IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 199



"When I was alone in the apartment due to that bad rumor, the only senior who took care of me without prejudice was Dohee senior.

"Truly, she was an angel without wings. When I was contemplating taking a leave because something happened in my family, even though Dohee was busy, she skipped her part-time job and helped me with my practical skills until dawn, so I managed to avoid dropping out of school.

"She was a senior with a very good character, but she seemed so busy that she couldn't even speak properly...

"Everyone liked Dohee senior, but it really makes me very sad.

"You know what? When a janitor collapsed in the hallway, Dohee senior provided first aid and called an ambulance so that she could be treated just before a big problem occurred.

"That older sister was very kind, so there were many nice kids around her. I couldn't even talk to her because Kim Hanjoon senior kept her under control.

"Ah, that bastard.

I was deeply grateful that someone said what I wanted to say.

"Oh, but that bastard Kim Hanjoon is so funny.


"He suddenly started drinking, crying, vomiting, and screaming while calling Dohee senior's name. He was filming a one-person monkey drama, but I really couldn't watch it.

"I can't see that person's face these days, so what is he doing to make a living?

"I don't know. I heard he drinks a lot and couldn't complete a graduation thesis because he went crazy, and he dropped out before the last semester. There are rumors that he's still drunk these days.

It's not that he went crazy and couldn't graduate; he had no skills at all. The professor never allowed him to pass his thesis, and there was no response even after graduation, so he saved face by taking an indefinite leave. It's called an honorable death.

"Oh, by the way, did anyone contact Dohee's family?


"Letters keep coming to the department office asking if her family has moved. I think she wrote it as a second address here.

"What kind of letter is it?

"This is a letter from a child in the facility that Dohee donated to. That's why it's a bit difficult to call them...

"Wow, real waves and waves are coming out.

"That's right.

As I listened to their story, I walked quickly to the department office where the child's letter was. The thought body spoke to me as I moved silently.

<There were so many people who liked you here without knowing it.>

<... I see. I didn't know.>

I scratched the tip of my nose. It was translucent, so I couldn't scratch it properly.

<Maybe that's why the Lucifer's curse covering your soul was purified in an instant, and something happened when God felt your lost soul.>

<What kind of anomaly?>

<You weren't originally a soul born in Korea, but you were born there.>


<Two completely unrelated dimensions crossed, and a rift formed at the point of intersection, allowing you to see the future of this place, even for a moment. The future of Azutea without you.>

<Ah! That novel for 18 and older.>

<Yes. It's like you've read a prophecy.>

<If possible, it should have shown me until the end.>

The thought body caused a great wave as if sympathizing with her again.

<If the rift were larger, you could have seen more of the future.>

<The writer wasn't lazy. Anyway, thanks to reading the novel, I was very fortunate to have avoided the planned catastrophe.>

I felt a strange sensation. Calling it a disguised blessing, it seems that only misfortune comes to life.

At first glance, it seemed that only unhappiness overlapped in her previous life, but there were good bonds, and thanks to her goodwill, she was able to quickly escape the devil's curse.

"Also, the knowledge I've accumulated here has been very helpful."

Thanks to the new experience and information about the future, I was able to confront the devil more easily.

<Maybe, there is not a single moment of time without meaning.... >


The moment I entered the department office muttering quietly, a strong wind entered through the open window, and the white letter on the desk fluttered like a butterfly. It was the response of a child to whom I sent donations and letters every month.

They were scattered one by one in the wind, and I slowly read the content in the sunlight.

I filled my eyes with the four words engraved at the end of the letter.

It is probably the phrase I most wanted to hear in my previous life. And I felt that a true separation from this world had come.

<Thank you too.>

I murmured relieved. Now was the time to return to where I was.


... I already imagined it.

<Thought body?>

I think it's time to leave soon, but at some point, it stopped responding.

<Thought body-nim?>

So I called it politely.

<Please respond. I want to go home! You brought me here, now you have to take me home.>

Where did she really go? Surely, I won't become a wandering ghost on campus, right?

<This kind of joke isn't funny. If you don't show up in 3 seconds, I know how to grind you finely into dust as soon as I leave! Do you think I can't tell who you are? H-honestly, it's a shame, but you know I'm very rich, right?>

I openly threatened the thought body, but it didn't bother to respond.

