SYS (Novel) Chapter 465


Jin barely twisted the sword.

If he hadn't changed the trajectory, the blade would have cut and burned Amela in a single blow.

Jin felt relieved for saving Amela, but he was worried about whether Murakan could withstand the Hellfire.

"Ah, this is insane!"

Indeed, Murakan is Jin's Dragon Guardian.

He knew exactly what Jin wanted even though Jin only called him by his name.

Murakan lunged towards Amela and quickly transformed into his true form.

[I just saved the Snake Eyes, and now you suddenly ask me to take care of her too!]


Murakan swung his front paw and threw Amela towards the Proch Brothers.

Amela bounced like a ball, and the sound of her bones breaking echoed, but she regenerated instantly.

If she had been touched by the Hellfire, she wouldn't have been able to regenerate.

The moment she fell among the Proch Brothers, she instinctively knew she could survive.

I surrender, please, stop.

The reason Amela told that to Jin was out of intuition.

She felt she wouldn't survive if she moved her body recklessly out of fear or tried to resist forcefully.

Somehow, she had a feeling that if she pleaded like this to Jin, he might extend a helping hand.

Her intuition hit the mark.


Murakan had no choice but to exert all his strength in the lower belly and roar like a madman.

It was because Shadow Energy and blue flames were spreading like a tsunami from Bradamante.

Now Murakan had taken Amela's place and bore the Hellfire.

The blue flames quickly covered the core of the muddy mist and the space they occupied at great speed.

The muddy mist surrounding them rapidly retreated as if insects were hiding from the light.

That meant that the Hellfire Murakan had to block was enormous.

Murakan's amber eyes were stained black by the Shadow Energy.

The curtain of Shadow Energy he created was even denser than the blue flames.

But the blue flames tore through the curtain too easily.

However, when the curtain tore, it immediately reformed and continued blocking the incoming flames.

[Boy, stop, please!]

Every time the curtain tore, the Hellfire got closer and closer to Murakan.

Like a burning rope.

For the first time in a long time, Murakan thought:

'No matter how big I was, my best moment had already passed, and if something like that hits me directly with a body that hasn't fully recovered...'

Murakan shuddered and shook his head.

He thought he might have to endure Misha's torture under the pretext of treating a minor injury, or even something worse.

Maybe I only have a minor or moderate injury, and I could spend a happy and pleasant time receiving care from Strawberry Pie.

Maybe I'm worrying too much about the boy's flames?

The moment Murakan thought that, the fire that became even fiercer dyed his vision blue.

He was so dumbfounded that he burst into laughter.

It was impossible for that to happen.

If he didn't stop it with all his might, it could become a stain that could never be erased from the history of the Great Black Dragon Murakan.

The Black Dragon Murakan, gravely injured by being struck by his Contractor's sword...

Was he really the King of the Sky a thousand years ago?

The testimony of the Fire Dragon Kadun, of Kelliark Zipple, "He's actually weak," is it the truth?

Jin Runcandel, as Solderet's Contractor, severely punishes the negligent Dragon Guardian and establishes the hierarchy as Runcandel.

The Twelfth Flagbearer defeated his Dragon Guardian with a single sword.

Who protects whom?

Many Dragon Guardians in the world, including the Black Dragon Murakan, should be cautious...

Murakan instantly thought of a future where such senseless articles flooded the world.

He couldn't bear such disgrace, having reigned as the King of the Sky for over 3,000 years.

He would rather die than live with such humiliation.

The curtain of Shadow Energy was no longer able to block the Hellfire.

The flames pierced through the torn curtain, and Murakan had no choice but to accept it, protecting his body with Shadow Energy.

He howled in pain as the flames touched his scales.

He felt a terrible pain, as if needles were piercing and scratching his entire body.


His heavy black body trembled as he pushed away the flames. Even his tightly clenched teeth trembled unstably, and he felt as if a cold sweat was dripping down his scales.

His wrinkled face distorted even more due to the effort.

He was convinced that if he took a single step back, it would be the end.

He wasn't going to die, but Amela would be reduced to ashes, and not even bones would be left.


Jin called Murakan again with a worried heart.

[Don't talk to me! Because it breaks my concentration!]


Jin was reabsorbing some of the energy used in Hellfire while avoiding internal injuries.

However, the technique was so vast, and he executed it with all his might, that it was like trying to pour spilled wine back into the bottle.

He might be able to collect a few drops, but most of it was already gone.

'Sigh! This Amela or whatever should be worth as much... even though she looked like a grasshopper. Now, wait. What is this sound!?


An unsettling sound as if something was breaking or shattering came from the depths of his chest.

It was close to the heart.

And it wasn't the first time Murakan had heard something like that.

Damn it, my heart...!

He heard a similar sound when his heart was shattered by Temar.

His scales stood on end due to the imminent anxiety.

But something strange was happening.

