SYS (Novel) Chapter 466


A black tidal wave, seemingly originating from the sky, was engulfing the land.

From the perspective of the four main factions, it seemed like the ruthless black tidal wave was about to devastate the entire island, and they hurriedly raised protective shields.

The strong pressure from the blue flames crushed them as if a mountain weighed on them.


Enormous cracks formed all over the island even before the flames touched the ground, so the onlookers couldn't help but think that this would be the end of the world.

Indeed, if the protective shield of the four main factions couldn't withstand it, the flames Murakan had unleashed had enough power to ravage the entire island.

This was because some kind of power boost had occurred.

In other words, Murakan's Shadow Energy (which had just recovered 50% of power) was added to Jin's blue flames.

Instead of consuming and neutralizing each other, the blue flames and the Shadow Energy combined as if they had been aiming for it from the beginning, unfolding an even more formidable force.

The blue flames that Jin had unleashed on his own had the power to turn the Guardian Knights present in the Garden of Swords into ashes if Luntia hadn't stopped it.

Not to mention that now Murakan's power was added to the blue flames.

Of course, it still wasn't comparable to what Sarah had executed at her best, but it had reached a level close to that.

In other words, among the four main factions visiting the Gaifa Islands, there was no one who could single-handedly block the hellfire.

Woo, woo-!

The blue flames began to sweep the ground.

As soon as the edge of the black tidal wave began to sweep the protective shields, the people on the ground shuddered in fear and shock.

Even the protective shields on which the first divisions of the four main factions had put all their effort were breaking as easily as dry leaves.

Boom, crunch, puff!

Fragments of the shattered protective shield bounced and reflected the light.

The blue flames took less than a second to envelop everything in darkness.


Screams echoed simultaneously.

The blue flames turned everything they touched into ashes.

The whole body burned with just a touch of the fingertip, and it was impossible to escape due to the pressure of the blue flames.

Even if there was a chance to escape, it seemed almost meaningless.

Humans under the black tidal wave felt like they were in hell.

And the terrible black dragon Murakan laughed maniacally as he watched humans burn (actually, he was looking in another direction) as if he were the god of that hell.

[Hahaha, hahahahaha, haha!]

Murakan laughed with uncontrollable joy, but the humans on the ground couldn't accept it that way.

A terrifying existence that could massacre the First Division of the 4 main forces like stomping on ants...

"Argh! Bastard, do you really have to fight against something like this? If you provoke that Black Dragon, things could get very bad. I can recommend any other method if you want to be like Myuron Oraboni," shouted Sandra as she pushed away the blue flames using ice-type magic.

Sweat streamed down her face like rain as she warded off the black flames.

"Every day I imagined killing... that man. They are the enemies of my older brother Myuron...!"

Midor protected himself and the surrounding mages using spatial explosions and fire-type magic.

"Is that so? The enemies of Myuron Oraboni, huh? It's hard to find a funny guy like you. You speak as if your older brother is dead."

Contrary to what she said, Sandra was not sarcastic at all.

Instead, she spoke with a strangely cheerful tone.

"Well, do whatever you want! I don't think you can wake up from the dead with your skills. I was also looking forward to meeting Jin Runcandel at least once... Aaah!"

Suddenly, Sandra screamed as the flames intensified without warning.

All the higher-level mages, who couldn't respond quickly to the sudden change near Sandra, disappeared, lost in the force of the shadows.

Zipple's side lost almost half of the mages due to a single amplification.

However, Sandra simply smiled.

"Heh, I almost fell too. It's fascinating, really."

The situation on Kinzelo's side was even worse.

Unlike the white wolf warriors, the red tigers were not helping cope with the situation.

In fact, beyond that, there were many red tigers not only stumbling aimlessly but also dragging white wolf warriors to death like water ghosts.

"Crazy red bastards! Let them go! Let them go."

"Sa-save me! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!"

"What do you mean, you won't do it again!"

"Save me too, argh!"

"My relatives are dying because of you, bastards!"

In the end, the best warriors of the White Wolf Tribe had no choice but to use their maces to strike down the red tigers standing in their way.

They would undoubtedly be annihilated if they didn't.

Occasionally, those who reached the level of Tiger King would counterattack, but their frenzied claw strikes posed no real threat to the members of the white wolf tribe.

Despite the two races not getting along well, the white wolf warriors had no choice but to lament the death of the red tigers.

'Damn! Soldiers destined for a great cause die in vain like this...!'

They don't know the common red tiger warriors, but losing the Tiger King so absurdly was a particularly painful loss.

The Tiger King is a title given only to those who have fighting power equal to the 'best warriors' of the white wolf tribe.

