IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 192



Instead of responding to Isidor's lament, I looked around and involuntarily let out a short exclamation.

"Is that plush similar?"

I thought involuntarily when I saw the plush hanging as a product at the stall. The yellow fox plush with narrowed eyes looks very similar.

"With whom?"

With Sir Isidor. He bewitches one like a fox.

"I'll bring that fox."

To win prizes, you had to throw a ball and knock down the target.

"Oh my god!"

"It's the first time I've seen someone knock down all the targets there!"

When Isidor showed great control and dropped all his targets, the people around him exclaimed. Of course, the face of the vendor was wrinkled as if he had chewed on something unpleasant.

"Did you see that? It's the fiancé of the princess showing off his skills."

Isidor, who had been throwing the ball as he pleased, asked proudly, holding a bunch of plush toys.

"Well, again. It's not a matter of a day or two."

"Haha, sometimes you have to show some humanity."

"Still, there's a very cute fox."

I said, holding the desired fox doll that I coveted for some reason.

"I wanted this."

He pulled out a doll from the package.

"It's a white snake. I think it's quite adorable."

"It's like Seymour's people."


"By the way, don't you think my father opened up a lot to me?"

"..... Father?"

"We spent New Year's together and even shared crepes, so now we're family. Isn't that right?"

Looking at Isidor, who was subtly affectionate, I clicked my tongue. Isidor is probably the only man in the Empire who has the ability to handle the house snakes.

I don't know what the hell he did, but it seems he already won over Rosad.



"Shall we go down the left alley or the right one?"

"Let's flip a coin. If it's heads, to the right. If it's tails, to the left."

As I entered the night market, there were forks in the road due to randomly erected dilapidated buildings.

"Again to the right."

"Four times in a row. It's said to be lucky if heads appear frequently, so it seems only good things will keep happening."

"Isn't that a coin with only heads?"

"Didn't we promise not to deceive each other anymore?"

He said, showing an ordinary coin with two heads.

As I walked, listening to Isidor's insistent request to let him know if I felt unwell, at some point, an alley with a unique atmosphere appeared before my eyes.

It was relatively quiet compared to the crowds at the entrance of the night market, and from the stalls full of exotic products, a mixture of foreign languages, not imperial languages, could be heard.

"Isidor, if my eyes don't deceive me, does that look like monster skin, not animal skin?"

"There are hardly any items inside the Jungmun Night Market. Every night, a ferry smuggling contraband enters and exits the stream nearby. If you don't like it, can we leave with teleportation magic?"

"It seems a bit risky, but I think it'll be fun."

While hesitating about what to do, a commotion broke out in the alley across the street.

"Oh, what's happening there?"

"If you're curious, let's go together. Don't leave me first like before."

After grabbing his large hands and intertwining our fingers tightly, I walked toward the gathering crowd, and I couldn't help but frown at the sight in front of me.


"Dirty, smelly gypsies!"

"Go away! Because of you, I can't do business because I have bad luck."

Men were throwing stones at a ragged-looking old woman who looked like a gypsy, and the people around were just talking without thinking about stopping them. In the alley behind the old woman, gypsies who set up stalls to sell crafts were huddled, trembling in fear at the bullies' behavior.

"There are many other stalls, but the gypsies look particularly vulnerable, so they're arguing."

"Stop it."

When Isidor, who had a large physique, came out, most of them shuddered and stepped back, but the one who seemed to be the leader remained unfazed and looked up fiercely.

"Get out of the way. Gypsies are filthy things that wander around and carry curses."

"I'm a gypsy too."

Isidor, lying without flinching, picked up a stone that had fallen to the ground and threw it with a whistle.


The stone thrown by Isidor hit the leader's hand.

"Now, who will get out of the way?"

He picked up the club that the leader had dropped and asked politely, breaking it as if it were a wooden stick.

"... Hiiik!"

The men were frightened by the ridiculous show of strength and fled.

"Are you okay?"

Isidor, who turned his gaze back to the old woman, suddenly frowned with a perplexed expression.

"Why is he suddenly like that?"

