IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 198



Yoon Dohee, who quickly returned to her childhood, had a much calmer and more mature face than I thought. She also seemed to have shrunk somewhere.

It's not easy to stand firm among selfish families. Even if the other person behaves unfairly, it's difficult to resent or get angry, so she prefers to give in and step back...

The video biography of Yoon Dohee, flowing at thousands of times the normal speed, was running towards the end I knew. I couldn't contain my anger and left as if fleeing from home. In my previous life, I had a car accident...

[See you later.]


When my vision changed again, I was thrown into a disgustingly familiar space.

It was the living room of the house where I lived in my previous life.


"In that environment, to be honest, I felt more like a referee than a member of the family."

"You, don't you have any insurance under Dohee's name?"

"I'm looking for it right now, so don't bother and stay still.  Dohee is a well-prepared girl, so she might have included something."

"Wow. Crap. They are really unique people."

My family from my previous life... No, I looked at humans like cattle. I hoped they wouldn't sincerely commemorate my death given their personalities, but I never thought they would be thinking of getting money from the insurance. I can't leave if I don't want to leave.

Yoon Dohee's mother, Mrs. Jang Yeong Sook, frowned. What she held was a thank-you letter and a brochure from a donation organization.

"Why did Dohee donate 100,000 won every month to this fraudulent organization? She should have taken out insurance."

I was stunned and almost grabbed my neck.

Hey, isn't that a scam? What famous children's foundation is that!

No matter how much of a hogu I was, I would have donated every month to an organization I hadn't even heard of because I didn't have one. To be honest, the insurance that Mrs. Jang Young-sook's friends urged me to sign up for was a scam. The payment period is extremely long, and the compensation conditions are difficult.

I wanted to refute it because it was unfair, but I didn't want to live again as Yoon Dohee, so I watched the situation in silence.

"Didn't you buy bicycle insurance not long ago just because you learned to ride a bike? But how can you neglect Dohee's insurance while doing all that?"

That's it.

"Why does a person who always made a fuss about insurance premiums now not get insurance? Isn't it crazy?"

The conversation between the two quickly turned into a fight, and the younger brother in the room opened the door and burst into tears.

"Hey! Don't they know the college entrance exam is just around the corner? It's supposed to be soundproof, but it's so loud I'm dying."

"I'm sorry, Do-kyun. Mom will be quiet."

"Eh? Why are you making such a loud noise and being rude? Give me your report card now."

Yoon Manguk, perhaps unable to cope with Mrs. Jang Youngsook, who had horns, began to catch his younger son like a mouse and went crazy when he saw his report card.

"Did you get a score like this? Do you know how much money you spend on tutoring per month?"

"Oh! My house is the only one making such a fuss over a million won for tutoring!"

"Hey, man! Your older sister went to a prestigious university after only taking a 30,000 won lecture."

"Oh, why did Dohee noona suddenly leave? That older sister didn't look like mom and dad, so she was smart."

"What? You bastard!"

"My mother certainly said that. 'Dohee noona looks like this, she doesn't seem to have come out of my own stomach.'"

At that moment, with the sound of the door opening, the first person in the room, Yoon Doyeon, jumped.

"What? A million won for tutoring?! I can't believe it. My nose is blocked from the surprise. Mom! You've only invested half of Yoon Do-kyun's money in me."

"Hey ma'am, get a job. You can't get married and just hang out in the corner of your room at this age. Saying you're preparing for civil service exams honestly is a joke, right?"

"Hey! Do you want to die? You damn pig!"


"Yoon Doyeon! Why did you throw that expensive thing?"

I felt scared inside as I watched the fight where they were throwing furniture.

They are fighting to become dust for real.

I wondered if it wasn't for nothing that the last family was called the "bean flour family."

(Translator's Note: Bean flour is made by toasting beans until they turn into powder. Even when mixed with water, it doesn't clump like regular flour. Therefore, the term "bean flour family" refers to the atmosphere of a house where they don't harmonize well, are in disagreement with each other, and are uncouth.) 

Anyway, usually, the situation didn't reach that extreme, but when I thought about it, when those people started to fight, I played the role of an intermediary. Even after many fights, they would shut up when I asked for chicken or jajangmyeon.

"For eating."

But as no one stopped them, they fought and fought until the neighbors called the police for the noise. It was a mess of problems in itself.

