IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 193



"It was really fun."

I smiled at the yellow fox doll on the desk and began to open the letters that I had postponed answering during the holidays. Most of them were invitations to social gatherings or tea parties. Some came from the temple.

"Holy moly."

Looking at the seal and signature, it was a handwritten letter from the Pope. There was a written message requesting a visit to the Heleia Domain, where the Grand Temple is located.

"Huh. Don't you have anything special at the temple? Where do you want to go?"


Not only the Pope's letter, but all the other letters were rejected. However, I couldn't bring myself to write a refusal to this bright blue letter.

"I am loyal."

In the midst of postponing social activities because it was a burden, when I read the letter from the fifth princess, I suddenly thought that I couldn't postpone it any longer.

"While living as a member of the privileged class in Azutea, I have to keep fighting with the nobles."

If social gatherings are going to resume, the most tempting thing is to start with a gathering organized by the fifth princess.

A close friend who gave me full trust even before my divine power awakened, and who came to me without hesitation even in battle, so how could I refuse?

I took a pen and began to write a response to the fifth princess.

Parallel Story No. 2. Deborah's Friends(?)

After the battle with the Great Devil, Princess Deborah became the most popular person in the empire in name and reality. To the extent that there were even nobles holding princess-themed meetings, the heat towards her never seemed to cool down.

"Is there any news about Princess Deborah lately? I already heard the news that she is engaged to Duke Visconti, so let's move on."

"There's nothing."

The news of Deborah and Isidor's engagement was noisy for a short time that day. Honestly, it was something that anyone with eyes and ears would have expected. Rather, there were even people asking if they hadn't gotten engaged yet.

Rather, the fact that Princess Deborah was the embodiment of a Saint was still surprising and stupefying. I understand it in my head, but should I say it approaches cognitive dissonance?

"I want to see her at least once."

"I know, right. When I think of that time, my heart still overflows. That pious and holy power that drove away the evil demons... The word divinity was not wasted at all."

"I was fighting against monsters and saved my life thanks to it. She's a savior."

"Since you've done something so heroic, you should be able to walk through the social world and be admired by everyone...."

But instead of enjoying explosive popularity, Princess Deborah stopped social activities and chose to stay quietly at home.

"The arrogant and arrogant attitude of the princess must have been an act to deceive the evil dark mages!"

"As expected of the Saint."

While praising her modesty, everyone was in a state of regret when the news came that the former princess had accepted an invitation to a social gathering for the first time. It was the tea party organized by the fifth princess.

"As expected, the person closest to Princess Deborah was the fifth princess."

"I wondered why the two are so close, but it seems that birds of a feather flock together, and outstanding people instinctively recognize each other."

The fifth princess, who helped eliminate demons with powerful magical flames, was also very popular in the empire. The reason why the honor of the imperial family, which had been tarnished by the fourth Queen, did not sink to the bottom of the ground was because the crown prince and the fifth princess risked their lives to participate in the battle to restore the imperial family.

"What other great person will the Fifth Princess invite to this tea party?"

"Maybe I'll have the honor of attending that tea party?"

"This is the meeting I most want to be invited to in the new year."


"Where would be a good place for a tea party? I want to show the princess the showcase where my collection of magical tools is displayed."

"Princess, with all due respect, how about an ordinary place other than the exhibition hall?"

"Mmm. There are so many useless guest rooms that I can't decide on my own."

Meanwhile, the fifth princess was very excited about the fact that Princess Deborah would come to play at the imperial palace. Although she had gone through Seymour for a visit, it was the first time the princess had come to play at the palace where she was staying.

She was so excited that a week before the tea party, she and the maids of the imperial palace began to prepare to loudly welcome the guests.

"... what clothes to wear. How about this amethyst-studded purple dress? It's an expression of my affection for the princess."

"Affection? Must have confused it with friendship, right?"

The ladies-in-waiting thought to themselves.

"Do I look good?"

"The princess looks good no matter what she wears."

Every time the fifth princess, tall and cool-looking, changed her clothes, the maids made a fuss, saying how fabulous she looked.

"Princess, what kind of tea shall we prepare?"

"Prepare the tea leaves brought from the Principality of Miro last month and a dessert to accompany."

She didn't hesitate to steal the tea leaves, so precious that the emperor made a safe and managed them separately, and called in experts from the imperial family, ordering them to make a 7-layer cake.

Meanwhile, the news that the fifth princess was preparing for the tea party with all her heart and soul was like a sweet rain for the high-society ladies of the capital.

Meanwhile, most high-ranking nobles and imperial officials have been very busy with the aftermath of the Great Devil incident, and the social world led by high-ranking nobles was also stagnant.

But what a tea party for the saint and the fifth princess!

Who will be invited to the tea party attended by the most popular people in the empire?

The young women who were friends with the fifth princess were full of anticipation.

"I can boast in front of others for the rest of my life!"

"An opportunity to make friends with the best people!"

However, no matter how long they waited, the invitation never arrived.


"Vivian, the tea party you're preparing these days. Haven't you decided who to invite yet? It's not like you haven't decided on purpose, is it?"

Upon hearing the news of his sister's grand tea party, the prince asked casually, and the fifth princess clicked her tongue.

"I tried to meet her alone, just the two of us. When did the rumors start?"

All alone? The prince's pupils trembled mercilessly.

"Hey, little sister. I don't want to be beaten by Isidor. He's my best friend before being my political supporter."

"I'll have a cup of tea at most, but why go so far? Do you think I'll run with my gloves and fight Duke Visconti?"

"Now, wait. For three days and three nights, you've been pestering me about a major review of the imperial marriage law.... Don't you remember?"

The prince looked at his younger sister with anxious eyes, as if he were looking at explosives that could explode at any moment.

"Mmm! I'll fix it as it is, and the princess.... She's already engaged."

"Mmm? I thought you wouldn't admit it."

The prince thought it was a bit surprising. This is because his younger sister always saw the end when she got hooked on something.

"Although I don't have backing, I know how to hold the line in front of me."

The fifth princess replied calmly.

It would have been hard to accept if Princess Deborah's fiancé hadn't been Isidor. Deborah was one of the brightest people he had ever met.

As a man willing to dress in pink for his partner, he surrendered with a big heart.

"In reality, there was no time to intervene."

Feeling bittersweet, the princess said in a low voice.

".... Still, I am Princess Deborah's best friend."

After the unfortunate event of summoning a demon. Thanks to the resumption of the princess's social activities at a party she was organizing, she was officially recognized by aristocratic society. The two are best friends.

"By the way, who else is she friends with besides you... kug!"

The princess suddenly covered her mouth, and the prince couldn't continue speaking.

"I can't believe there is no other young lady close to her! That's it! How good the princess's personality is... Mmm?... It's nice."


The fifth princess impulsively took a pen to write an invitation letter.

"By the way, who was she really close to besides me?"

She squeezed the memory tightly.


"What, what's happening?"

"My sister Michelle received an invitation from the fifth princess."

That night, Michelle's screams of joy echoed throughout the night in the Marquis of Granbert's mansion.

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