SYS (Novel) Chapter 471


What Midor Elnor pulled out looked like a cube slightly smaller than a fist.

As he looked at the object, Midor's face was filled with anticipation.

The cube had a blue color that seemed deafening.

Midor's face was full of expectation as he gazed at the object.

The cube emitted a bluish light that seemed adorned with engravings.

'I will finally be able to avenge my older brother Myuron...!'

Myuron Zipple.

Something surged in Midor's heart as he recalled his brother's life, who had died in agony.

Midor had been unable to comprehend the fact that Runcandel, who killed Myuron, was thriving, but Zipple had not avenged him as he deserved.


Midor injected mana into the cube, and the blue color intensified.

It was a light so bright that it stood out for a moment even under the black storm of the shadow force punch.

What is that blue light?

Jin was also checking the blue light of the cube from a distance.

'I don't think it's a magic spell. An artifact?'

Jin couldn't see it clearly due to the black streaks.

However, at first glance, it was clear that it was a type of artifact he did not know.

It also repulsed him.

In this situation, Jin also disliked Midor's sinister expression, as if he were about to burst into laughter at any moment.

Midor had that expression when someone showed their trump card.

Murakan also narrowed his eyes at Midor's appearance.

[There are always fools in every era who are eager to die quickly]

"Kukuku, hahaha!"

Suddenly, Midor leaned back and burst into laughter.

The cube in his hand floated in the air with each side opened.

"Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel, Jin Runcandel, and Black Dragon, Murakan! I have been waiting for this day when I can relieve the soul of my older brother Myuron with your filthy blood...!"

[I can't let you get away with this. Disappear]


Murakan released a breath towards Midor and the Zipple mages.

It was a breath full of strong emotions and anger, more powerful than disintegrating the strongest warrior of the White Wolf Tribe with only one ankle left.

Moreover, the shadow force punches were pulverized along the path of the breath, and it seemed to have the size to turn the mountain range into dust.

Murakan and Jin were the only people in this place who could completely block this breath.

The moment the breath reached the side of Zipple, Midor and the surviving mages had no choice but to open their eyes wide, surprised, and react cautiously.

"Oh, it's still opening!"

"We have to block the breath...!"

The elders who shouted urgently were swept away by the breath and turned into black particles without even finishing their words.

Then, the other mages squeezed all their strength to cast a protective shield, but it was too late.

Murakan's breath mercilessly trampled Zipple's defensive line.

The breath was like a war chariot rolling downhill, crushing dozens of houses before stopping.

Murakan's breath, exhaled carelessly, only stopped after turning about thirty elders into dust and shattering the protective shield formed right in front of Midor.

Midor's excited expression, full of laughter and anticipation, had disappeared.

Midor just stared with wide eyes, sweat pouring from every pore of his body.

The confidence he had when activating the cube had already been crushed.

'...Is this really a breath that can be fired without any warning or preparation?'

It seemed he had miscalculated something.

This premonition stabbed Midor's heart like a knife.

He was wondering if today was really the right time to seek revenge.

It was already impossible to recalculate things.

Murakan became even more furious seeing Midor survive his breath.

His pride was hurt.

[Did you block it? You? It's insane, right? Heh, you. Bastard, you're pissing me off].

As a result, Murakan's tone went a little beyond his usual comments, but the enemies felt more fear because of it.

A powerful figure with unpredictable and whimsical behavior was always terrifying.

This time, Murakan took a deep breath.

He had gathered strength to exhale the breath.

The shadow force punch, which had been coming out silently, instantly extinguished.

This was because he was adding the shadow force used for the black force punch storm to the breath.

The area where the shadow force punch stopped looked like a sterile and desolate test ground for mana cannons.

There was no flat ground left, and the remains of those who had lost parts of their bodies rolled on the ground like dust.

The members of Vermont barely clung to their senses and organized their formation, and the beastmen of Kinzelo were completely devastated, crying while urinating and defecating randomly.

From the side of Zipple, only a trembling Midor and some of the elders remained.

And in front of Jin, Sandra Zipple regenerated.

Clung, clung, the sound of gears turning felt notably slower than before.

'It's more impressive than time authority just to see this.'

Time authority was indeed remarkable, but, as far as Jin knew, it was impossible to recover to that level after a certain death.

Not even Quikantel could restore his disintegrated body.

This is the power of the Demon God's orb and the living golem. It seems clear that the two are being used together.

If Zipple can keep making people like Sandra...

Suddenly, Jin recalled a memory from his past life.

The mirror, the mana source.

In Jin's past life...

Zipple continuously produced seven-star mages, called mass-production mages, after obtaining the Colon Mirror.

And later, they were used to further solidify Zipple's sole dominance over the world.

