SYS (Novel) Chapter 470



The Shadow Energy released by Murakan began to color the sky as if black paint had dissolved in a transparent water jar.

It was very fast.

In an instant, it darkened as if it had turned into a moonless night, and Murakan's amber eyes stood out.

Murakan's eyes blinked amid the darkness, resembling the eyes of a reaper, for those who observed him under the darkened sky.

-If I tell you to erase them all from that point on, you can freely use all comments after number 100.

-Comments after number 100? It seems like everyone is talking about death and destruction.

-That's right. You have to use those comments appropriately and really kill them all if possible. Just leave around five people who are not very important in each faction.

-Hmph, brat. It seems you're mistaken. That's something I can do well without separate instructions. Rather, it seems like your comments are used by trash trying to appear powerful. True experts like me instill fear more clearly.

-I know, but I said it because you need a bluff.

-What, a bluff?

-You're not as strong as in your prime yet. Until you find all the strength, let's try to act with it as much as possible. You know your reputation is about to go down the drain after the Black King incident, right?

-Curse it! I don't like it. Anyway, I'll do as you say. How did you choose those ridiculous comments, like "I am Murakan, the worst nightmare a mortal can suffer, you will be killed that you can never dream of"?

-Was that 107? It's not bad, is it? Anyway, when you kill enemies, use techniques that seem as important as possible. Inefficient but beautiful and majestic techniques.

-Okay, okay.

The conversation they had while making comments.

Murakan said he didn't like it, but he actually felt a subtle satisfaction that his prestige had increased considerably after the Black King incident.

Of course, compared to the majesty of his prime, he was now far from it, not even worth mentioning.

However, he felt degraded when people, who didn't know him, treated him like an ordinary Dragon...

(Although there were very few occasions like that).

In a way, now was the opportunity to elevate that level of satisfaction even more.

[I am Murakan.]

Vortices formed all over the black sky.

Hundreds of vortices were created in an instant, and a huge dark punch emerged from the center of all the vortices.

They were black leeches spawning on the ground following Murakan's will.

[The worst nightmare a mortal can suffer]

A solemn but chilling voice weighed on the entire island.

It even resonated in all directions riding on the Shadow Energy curtain, and the island's beasts and insects hurriedly hid from the ominous vibration.

Birds flew off the island, and wild animals and insects burrowed deep into their dens.

Once he had regained 50% of his strength.

It seemed like all the movements of the insignificant creatures were being transmitted to him.

The sound of a flock of birds frantically flapping their wings as they took flight, the sensation of small animals digging their burrows with front paws to seek refuge, and the scurrying and flying of insects delving deep into the forest.

Murakan felt everything as he floated in the sky.

He savored it.

These were the senses he used to enjoy instead of music or magazines a thousand years ago.

He completely forgot about it until he regained 50% of his strength.

Then Murakan waited silently for a while.

He waited for the small creatures to have enough time to escape, and he also checked the positions of the small creatures that couldn't escape to make sure they wouldn't die when the massacre began.

The movements of the insignificant creatures became so clear.

Therefore, he couldn't help but feel the fear of the people beneath him.

He created this kind of intimidation just by exerting his power...!

Imperial Dragons were not afraid of anything.

'They say his heart was wounded, but is this really the power of a wounded dragon? Has he recovered?'

'It's terrifying, terrifying, save me!'

That's what the members of the imperial family, Zipples, and the beastmen of Kinzelo thought.

Their heartbeats and trembles seemed like a good melody to listen to.

'Yes, this is how it felt. The feeling that I can kill and forgive everything at will.'

Murakan's tail stiffened, and his chest trembled at the exciting sensation he had felt for the first time in a thousand years.

He wouldn't be able to savor this feeling against the world's top powers, but right now, he was like the God of the Gaifa Islands.

All of Jin's enemies were extremely nervous, unable to open their mouths.

Only one person, Sandra Zipple, kept cursing incessantly.

"Midor Elnor, ungrateful bastard! I warn you in advance, don't activate the tower master's staff without my permission. Huh? I'll cut your throat and place it in the middle of Drakka Square."

She seemed completely uninterested in her severed arm.

Her amputation had healed a bit, and she had only stopped the bleeding with normal healing magic and not with the power of time.

She not only kept pouring curses on Midor.

Also, she spoke to Jin with an infinitely sweet voice.

"There's been a little problem with our date because of that bastard not worth feeding to the dogs. Will you generously understand it with a heart as good as your face?"

It would be better not to get involved with this human in any way.