<Ha, what is this really about?>

I searched the campus for a while to find the thought body and then, exhausted, sat at the back of the student lounge where I always sat and slumped over my desk.

<Where did you go?>

"Certainly, did something happen in the sanctuary where the rosary was kept?"

But if that were the case, the thought body should have sensed it first and acted, yet it was strangely calm.

<If you sleep, a miracle like waking up in bed the next day can happen.>

In the early days of Deborah, she denied reality and tried several times to "sleep"! I didn't come to the place where I slept the best for nothing.

<I should try it for a moment.>

I lay down for a while, closing my eyes, when suddenly something touched my shoulder.


I lifted my head in astonishment, and soon I saw the person in front of me and opened my eyes wide.

Who the hell are you?

<By any chance, don't you know me?>

A soft smile shone in the man's eyes. I was lost for a while, but then I came to my senses and cleared my throat with a hmm.

<... I wonder if it's the person I know.>

The reason I didn't recognize him and was surprised was that Isidor was wearing an unfamiliar outfit.

<Probably yes.>

He wore a shirt that fell thin over a solid body, and even wore a watch and a tie. He leaned on the desk and tilted his head in front of me. The veins stood firm on the forearm where the shirt was rolled up.

He smiled as if he was going to decorate the cover of a foreign men's magazine and lightly smoothed my tousled hair.

<Am I dreaming?>

<No way. It's time to go home, Miss Deborah.>

<But... Sir Isidor, what about that outfit?>

<Don't you like this ensemble?>

<No way. It's stylish, the best, perfect. Thank you!>

Perhaps due to his mood, sincerity began to come out unfiltered.

<I imitated the outfits from the portraits that the princess had kept in the past. She seemed to really like this kind of thing. But who is that bastard? I thought he looked pretty good.>


<I saw him in the princess's previous life house.>

Oh! Damn! Wait a second. Now that I think about it, the clothes Isidor is wearing are similar to what the GQ cover model I kept in a drawer in my previous life wears.

That means....

<Isidor, have you been watching? Since when?>

<Since the princess followed Lock Visconti with a very excited look on her face?>

<When did I do that? And if you were by my side, you should have given me some sign! It's too much!>

<When the thought body pulled the princess's soul out of her body, my soul came too.>


<The thought body didn't seem to want to interrupt the conversation with the princess. Maybe it has now allowed us to get to know each other.>

He looked around slowly with his characteristic inquisitive eyes.

<It's a strange dimension. There is no mana at all, but it's a high-level civilization. This is also fun.>

He looked at the magazine and said, shaking the wristwatch he had created.

<It seems like you've already adapted here.>

Isn't Isidor a true transmigrator? Now, anyone can see that he's a male protagonist from a modern novel.

<If I could understand the language here, I would have been able to know more about the princess, but that was a shame.>

Isidor seemed unable to understand what his family and classmates were saying due to the language barrier. But everything else seemed to have been resolved through the conversation between the thought body and me.

<It would have been hard to believe if you hadn't seen it with your own eyes.>

With a voice full of affection, he said.

<Thank you.>


<Not long ago, the princess thought of our world as a novel. However, to be considerate of me, you tried to tell the truth as much as you could while hiding that part.>


I always feel sorry, but he's very kind.

<You... You make me feel that I'm really a good person. Every time.>

<Are you a good person? That's why I fell in love at first sight. Twice.>

It was a contradiction to fall in love twice at first sight, but it was true for both of us. He smiled as he loosened his tie.

<I look forward to exploring more of this world, but I don't think I have much time....>

<Do you know where the thought body is?>

<Yes. But before that.>


<Shouldn't the princess point out who the man she kept even in a portrait was?>

Apparently, he's smiling brightly like a flower, but I can feel the thorns inside. Although there's a language barrier, there isn't one for drawing, so Isidor confused the GQ magazine with the portrait of a certain man.

To make matters worse, I can't tell a proper lie because I'm in a spiritual state and can't pretend facial expressions.

I can't even cover up the magazine as belonging to Yoon Doyeon, a blood relative from her past life!

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