Seeing Isidor's reaction, I felt perplexed.

"Old woman.

It was because her complexion suddenly changed, and she made serious eye contact with the old woman.


Wait, could you grant me some of your time?


"This old woman... Do I think she's the right person?

... A Gypsy fortune-teller rumored to be very accurate.

In the past, Isidor had heard a story about a fortune-teller from an informant. A true fortune-teller, but she doesn't set up shop as if she has no intention of making money.

Master, especially in terms of compatibility, love luck, and marriage luck, she's the best. The wife of Marquis Yeger, who recently gave birth to a late child, also received a prediction from this fortune-teller! So, it's a success...!


And Lady Sophia went to a party on the day this fortune-teller gave her fortune and met her marriage partner....

Isidor, who at that moment was having trouble making colored diamonds, was immediately annoyed by the ineffective information.

I won't listen to you anymore. Do you think I'm free enough to go see a fortune-teller?

Master! Still, if we find the location of this fortune-teller, couldn't we sell the information to nobles or rich merchants at a high price?

Do you think I'm paying you a high salary to earn such a small amount of money? Gather more alchemical materials related to the transformation of solid colors instead of looking for Gypsies to help you in love luck.

Lo-lo siento.

He was like that at that moment.

He was immature.

Compatibility, love, marriage.... How important is that?

The research data presented by the informant at that time also included an external description of the fortune-teller. She is a grandmother of about 70 years, the color of her left and right eyes is subtly different, and her ring finger is exceptionally long.

When their gazes met, the eyes of the old woman opened like plates, and Isidor immediately remembered her true identity.

Could you give me a minute?

The old woman, who was wide-eyed at Isidor's question, suddenly stood up and made a deep bow.

Thank you, but you don't have to do that...

Deborah, with her Confucian ideology, felt uncomfortable and dissuaded the old woman.

This little person recently drew a divination that said she would meet a noble among the nobles, and at that moment, a golden halo shone over you two.

Dorado? It's really magical.

Isidor was again convinced that the old woman was the rumored fortune-teller.

It's an honor to meet you, noble people.

I understand that you're quite an expert.

Ah... you already know.

Actually, it's just a coincidence.

Isidor cleared his throat once and then continued.

Mmm! I heard that you are especially good at marriage and compatibility.

Yes, yes. That's where divination works best.

I wonder if....

Oh, it's fine. Just by seeing the noble wrapped in gold, this little person no longer feels pitiful.

Said the fortune-teller, taking out an old tarot deck. I could feel the dignity of a card expert.

If the light is with you wherever you walk, what are you curious about?

The wedding date. I wonder when would be the best time and....

Isidor hesitated for a moment, then continued.

I would also like to know about the compatibility side.

Is she really an expert?

Deborah whispered softly, and Isidor nodded slightly, and soon his serious eyes turned towards the cards of the fortune-teller.


I'm not the type to believe in fortune-telling or superstition, but it feels good to hear only pleasant things.

That's right.

Tarot reading is half fun, but it's better than hearing bad things about it. As for what the accredited fortune-teller of Isidor said....

You two are very compatible. If this Lovers card and this Sun card appear together in the right direction, it means that body compatibility is the best.



Personalities fit well, and the conversation goes well, so even if there is a difference of opinion, it won't turn into a major discord.

Well, we never fought during our partnership.

Moreover, if you two are together, your wealth will increase three or four times. You have good chemistry, and when you marry, you will live happily.

When is a good day for the ceremony?

My divination says that it doesn't matter when or where you get married, you will have a good life. It's better to get married when the flowers are in full bloom. Even luck for children is good and everything....


It turns out that the woman's family is exceptional. Relatives are not normal.

At that moment, I felt chills.

Still... Fortunately, the man's personality is as damp and profound as a tunnel, so he goes well with snakes.

There was something to take with a grain of salt, but as she said so many nice things, I have to filter my ears.

Well, it's just a simple fortune-telling, but let's not think too much about it.

It was satisfying to finish the last date of the vacation with the blessing of a famous fortune-teller.

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