SYS (Novel) Chapter 467


-Halo? Do you mean using this body as a halo?

-Yes. The four forces will gather at the Gaifa Islands. Great figures will come as representatives.

-So you don't want to be overshadowed among them, is that what you're saying?

-Exactly. It's also important to be prepared for any unexpected situation.

-Well, I guess I can do that.

-Anyway, are you ready to go? Come back after helping Gilly; I will prepare some comments for you to use according to various situations in Gaifa.

-Comments? What kind of comments?

-I'll tell you later.

A conversation they had just before departing from Tikan to Gaifa.

The reason for preparing the comments in advance was that this place, where the four main factions gathered to compete, was the perfect opportunity to create favorable rumors.

It was rumored that the twelfth flagbearer and his guardian dragon already had great power, to the point that they could be said to have reached the throne of Runcandel.

The need for a halo was not just a word thrown out to please Murakan.

Murakan already possessed all the necessary aspects.

The legitimacy and symbolism of being venerated as the guardian deity of Runcandel, a past greatness that no one could surpass, and the uniqueness of being the Black Dragon.

There's only one thing Murakan lacks.

The "present dignity."

However, even that had been unintentionally exaggerated by the recent "Black Dragon Incident," so it was necessary to continue with the same momentum.

If he demonstrates his prowess in battle a few more times, Murakan will become a halo that shines brighter than anyone else, and Jin is very satisfied that the situation has turned out this way.

'The situation has deviated a bit from what I expected because Amela was already embroiled in a battle with the four main factions, and due to the blue flames, it has involuntarily become fiercer, but it's better. To the point where I wonder if there could have been a better situation.'

Like the Black King incident, it's a perfect scenario to spread rumors with a touch of deception.

The time Jin spent considering the phrases to use while holding the disobedient Black Dragon suddenly felt rewarded.

Third comment?

Murakan raised an eyebrow.

Yes, the third comment!

Jin raised three fingers and squinted, to which Murakan nodded vigorously.

It was as if he had understood perfectly.

Then he said in a majestic and deep voice.

[Insignificant humans, do you... desire...]

As soon as Murakan opened his mouth, Jin had to hold his forehead for the first time in a long time.

That was comment number 33, not number 3.

'Murakan, not 33, but 3! The Third!'

Comment 33 was meant to be used when enemies clearly declared their surrender and swore allegiance.

Naturally, it didn't fit the current situation at all.


The Hellfire was now at its peak, and the last flames were burning fiercely.

The black tidal wave, the desperate screams of those who wanted to survive, and the destruction of humans, objects, and nature had reached its climax.

Therefore, Murakan's mistake was drowned out by the deafening noise.

'It's good that no one seems to have heard it.'

Saying irrelevant nonsense in such a solemn situation actually diminished one's dignity.

Jin rubbed his chest.

Murakan seemed to realize that something was wrong and blinked, looking at Jin.

Murakan looked back at Jin's three raised fingers and, after a while, seemed to realize his mistake and opened his mouth again.

[From this moment on, Gaifa Islands are the land of Murakan.]

Unlike the solemn and deep voice, this time it was dignified and full of strength.

Everyone could hear Murakan's voice clearly even in the terrible disorder.

'His land? Did the younger one kill Amela, the great mercenary?'.

Vigo had no choice but to interpret the situation this way.

If he limited himself to 'subduing' Amela, he would have to show the injured Amela or at least her corpse.

As expected, Amela was defeated by the Twelfth Flagbearer and Murakan.

Latz came to the same conclusion.

He also thought that he would have killed Amela if he had been in Jin's place.

If he kept Amela alive and she didn't show her willingness to be loyal like the ghost mercenaries or the Black Kings, then it would be inevitable for her to join another faction and become an enemy.

No one can touch Amela recklessly after she belongs to another major faction.

In Latz's opinion, now was the best time for Jin to kill Amela 'without burdens'.

Furthermore, it's the best time to kill all the witnesses...

A terrifying future passed through Latz's mind in an instant.

What if only the knights of Runcandel, Jin, Murakan, and Vigo survive on the Gaifa Islands, and everyone else dies?

Therefore, what choice did Amela make, what kind of death did she find, and how did the four main factions that had been searching for her end up, were questions that needed answers.

Even if Runcandel published an article as he wished, the other factions had no means to refute it.

Unless there were witnesses who witnessed the battles on the Gaifa Islands.

'Unlike other Runcandels, the Twelfth Flagbearer is particularly good at public opinion warfare. We have to prevent that from happening!'

In other words, he has to survive.

He had to survive somehow and tell the Emperor what he had seen and experienced today.

[And since you have invaded my land, not a single person will survive]

Murakan finished his third comment.

Latz clenched his teeth, and Jin let out a sigh of relief.