Shortly after, the landlord notified them to move out. Complaints were coming from everywhere; it was a natural result since the rooms and terraces were all messy.

"What?! It's too cramped!"

And meanwhile, the rent price went up, and they had no choice but to move to a smaller house.

"I finally got my own room without Yoon Dohee, but how am I going to live in such a messy house from now on? Won't I have a room to myself this time?"

Looking around the two-bedroom house, Yoon Doyeon burst into annoyance.

"Do you know how hard it was to get this house? My back is bending even with the pocket money you take every month! Dohee at least added a few cents with her part-time job, but this girl doesn't even work and just complains!"

"Since when did my mom start worrying about Yoon Do-hee? Dohee! Dohee! Dohee! Honestly, mom, do you have the right to say that? It's because you didn't take out insurance, so things got complicated like this!"

"What? Are you saying it's my fault?"

"Then who is to blame for this?"

"Hey! Get out of my house!"

"Why me? If you gave birth to me, take responsibility!"

They spat insults that made onlookers nauseous, always blaming each other. It was an abyss.

Hell doesn't exist.

The tension made even Lucifer click his tongue.

Meanwhile, my father gathered strange information from somewhere, got into debt with a third financial sector, invested in operating stocks, and lost everything.

"What? How much did you lose? How is it that you're old and still immature? Are you crazy?"

Mrs. Jang Yeongsook reacted by patting Yoon Manguk on the back.

"What? Didn't this happen because I tried to make you and the kids live in a big and comfortable house without worrying about money?"

"Are you deluding yourself to lose money? Don't make excuses for us! You're the one who got into trouble!"

"Excuses?! If it were Do-hee, would she have taken such a risky action feeling like grabbing straw? She would have gone to a big company; how reliable that would have been! Why am I the only one working hard in this house? How come everyone else is good for nothing!"

"What?! Good for nothing? Who is eating the good food I cook?"

"Eating tasteless curry for a week is what a government official should eat, right?"

"Hey! Yoon Manguk! You're the one not campaigning with such a small salary! My friends' husbands have taken responsibility and moved out. You're the only one blabbering! You know!"

"This woman! Do you know what you're talking about?!"

"Then hit! Hit!"

The situation continued to deteriorate as they shouted at each other instead of getting divorced. However, no one tried to overcome this situation. They just blamed each other.

"And why does it seem like they are looking for me more than before?"

Every time they fight, I get goosebumps when I see them mention the name Yoon Dohee and criticize and belittle each other. How long do they plan to use me?

"They are people I really don't even want to see."

There's nothing more to see. Just as the end of the last play was obvious, their future was also clearly visible. Since Mr. Yoon Manguk took out private loans, a real account of difficulties opened. They won't even have time to fight like this in the future.

Because they will have to pay off their debts.

Soon they will realize the fear of the loan shark and compound interest, and they will resent each other as debts chase them for the rest of their lives.


<It's karma.>

The body of thought looked at the family and evaluated it coldly, and I let out a brief sigh with an ambiguous feeling.

<Deborah, you don't have to think complicatedly. You reap what you sow. Isn't it refreshing? These people sacrificed and repressed you to satisfy their greed.>

<...It's crazy. I should have realized earlier that these people were beyond salvation.>

In the name of the family, I endured them for too long in my previous life. Well, everything is in the past.


It was when. The background changed again, and this time the familiar campus background unfolded. Pink cherry blossoms fluttered like snow on the campus in April, at the beginning of spring, and students gathered in groups of two and three, laughing and chatting happily.

I didn't have enough time to relax, so I quickly passed by the landscape at that time. I thought this would be my last chance to capture the landscape of my previous life so vividly, so I looked around carefully.

I once dedicated my youth here, but now I was looking around where there was no trace left, and I encountered familiar faces. They were colleagues and juniors in the same architecture department.

They were sitting on the grass with food delivery in the middle and talking to each other.

"This was a lecture note that Dohee senior lent me, but I couldn't even pay her back properly."

Suddenly, the name Yoon Dohee came out of someone's mouth, and I swallowed in vain. I didn't even go to the MT* because of a part-time job and assignments at the same time. I thought they wouldn't even know my name.

(N/T: Membership Training, refers to outings conducted to increase awareness and intimacy among members.)

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