Sandra's regenerative power was nothing compared to the mass-produced mages from his past life.

Could this be related to my regression?

Could the fact that my regression stimulated Zipple have a profound effect on the direction of his research and its outcomes?

'Then, is Runcandel now at a greater disadvantage than before?'

Jin suddenly thought, but quickly shook his head.

No, now that I think about it, Zipple couldn't have dominated so much with just mass-produced mages.

No matter how many have five-star mana, they can't handle nine or ten-star ones well."

The mass-produced mages at that time would have been just the beginning or material to create a 'weapon' like Sandra Zipple.

At that time, mass-produced mages were a tool to externally propagate Zipple's sole dominance...

But in reality, mages like Sandra Zipple would have been mass-produced to fight battles that were not exposed to the media.

As they did not acquire the mirror in Jin's current life, the research on the living golem was likely much delayed compared to his past life.

Even assuming that, Zipple's living golem had already reached this level.

Sandra regenerated even when her whole body was cut into pieces dozens of times.

'I don't think what I'm seeing today is all of Zipple's secrets...'

The cube shone brightly.

Jin felt intense curiosity about what could make Midor show so much confidence.

Although his momentum had waned a bit after the breath attack.

"You.... Bastard... Stop, just..."

Sandra, whose face had partially recovered, was the first to speak.

Midor could hear her clearly.

They could hear each other's breathing in the silence that followed the cessation of the shadow force streaks.

However, Midor pretended not to hear Sandra's orders and took control of his fears.

Thinking like that.

'Yes, I can win. Let's not be afraid. Today is undoubtedly a day when I can drink the blood of our enemies.'

There's no reason not to with my older brother by my side.

Midor knelt down and raised both hands in a courteous gesture.

As if he had become a believer invoking God.

That was a ritual unique to Midor, completely unrelated to the "full opening of the cube."

It was his way of welcoming and showing respect to the older brother he had finally reunited with.


Light gushed from the fully open cube like water.

The light flowing from the cube surged through the surrounding space like waves.

Dark and ominous blue rays of light seemed to paint the space.

It was a strange sight for everyone except for Zipple, and they had never seen anything like it, not even for Murakan, who had lived for 3,000 years.

'The light is forming something... Ha, this is insane.'

Jin, who observed the progress of the cube's light for a while, had to suppress the curses that came out of his throat.

The first thing the light formed was a human being.

It was Myuron Zipple.

"Older brother, welcome...!"

Midor raised his head and looked at Myuron with sparkling eyes.

Before Jin realized it, Myuron had taken on a physical form composed of something with texture and weight, more like a substance than just light.

However, he was not a completely living person, like when they met in Colon.

His skin was dark blue, like that of an old corpse, and in some places, it had peeled off, exposing bones, teeth, and internal organs.

Additionally, Myuron was not the only thing formed by the cube's light.

A battleship.

Zipple's ultimate weapon, a battleship symbolizing catastrophe in the sky.

A battleship similar to Kozec was also forming behind Myuron.

The blue battleship was significantly larger than Kozec, exuding greater majesty just from its appearance.

The battleship contained numerous mages formed by light, ready for battle.

In other words, a battleship with a massive Zipple army formed in the middle of nowhere on the island.

The shocking scene left everyone dumbfounded, their rationality overwhelmed by the surreal spectacle.

Even Jin was left open-mouthed, pupils trembling with disbelief.

[Ah, the air is so refreshing, Midor]

Myuron finally opened his mouth and spoke with a benevolent yet dignified voice.

Midor's face filled with emotion, as if he were about to cry tears of joy at any moment.

He felt the conviction that now he could avenge his enemies and be recognized by his father.

The emotion that this certainty had produced made his whole body uncontrollably tremble.

He even felt foolish for ever doubting his older brother's power and the strength of his battleship and army.

[And it's been a while, Jin Runcan...]

[Oi, I was watching for a while, just to see what craziness you would come up with this time. But this is what you're showing me, What a nuisance!]

It was then. Murakan released the breath he had gathered.

A shadow force incomparably denser than the black streak that had just fallen rushed towards Myuron and his army.

Midor and Myuron hadn't even thought that their breath could destroy the battleship.

Therefore, they initially planned to defend against the attack and then continue their assault once the breath disappeared.

However, in the next moment, the battleship formed by the light shattered in the easiest way possible.

It looked like paper burned with fire and disintegrated instantly.

Murakan's breath pierced through the center of the battleship and completely destroyed it.

Bum, bang!

The sounds of the ship breaking were unreal to Midor and Myuron, and everything seemed strangely peculiar.

[You damn bastards, you had the audacity to cling to something as substantial as this]

Murakan simply snorted with disdain.


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