Such an instinctive signal resonated strongly in Jin's mind.

Not only did a chill run down his spine, but he also experienced a strange kind of fear for the first time, to the point where Jin's entire body was covered in goosebumps.

"By the way, what were we talking about?"

"The Demon God Orb."

"Ah, that's right. The Demon God Orb. The troubles we went through to get here without Kinzelo..."

"Sandra-nim! No, crazy! Could you lower your tone...?!"

Midor's urgent shouts indicated that Sandra is about to reveal another secret, and Murakan noticed that the little creatures have either left or calmed down.

[You will become a dead person who can never dream again]

Murakan finished comment 107.

Then he scanned the ground with satisfied eyes.

It was to mark the places where the leeches would fall.

Sharp black leeches began to rain from the Shadow Energy vortices.

Each vortex relentlessly spewed a giant punch and hundreds of smaller ones forming around it.

From a distance, it looked as if a swarm of locusts were attacking the islands out of nowhere.

What was even more terrifying was the fact that these punches fell without making any noise.


"Damn it, save Sandra-nim!"


Despite the deluge of leeches, all that could be heard were screams and the sound of destruction.

Normally, a certain degree of collateral damage is expected even among allies when using magical spells or techniques of this magnitude.

However, none of the Shadow Energy punches had fallen on the side where the Runcandel knights were.

They were falling while maintaining a distance of less than a palm's breadth from the Runcandels.

It was as if an umbrella had been put up only on the Runcandel side.

Naturally, the eyes of the Runcandels could only turn towards Jin and Murakin.

Especially towards Jin.

In some ways, he seemed even more threatening than Murakan, who was busy raining leeches.

Jin stood there with an indifferent expression, savoring the spectacle of his enemies' death.

For the Runcandels, it was as if they had surreptitiously spied on the hierarchical relationship.

'Even if the younger one gives an order like that, does he act without a hint of discomfort?'

It is known that the relationship between a Guardian Dragon and its contractor usually places the former in a somewhat subordinate role, but isn't this a case of complete master and servant!

More than stabbing and penetrating, Murakan's punch was literally 'crushing' enemies.

Even if I combine all the Guardian Knights and Application Knights under me, will I be able to keep up with one of Murakan's attacks?

Vigo was convinced that he never could.

'My Guardian Knights can't even compare, and maybe not even my older brother's forces...'

They might not be able to handle Murakan.

Vigo had a sudden thought.

Of course, it wasn't the correct conclusion.

Even if Murakan had regained 50% of his strength, Joshua had the Black Knights, the top Execution Knights of the clan, and elite Guardian Knights.

If Murakan could single-handedly face all of them, Jin would become the patriarch the next day.

Vigo was wrong and genuinely intimidated by the overwhelming strength he hadn't seen in a long time.

And that misunderstanding would become one of the great rumors circulating in the Garden of Swords after his return.

Sandra was also being torn apart.

"Uh, ooh, what, to do, think, marry me."

Surprisingly, she kept regenerating her body just as she had been doing all along, and her gaze fixed on Jin.



The elders who rushed to rescue Sandra let out a cry of agony as they opened a protective shield.

They had to rescue Sandra because it was an order from Midor, but in reality, the elders were powerless.

Midor knew it too.

The pureblood is being torn apart in front of his eyes, but he only gave an order because he didn't know what troubles would come to him after his return if he took no action.

He also needed to create justification.

So many were sacrificed to save Sandra, but in the end, she was not in a condition to command the operation.

Therefore, he had to take command in her place.

"Seventh Tower Master, this is enough. Even if you command now, the patriarch and the elders will understand...!"

"We will be annihilated at this rate. Sandra-nim's regeneration is not infinite. We have to use that method to save her!"

An elder said, looking at the punch that had pierced the protective shield.

Midor could do nothing but nod as if he had no other choice, biting his lips forcefully.

-Considering that the colossal form has disappeared, it is highly likely that the Great Mercenary Amela has already been defeated by Murakan! Seventh Tower Master, I know you want to avenge the former Seventh Tower Master, but you must step back now!

-Seventh Tower Master!

-Stand firm!

That method was the real reason why Midor refused to surrender even after seeing Murakan and Jin's accidentally collaborated flames from the beginning.


Midor took a breath.

He was trying to control his breath, stirred by the excitement of finally being able to revenge.

It might be better this way.

If Sandra had simply asked him to retreat, Midor would have had to leave with no chance of revenge, leaving his nemesis right in front of his eyes.


Midor said as he took something out of his pocket.


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