IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 197



[Cursed. Where am I? Why did this happen again?]

Certainly, it didn't come out of my mouth, but my thoughts resonated through space.

[Is this the world of the unconscious?]

Like setting the echo in a karaoke room, my thoughts echo back in the air.

[Rosary, weren't you on my side? There's a lot of power from my past life there!]

Feeling absurd, Lock Visconti appeared, so I closed my mouth and held my breath. Seeing him in a dream and vividly seeing him like a 4D screen feels different.

[... He looks like the real Isidor.]

Although the character there seems a bit more finicky.

I felt like I was seeing Isidor in his 30s.

[Isn't this a level where you have to pay for it?]

I followed him walking down the hallway as if I were possessed. Lock Visconti, who stopped walking and gripped the door handle, closed his eyes tightly, took a deep breath, and slowly opened the door.

He clenched his teeth, making his jaw protrude. It was as if he were holding back tears. In the room was Nayla, who was dying.

On the decisive battle day when the red moon appeared, the Grand Demon led the army and descended to the ground, killing and injuring countless people. Nayla managed to defeat the demon amid the chaos, but it wasn't a true victory. She used her body, filled with strong divine power, as a vessel to absorb and neutralize the demonic power.

And as a result of the aftermath, Nayla lived a life with limited time.

Because the demonic energy that entered her body also began to contaminate her organs.


Nayla smiled at the pale-faced man. If she had tears in her heart, she would have cried unknowingly.

"Today it snowed. It's cold, disgustingly cold."

Lock Visconti said calmly, shaking the snow off his shoulder.

"Even so, it bloomed."

He held a fragile light violet flower in his hand, as if to preserve it.

"It's your favorite lavender."

"Thank you."

The tips of her blackened fingers trembled slightly.

"Don't say that like a habit. Please tell me something that starts with 'A.' It was the best thing you ever told me. Honestly, I can't hear other words because I feel frustrated."

"You know."

"Hmm, yes."

"... Do you remember?"

"What thing?"

"The story of the next life."

Nayla firmly believed that there would be a next life. It was also a kind of premonition of a saint who was more closely connected with God.

"I remember. Did you say you would live as a naughty girl next time? Good luck. I'll stay by your side and cheer you on. It would be nice if there were no flying bugs."

"... Haha."

"Even if you smile like an idiot, it's annoying because you're cute."

"... I love you."

"Me too."

Lock Visconti's voice was low. The two maintained each other's presence and shared their breath slowly.

How much time has passed? The man's breath broke wildly with grief and dissipated. And the breath of that fragile woman became so weak at the end that she could no longer feel her presence.

Soon, a deep darkness came. It was an abyss without light. Although it was definitely the last time in my memory, I remained silent for a while, buried in desolate emotions.

It was when.


[Oh, that voice!]

The moist voice that flowed from the rosary before spread like a ripple, illuminating the darkness. Boom, boom, blood vessels contract, and the whole body vibrates, shaking the brain again.

[What is your identity? I don't think you'll show it easily.]

An unknown voice responded to my words.

[I know you well, now it's Debora, once it was Yoon Dohee, and in the past, it was Nayla.]

[How the hell do you know ...?]

[Because I observed it.]

[You observed it? Could you be an ancestral god?]

[An ancestral god...?! If I have to define it in human language, I am a "body of thought." Although I don't actually exist, it has to be said that it is a form formed by the accumulation of desires.]

As if he didn't like the title of ancestral god, he introduced himself hastily.


[Yes. Your past self... placed her divine power in a pure white rosary with the desire to spend her next life with the one she loves.]

[I remember that.]

[Also, Lock Visconti. The white beads hanging from the rosary were made with the fangs of the golden dragon that Lock loved.]

[Oh my God. It's really valuable.]

Today, only a small amount of dragon bones, which existed only in ancient times, remains. Something that is truly worth the price.

[Well. A man who didn't know carved his unique relic and presented it as a gift. With the desire to be with you for a long time in the future.]

[So, does it mean you are a body of thought formed by the meeting of two desires...?]

[That's right. I was always in that rosary.]

[So that's why your voice sounds familiar.]

It is a neutral voice, but it had a soft resonance with Nayla's. So, as soon as the rosary called me, I extended my hand unconsciously.

[Yes. I have much to show you.]