If there were a crack in the heart, his strength should weaken rapidly...

But instead, it feels like something is welling up like an endless spring, or like an oil well bursting in the middle of the desert!

The power he had used to block the flames and protect himself was now sprouting from the heart.

He felt the pleasure and fullness of Shadow Energy surging from the heart and spreading throughout his body.

He felt a tingling sensation down his spine.

"This will be my old strength! My strength."

What shattered near his heart was a security mechanism created by his detested sister, Misha.

When Misha had operated on him, she had implemented a security mechanism to prevent him from using too much energy and damaging his heart again.

At that time, Misha considered 40% to be a safe limit.

She thought that if he used more than 40% of his old strength, his heart, which had started to recover, might break again.

Now, Murakan had involuntarily released one of the security mechanisms because he felt very threatened.

Moreover, the reason the security mechanism unlocked was not because Murakan had forced himself to use more strength in response to danger.

It was because the heart had already recovered to the point Misha had initially foreseen, a safety limit of 50%.

A 10% difference is by no means small.

Like the gap between 10 stars and 9 stars is like the sky.

Hahaha, hahahahaha!

Suddenly, Murakan burst into laughter.

The murky aura, which had receded because of the flames, disappeared completely, and the core they were in cracked like shattered glass, and the Gaifa Islands regained their original colors.

In other words, the sky opened completely.

The figure of the giant Bouvard standing in the middle of the central island, intimidating the four main forces, began to turn transparent as if it would soon disappear.

The giant Bouvard almost stopped moving from the moment Jin faced Amela in the first place, but now it's about to disappear completely.

Amidst this, the entire island shook with Murakan's laughter.

The forces of the four main factions fighting with all their might were left dumbfounded.

"This sound!"

"Sixth Flagbearer, this is the voice of the guardian deity of the Family, Murakan-nim!"

"Could it be... the younger one...!"

Vigo and the Runcandel Knights also widened their eyes.

"The Black Dragon Murakan? Jin Runcandel is here too!"

"Commander, the contractors among the imperial magicians have told us to unconditionally avoid the Black Dragon if we encounter him during a mission!"

"Even the Fire Dragon and the Blue Dragon of Zipple were afraid and fled at the time of the recent Black Kings incident...!"

Vermont members were also frightened.

"Wow, Tiger King! Oh, I can't stand because my legs are numb!"

"You stupid red-tailed bastards, don't you get it? Tiger King! If even you tremble at seeing this... oh, what would happen if the mighty Tiger King also gets scared!"

"You guys, you surely tremble too! Well, if you come closer...! I can smell the scent of the Legends Tribe! We have to run!"

The Kinzelo beastmen, especially the red tiger tribe, immediately became terrified and fell into an extreme panic.

Unlike the white wolf tribe, the red tiger tribe only has good fighting power but lacks the spirit of a warrior.

It's also a racial characteristic, but the red tiger tribe had a more sensitive intuition to fear or crisis than the white wolf tribe.

"Hah, Black Dragon? Then... Jin Runcandel... is here..."

Finally, Zipple, among them, Midor Elner gritted his teeth with red eyes as soon as he heard Murakan's laughter.

Who are Jin Runcandel and Murakan?

They are the archenemies of Myuron Zipple, his most beloved brother in the world.

"Even the Fire Dragon Theo and the Blue Dragon Lalamakua just withdrew after encountering Murakan. We have to retreat, Tower Master."

"Seeing that the giant form has disappeared, it's very likely that the great mercenary Amela has already been defeated by Murakan!

Midor ignited the flames with his mana.

"Seventh Tower Master!"

"Stand firm!"

The Magicians of the Seventh Magic Tower, both elders and commanders, tried to stop Midor.

But there was a woman, laughing at Midor.

Midor watched her warily, even as his anger boiled over his head.

"...If Lady Sandra tells us to retreat, we will."

"Hahaha! Anyway, you're well-trained, bastard. Are you still aware of me in this situation, Hmmm? I'm quite satisfied."

Her name was Sandra Zipple, Kelliark's daughter.

The moment Sandra smiled and tried to say something...


Suddenly, the earthquake that shook the entire island became even more powerful.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when Murakan pushed away the 'Hellfire' he was blocking with his body.

And unintentionally, he also unlocked the security mechanism of his heart.

It rose into the sky with the flame of hell.

Moreover, the flames mixed with Murakan's Shadow Energy and became darker, so there were not many traces of blue flames.

[I am Murakan!]

Murakan shouted as he threw the flame he held to the ground.

People had no choice but to mistakenly think that it was some kind of technique Murakan was using, not Jin.


"Behind the Tiger King, no! Behind the best warriors! Let the white wolves take care of the red tigers!"

"Barrier, barrier! Hurry!"

"Curse! Gather to create a barrier!”

The forces of the four main factions had no choice but to be scared at the sight of the flames thrown by Murakan.


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