do?"

The captain and the assassins spoke.

They looked at the bold Tona brothers but only showed a dull reaction.

As if insignificant figures like them posed no threat.

As if they could decide when to spare or kill the Tona brothers.

That was driving the Tona brothers crazy.

"What should you do? Did you just discuss what to do with the two of us?"

"Hahaha, I'm going crazy. To think you're so relaxed with two Flagbearers from Runcandel in front of you. And the place you attacked is the base of the Twelfth Flagbearer."

The Tona brothers fired sword energy once again, but this time the captain dispersed it effortlessly.

"Daytona Runcandel and Haytona Runcandel. I heard you're stupid, but I didn't know it was this severe."

The captain shook his head.


"Didn't you feel it from the beginning? You won't stand a chance against me even if you die and come back to life."

The Tona brothers couldn't deny it.

"Oh, I understand. But why?"

"It seems like you don't value your lives much. Even if you rush at me and die here, do you think the Twelfth Flagbearer will appreciate it afterward?"

"Puh-huh, are you saying you're showing us mercy, and we should retreat quietly?"

"That's right."

"Unfortunately, someone reminded us recently that facing stronger opponents is a virtue of Runcandel. We can't afford to back down now."

The Tona brothers jumped simultaneously, and the piece of the boat split due to their force.

They landed on the boat where the assassins were, and the eyes of the Tona brothers gleamed with killing intent.

"I won't stop you if you insist on wasting the chance to survive."

"It's been a while since we clashed swords with those not intimidated by the name Runcandel."

"Get in, heh! No, I'm going in!"

Haytona and Daytona charged, but the captain waved his single sword and pushed the brothers back.

"I'll stay outside. I'll finish this as quickly as possible and join you inside, so you should go meet the others."

The assassins dispersed.

The Tona brothers didn't try to prevent the assassins from entering Tikan.

To be precise, they couldn't.

They had no chance of victory with only the captain remaining on the boat.

He overwhelmed us by just standing there...

It's clear that these assassins have been hired by the Second Flagbearer or the Elder Council.

Where the hell did they come from?

There are some more assassins of their level inside Tikan.

We need to reduce their number even if it's by one if we can, but that seems difficult given the captain's skill...

The outcome the Tona brothers were expecting was clear:


'The younger brother must have received news of the attack on Tikan by now. We just have to endure until then. He won't be long in coming.'

Of course, there was a possibility that Jin's comrades inside Tikan would defeat the assassins and come to support them.

However, that possibility wasn't very high.

There were too many high-level assassins heading inside, and other assassins might infiltrate through different routes.

Therefore, it was natural.

A thunderous noise echoed as the swords of the Tona brothers clashed with the captain's sword.

The Tona brothers gritted their teeth with each blow they received, while the captain seemed calm, as if playing with a toy.

"Maybe you're hoping for the Twelfth Flagbearer or other factions to come to your aid."

The captain spoke as he pointed to the sky amidst the fierce battle.

The number of clouds in the sky was strangely abundant.

"You should know that the transfer gate can't be used when it's snowing or raining."

When the captain finished speaking, lightning fell from the sky, and heavy rain began to pour.

"How... could this be? Did you control the weather?" Haytona asked, gritting his teeth, and the captain shrugged.

"One could say it's observation, prediction, and experience. This storm will last at least two more days. After that time, you and Tikan will cease to exist in this world..."


A sudden scream was heard amid the sounds of the torrential rain and howling wind, the desperate voice of the Tona brothers.

It was the cry of the spirit beast, Snow Toad, Mort.


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