Once again, past events unfolded vividly before my eyes. Against the blood-red full moon as a backdrop, a sinister voice reverberated through space, and I felt shivers.

[Nayla! Damn shameless bitch, what a petty human, how dare you?! Do you think it will end like this? You won't die gracefully! You will struggle with unbearable pain as your organs rot, and you will stop breathing! In the abyss, in the slavery of pain, I will fight forever!]

It was the voice of Lucifer, now extinct. The demon cursed Nayla with all his might, who used her body as a vessel to absorb demonic energy.

[That, that damn bastard.... Clearly, he is the devil.]

As if the body of thought sympathized with my words, it caused a strong ripple.

[Due to Lucifer's curse that clung to you like a demon, your soul fell into the abyss, out of reach of the main god. After wandering in the depths of darkness for a while, it reincarnated in a different dimension, not where it originally was.]


[In unfortunate circumstances.]

[That must have been Yoon Dohee.]


The voice of the mental body sank somberly.

[And the evil spirit took over Deborah's body, in which your soul should have entered.]

[That evil spirit is the same Deborah Seymour who did all sorts of wicked things before I possessed her, right...?]

[Yes. As an evil spirit that came from Lucifer, she was selfish, violent, and never saw others better than herself, so she always did bad things.]

The body of thought spoke in a calm tone.

[And she was attracted to Philap, a soul with a similar color to hers.]

[Where is that demon now?]

[You, the owner of the original body, came back, and he bounced off.]

[Is he still here?]

[Since the memories of being a human have shattered, he must have lost his ego and turned back into the form of resentment. He probably died when his master, Lucifer, died.]

It was fortunate that the evil spirit flew away, leaving behind fragments of memories. At least it took less time to adapt when it possessed the body.

[To be precise! You didn't possess a character from a novel; you returned to your place. The place originally arranged for you.]

The body of thought continuously generated waves.

[Now everything returns to normal. The journey has never been easy, but... you did it with pride.]

The body murmured.

[You don't know how my heart tensed when that damn demon was fighting with Mirju Seymour's soul.]

Well, at the time of possession, Deborah was about to be erased from the real family registry.

[Oh, by the way, Mirju Seymour is the past life of your father, George Seymour. Mirju established the Seymour family, and he was a great sorcerer who cared for you like a daughter. He was famous for being so shrewd that if you ever had an afterlife, you wanted to be like that snake man.]

[Ah. I remember that....]

[Hmm, anyway, it was the worst situation, but annihilating Lucifer with divine magic was really cool.]

It feels strange that someone has been watching me fight and even sympathized with me, saying I'm amazing. It wasn't a bad feeling. Although I'm a bit embarrassed.

[When the wish came true, I wanted to meet you like this. As I am a thought form created by your soul, I have always been able to watch over you.]

[Aha. So you pretended there was a problem to summon me.]

I was worried because the color of the relic had changed, but it turned out this guy was a scammer.

[Mmm! I'm mixed with Lock's thoughts, so I'm not as kind as you.]

The guy said as an excuse.

[So kind? I finished my hearth's life. You should know because you've been watching for a long time.]

[That doesn't mean the essence of your soul has changed... To be honest, I'm relieved.]

The body of thought seemed genuinely relieved. It is true that it is hard to live in this harsh world if you are too kind.

[Anyway, the dragon's words are great. Do you remember what Lock Visconti said, Deborah?]

—Ha. You have to be reborn a couple of times before you become a little wicked.

At the mental body's question, I answered yes, remembering what he had said in the past.

[Thanks to that dragon, you didn't disappear into the abyss and could be reborn in a nearby dimension.]

The body added with admiration.

[Half seriously, half jokingly, you said you would have to be reborn twice to become wicked. I couldn't believe it, but you really were born again twice, and your gentle personality became much stronger.]

[The life of Yoon Dohee was so pitiful that I couldn't help but wake up.]

Nayla had the harsh fate of being the savior of a dystopian world where demons roam freely, but she still had a strong relationship with the world's most handsome man. On the other hand, Yoon Dohee...

[It seems I only lived for my family, studying for the university entrance exam, and working that part-time job.]

[However... Aren't you curious?]

[About what?]

[What happened in the world of your previous life after Yoon Dohee left.]


I shuddered. This is because the previous life that the body of thought was suddenly observing began to flow like a fast-forward in front of my eyes.

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