The heads and bodies of the red tigers flew in all directions and were lost in black flames.

Even the white wolf warriors, who had relatively weaker combat power, were still dying.

While Kinzelo wandered through hell within the chaos, the members of Vermont were also going through a terrible time.

'It was ridiculous to fight with Amela all the time, but now it's the black dragon Murakan...!'

Latz, the leader of the Third Division of the Special Forces, gritted his teeth as he thought about it.

Like other factions, Vermont members had never imagined such a situation when heading to Gaifa.

Who would have imagined that Amela would engage in combat with the four main factions, even going as far as casting a curse?

He also thought that there wouldn't be a large-scale war, even if there was a minor conflict among the four main factions.

Because it was clear that everyone was too cautious about provoking each other, as sending many troops to assert dominance was acceptable, but actual combat caused significant losses.

Regardless of who ended up with Amela, they would have preferred to negotiate if possible.

But he never thought that such a large-scale attack would occur.

And even though it was only the beginning of the attack, Murakan was already overwhelming the four main factions.

Ratz and other team leaders felt an overwhelming sense of dread as they watched their members die ceaselessly.

It wasn't just a few casualties.

It was impossible to calculate how much time and resources would be needed to replenish the number of Special Forces members.

It was uncertain whether he would be able to survive and return to the Empire.

Zipple, Kinzelo, and Vermont.

These three factions naturally considered the Hellfire to be Murakan's technique, but Runcandel had a different opinion.

'This is not Murakan-nim's power... It's the younger one's power.'

Vigo cut through the flames and swallowed dry saliva.

Although it was somewhat different from what he had shown during the patriarchal declaration, Vigo was very aware that the Hellfire was a secret technique of the magic sword.

'It has more power than what Sister Luntia stopped at that time, but this is definitely the younger brother's sword technique, not Murakan's!'

A chill ran down his spine, as if a chilling blade had swept across his back.

Vigo also felt a strange mix of emotions, such as admiration, shame, self-doubt, and fighting spirit, which he found hard to describe.

It was because the black tidal wave of hellfire was spreading particularly weakly towards Runcandel.

Of course, it was controlled by Murakan, but Vigo mistakenly believed that Jin was being considerate of him and the Family.

In any case, Runcandel hadn't suffered a single loss unlike other forces.

In other words, the Runcandel Knights believed that their lives depended on Jin.

If Jin wanted to kill them, they would die, and if he wanted to spare them, they would live.

[Yes, feel it! Insignificant fools! Feel the power of the mighty Black Dragon and die, for that will be the best moment of your useless lives.]

Murakan momentarily stopped laughing and spoke.

He had a expression of great satisfaction on his face as he watched the chaos unfolding below.

He was savoring his enhanced power.

He felt a surge of joy and burst into uncontrollable laughter.

His wide-open mouth gave him an undignified look, but luckily, no one could see his face due to the hellfire.

Only one person, Jin, looked at him and sighed in relief.

It seems he has suddenly become incredibly strong.

I wonder what's going on.

It's like some restrictions have disappeared.

Regardless of the reason, it was a fortunate turn of events.

Amela was saved, Murakan became stronger, and an unexpected situation was created where they overwhelmed the four main factions.

Jin quickly racked his brain to see how to make the most of the situation. He didn't need to think too much.


[Yes, no. Well. Thanks for saving me.]

"I'll hear your greetings and details after the situation is over. Instead, I'll give you a suggestion."

[Tell me anything! I won't be friends with Bouvard and Kinzelo anymore, but your friend]

"It's a matter for later. It's also important if I can accept you as a friend. Anyway, hide."


Jin summoned Shuri from the ruby.

As soon as Amela saw Shuri, her eyes lit up just like when she saw the Proch brothers.

"She'll help you. Hide as quickly as you can before this mess ends. Stay near the battlefield and don't come out until I say it's safe."

Jin intended to treat Amela as a "dead person."

Since Amela had already turned her back on the four main factions, Jin decided it would be better to treat her as deceased and secretly include her in his faction.

Of course, that would be after he could trust Amela, but after the extinction of the blue flames, there would be no chance for Amela to hide.

[With this creature? Seriously? Can I take the cuties with me too?]

"No. And if you try to deceive me or escape, then no matter where you are or who is protecting you, I will surely find you and kill you..."

[No way! See you later.]

[Nyaaa, nya!]

Amela mounted Shuri and departed; Jin could see that Bouvard's soul, which had been bound to the Proch brothers, was rapidly fading away.

'I will listen to Amela directly about that... Now, let's clear the place.'

Jin and Murakan's gazes met.

Then, Jin conveyed the next message to Murakan as he uttered the words.

'Now prepare the third comment, Murakan.'


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