IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 126




Is my transmigration and Liena's are related?

"Means that there's a possibility."

The new hypothesis of the divine beast strangely captured my heart, but currently, there was no way to prove it.

"Well, more than that, the soul resonance. Will it happen again in the future?"

"Well, it's not common, so I'm not sure. Why do you ask?"

"If I want to deal with Liena from now on, taking a look at that girl's memories could be of great help."

"I could discover many things that I didn't know before from Liena's memories."

"... my master is the type of person who wants to use everything she can, isn't she?"

"It seems you have a great understanding of your master."

"I'm working on it. But if you're thinking of deliberately causing soul resonance, it's probably better to let it go."


"Not only is it not the kind of phenomenon that can be triggered if one wants, but..."

The divine beast held its chin with its short front paws.

"It seems my master was lucky to get a glimpse of the other person's memories this time, but there's no way that will happen next time. Do you mind if she looks at your memories?"

"Ugh, that's too much."

"Isn't it? So let go of that thought."

We exchanged ideas for a while longer, then Terence returned, and our conversation ended.

"That bastard Mikhail, made ridiculous accusations about trivial details, but he had hidden motives."

Terence roughly unbuttoned his shirt collar and growled lowly.

"It's deplorable that I have to go and answer to such a bastard, even though he's just a prince."

"I'm sorry. It was because of me."

"How is that your fault?"

"This is what Liena did to see me. Without any reason, Terence lost precious rest time, and he seems very upset..."

"Ethel, if you want to make me feel better, spend time with me instead of apologizing."


"The reason he was upset was that the golden time he could spend with you was diminished by people like that."

Terence winked.

"Of course, if I stay with you, things will improve quickly."


I was momentarily speechless.

"Well, this person. He really changed his attitude."

Of course, Terence confessed yesterday, but I was amazed by his completely different attitude from before.

As he was kind and affectionate from the start, I thought it wouldn't make much difference if our relationship changed a bit, but that was a big mistake.

Is this the difference between a "friend" and a "suitor"?

Terence, who became the "suitor," expressed his feelings without hiding anything.

And I wasn't used to such direct expressions of affection.

Even before transmigrating, I was so busy making a living that I never had a romantic relationship, and my relationship with my ex-husband, Leandro, was extremely somber.

Even before we fought, Leandro and I were so stoic that congratulating each other while having tea was our greatest act of affection.

Therefore, the current situation felt quite unfamiliar to me.

"Today is sunny. Would you do me the honor of taking a walk with me?"

I carefully placed my hand on Terence's extended hand.

"... I feel truly honored."

It was unfamiliar to me, but I didn't hate it.

We walked side by side to the back of the annex.

I must say, fortunately, he let go of my hand as soon as we entered the garden.

Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to properly enjoy the beautiful scenery of the garden because I kept worrying about our hands.

It was definitely the same hand I held when I danced with him at the Emperor's birthday banquet last time, but I couldn't understand why I was so conscious of it now.

These days, I was the only guest staying in the annex, and the Imperial Knights casually guarded the surroundings, so the garden was our own world.

Thanks to this, I could lose myself in my thoughts while looking at the autumn flowers.

Many things crossed my mind. The conversation I had with Liena, her secretly glimpsed memories, the current situation, and my desires, etc.

It took me some time because I learned many new details, but after a while, I finally organized my thoughts.

"Liena said she was my enemy."

Terence, who hadn't said anything during the walk, looked at me at my sudden comment.

He realized that I had a lot on my mind, so he deliberately remained silent.

I continued, grateful for his quiet and attentive consideration.

"Not necessarily do I want to become an enemy of Liena, but I also have no intention of backing down against someone who attacks me."

From the beginning, I had planned to move to the Kingdom of Soro to avoid Cassius once the divorce was finalized.

But things have changed.

Even when Liena showed obsessive favor towards me, it wasn't clear if I could break my relationship with Cassius by going far away, but now we have become enemies.

After reading "Return and Walk the Path of Flowers," I knew very well how ruthless Liena was with her enemies.

The words of characters who were hostile to Liena normally meant ruin or death.

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