"I will kill everyone without exception."

That was exactly what the third comment meant, but in reality, Jin had no intention of killing them all.

A few would have to return alive for the rumors to spread properly.

However, individuals like Midor Elner couldn't be spared.

Excluding Runcandel, he would spare 5 people per faction, not key figures.

That was the amount of mercy Jin wanted to grant.

The black tidal wave was fading.

The Hellfire was coming to an end.

Finally, the energy of the hellfire dissipated slowly, and what was seen on the ground was a devastated landscape of ashes and death.

No screams or cries were heard.

Jin couldn't even hear the painful sound of someone leaning on someone else.

All that could be heard was the noise of burning corpses and the survivors gasping.

In other words, there were no injured survivors.

Those who couldn't withstand it were all dead.

'The sixth comment.'

When Jin gave a new signal, Murakan looked down.

[Ho, I didn't know there were so many bugs that wouldn't die even if I stepped on them seriously. It's quite unpleasant.]

The sixth comment wasn't all words.

As soon as the comment ended, Murakan released his black breath.

The breath shot towards Kinzelo, and one of the top warriors of the White Wolf Tribe was hit by it and died instantly.

Murakan's strength reached 50%, and the resistance of the White Wolves was consumed like crazy trying to block the flames, so they couldn't respond.

Of course, even considering those factors, there weren't many beings in the world who could defeat the best warrior of the White Wolf Tribe so easily.


The tiger king, the lucky survivor of the Red Tiger Tribe, panicked and took a step back.

He was terrified once again when he saw only the remaining ankles of the dead top warrior of the White Wolf Tribe on the ground.

Now, not only the Red Tigers but even the White Wolf warriors had difficulty suppressing their fear.


Others who were watching involuntarily swallowed dry saliva repeatedly.

'The seventh comment.'

At Jin's signal, Murakan turned his head towards Vigo and Runcandel.

[And Runcandel, leave the island as soon as possible and return to the Main Family. And tell Rosa Runcandel: I will question her for daring to send Family knights to my land without permission. She must have a proper explanation.]

Vigo's and the Guardian Knights' eyes widened.

They could hardly believe what they were hearing.

No, you just said that this land belongs to you from now on.

And are you going to question my mother for sending us to your land without permission?

We arrived first.

What kind of nonsense is this?

While Vigo thought, Murakan's words seemed to make no sense, and it was clear that he was shamelessly despising the acting Patriarch.

But Vigo couldn't argue with him.

It was because he didn't know what would happen if he dared to fight in this situation.

Moreover, opposing Murakan would only worsen the situation.

"...Understood, Murakan-nim. I will deliver your message. But, may I ask you a question?"

Murakan discreetly lowered his eyes to look at Jin.

And Jin nodded.

[Speak freely, Vigo Runcandel.]

"What happened to the great mercenary Amela?"

Murakan lowered his eyes again, and Jin gestured to slit her throat.

[I killed her.]

Everyone had expected this outcome, but hearing Murakan say it directly left them with a hollow feeling.

They had rushed to capture Amela, but they had only suffered significant losses.

Even she was killed by a Black Dragon they didn't expect, and now the Black Dragon said he would kill them all.

At least, no one died in Runcandel, and it wasn't bad because Vigo and his knights only fought in vain.

[You may find the ashes of that stupid mercenary if you look carefully on the coast around there.]

"...Thank you for letting me know, Murakan-nim."

[Now leave.]

"Murakan-nim, can't you give us another chance?"

Murakan furrowed his brows at Vigo's words.

[What are you talking about suddenly?]

"I have no problem if Murakan-nim massacres the imperial family and Kinzelo. However, soon, Zipple will receive reinforcements from the Magic Tower. It's because there's a master of the Magic Tower here. So we will help you."

The staff of the master of the Magic Tower.

Vigo was the Flagbearer of Runcandel, so he had read information about the staff of the master of the Magic Tower that had endangered Jin in Colón in the past.

The ability to call the main division in case of emergency.

Jin shook his head and frowned as much as he could, and Murakan put on the most threatening expression he could.

[Vigo Runcandel, it seems you hold me in little regard. Are you going to help me? Only to deal with Zipple's main division?]

"Murakan-nim, I have no other intentions..."

[If you say one more word, I'll kill you too. Get out of here...]

"I didn't call them!"

Suddenly, someone interrupted Murakan and shouted with a bright voice.

It was Sandra Zipple.

The eyes of everyone, including Murakan, focused on her.

"I didn't activate the master of the Magic Tower's staff. So, great Black Dragon, please stop being a puppet. And you, hidden puppet master, Jin Runcandel. How about finally introducing yourself?"

She was very eager to meet him at once.

Sandra continued with a smile.


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