IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 125





Ethel made a puzzled expression.

"Is that what you'll say to the friend you stole the adoption opportunity from?"

"I'm sorry about that. But you probably would have rejected my father's offer anyway, wouldn't you?"

Liena defended herself desperately.

"I simply won it in your place. Moreover, I tried to make up for it by marrying you to my brother."

Yes, that's right. She had had enough.

While repeating this to herself, the guilt she felt towards Ethel gradually faded.

"You just took my happiness into your own hands and forced me into it. It's not a reward or anything like that."

For that reason, what Ethel just said can only be heard as an attack on herself.

"Think what you want. I did my best to be kind to you."


"I tried to include you in family trips, asked you to go shopping with me, and tried on dresses with you..."

"Wait a moment. Did you try on dresses? Perhaps... Do you mean when I was choosing my wedding dress?"

"That's right."

"How was that being kind to me? That day I was nothing less than a bridesmaid."

Liena felt overwhelmed by Ethel's criticisms.

"Is that why you hold a grudge against me? It's too much. I tried to make you happy by showing you my adorable side."

"Did you really think I would be happy?"

"Of course. Haven't you seen how happy my father and brothers get when they see me?"

"No, those people are your family..."

"Workers and friends like me too."

Even now, her appearance remains pleasing to the eye.

["Oh my god! My lady! She's so cute!

"Can this level of cuteness be human? Aren't you hiding your wings behind your back?

"Oh my God! You look like a great knight in your riding outfit!

"Is she cute, pretty, charming, and now she can be cool too? What the hell is the Cassius princess lacking?"]

Liena wanted to make Ethel happy like them.

So, when she found out that Ethel was choosing her wedding dress with Leandro, she ran towards them.

"Now that I think about it, it was then. Ethel's attitude started changing subtly."

Ethel, who had been quite friendly with Liena until then, immediately began to distance herself from her.

"It's unfair. Why can't she understand my good intentions? If only my blessing worked on Ethel..."

"My blessing?"

Suddenly, it occurred to her that Ethel also had memories from the past.

She really didn't want to admit it, but if she is a regressee chosen by the goddess like herself...

She returned and received blessings.

So, what about Ethel? Does Ethel also have a blessing?

Liena looked at Ethel's expressionless face.

"Liena, first of all, I know very well that your common sense is very different from general common sense. Any further conversation will be meaningless."

"You! Do you also have a blessing?"

Ethel kept her mouth shut.

"Tell me. Do you, like me, have the blessing of being loved by others?"

"No, I don't have that ability."

She didn't seem to be lying.

When she thought about it again, Ethel was not very loved in this life.

For over ten years, the Wallace family mistreated her and also kept her away from Cassius.

Liena sighed in relief.

"That's right. After all, I'm special."

This was the absolute belief she had since she returned.

The person chosen by the goddess is special.

Therefore, her blessing is also a special power that neither dogs nor cows can possess.

Moreover, Ethel's situation was very different from Liena's.

Unlike Liena, who has changed her life with complete memories of her past life since she was young, Ethel said that her memories are gradually returning.

Liena felt that her memories of Ethel, whom she had seen in the mining town, were not complete.

Even now, it was not clear whether it was complete or not.

"Let's not filter information about me without any reason."

Liena cooled down the heat in her head and decided that now was the time to step back.

"I'm leaving, Ethel."

Liena stood up and said sadly.

"It's very sad. I have no choice but to become hostile towards you, who was my friend. But no matter what happens, I won't lose my precious family."

"Let me make this clear. I have no intention of taking Cassius. I escaped from there on my own two feet."

"Then why did you take Uncle Kayden from me?"

The face of the head butler who loved Liena when she was young came to her mind. He changed because of Ethel.

"Have you forgotten what your family did to Joshua? Mr. Kayden left Cassius on his own."

"It was just an inevitable accident. And it remained the same until you took it as a witness."

"... You really only think of yourself and don't care about anyone else."

"In addition to that, you took Elliot and Cecil from me."

"Do I need to say more? Anyway, you only hear what you want to hear."

"Wait and see. You will never take away my family."

Liena quickly left the annex and returned to Mikhail's palace where she was staying.

"Liena, did you get to see that woman?"

Mikhail returned there first.

"Thank you. I noticed because you gave me space. Like you said, my sister-in-law..."

Liena took the trouble to correct his words.

"No, Ethel was my enemy. I will no longer protect her for the sake of our past family."

"You made a good decision. You're so kind."

"Have you contacted the temple?"

"I sent a secret letter, but I don't know if it's a good idea."

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