SYS (Novel) Chapter 472



What is happening?

Myuron and Midor had to endure an unfamiliar sensation, as if something were escaping from their bodies, a feeling akin to the soul or spirit leaving the body.

It was entirely surreal.

The battleship destroyed in one breath, no. No, calling it "destroyed" was an understatement. What kind of battleship could be reduced to mere "dust" in a single breath?

This was a battleship mass-produced following the model of Kozec, Zipple's ultimate weapon, nicknamed "the power that can destroy the world."

Although it was a mass-produced battleship, even the developers of Kozec claimed that this battleship had more than 50% of Kozec's maximum performance. It wasn't something that could be easily mass-produced.

In other words, it was a battleship that should never have been so easily demolished. 'Kozec-2 Myuron' was a battleship created to dominate the world.

Thud, crash, snap...!

Now the debris of that battleship rained down.

A moment ago, it was a downpour of black streaks, and now it was a rain of shattered fragments from the battleship. The countless broken pieces of the battleship stained the air black like a swarm of insects.

In reality, if Myuron and the passengers had been fully prepared from the beginning and had been able to activate their protective shields as soon as they appeared, the ship would not have been demolished to such an extent.

'My, my... battleship......! My Kozec-2 Myuron."

It fell apart.

The bruised Myuron's blue eyes were tinged with a faint red.

Had the battleship been broken?

The ship was completely shattered, but that wasn't all. The falling fragments not only contained the materials of the battleship but also the flesh and bones of the hundreds of magicians aboard.

Kozec-2 Myuron and his magicians debuted today as "resurrected." But their debut match was against the same Jin and Murakan who had killed Myuron.

There couldn't have been a better debut scenario than this, but the results were so devastating!

[What? Are you crying? Is that bastard really crying now?]

Murakan raised an eyebrow and squinted.

The distance between Murakan and Myuron was considerable, and debris obscured their view, but it seemed there were shiny tears at the corners of Myuron's eyes.

"Elder Brother! Elder Brother Myuron!"

Midor desperately called out to Myuron with a hoarse voice.

Thanks to that, the already collapsed dignity and atmosphere became even more ridiculous, but it wasn't the time to be embarrassed about such things.

"Elder Brother, you have to hold on to your reasons, Elder Brother Myuron!".


[Ha, show me something before you lose your mind. Especially you! You died and came back to life, shouldn't you do something to entertain Lord Murakan?]

Murakan snorted, as if he found Midor's words absurd.

And Vigo and the knights of Runcandel were, once again, misunderstanding the situation.

It was because they didn't know that the performance of Myuron's Kozec-2 was inferior to the original.

It was evident. Myuron's Kozec-2 and the cube that summoned it had just been revealed to the world for the first time.

What? Did he destroy Kozec in one breath?


No, that battleship was larger than Kozec. Who in the world can destroy Kozec like that? My father is the only one capable of such a feat."

The members of Vermont also thought the same as Runcandels.

In hindsight, common sense-wise, it was impossible to destroy a battleship of Kozec's caliber in a blink of an eye. Unless it was the world's only genesis knight, Quirón Runcandel.

Rumors about Murakan's combat prowess were taking a ridiculously huge leap.

[Ha, that. He didn't seem like a person who would sob and lament like that back then. Isn't that right, kid?]

Jin didn't answer but fixed his eyes on Myuron, Midor, and the cube he was holding.

It's not that he didn't answer; he couldn't. Unlike Murakan, and like the rest of the factions, Jin was also left speechless.

However, it wasn't because of Murakan's combat prowess, like other factions.

There were facts that everyone was overlooking due to the stunning sight of a battleship being destroyed with a single breath.

First, the resurrection.

Myuron was resurrected without using Numerus's tears.

'Myuron's resurrection must be thanks to the power of the Demon God's Orb, just like Sandra's regenerative power. I still felt uneasy because we couldn't secure Myuron's corpse due to Zipple's reinforcement in Colon.'

Myuron's resurrection became possible after the production of the 'New Demon God's Orb.'

Luna had destroyed Zipple's first Demon God's Orb when Myuron's corpse was first recovered by Zipple. The same Demon God's Orb that Andrei Zipple possessed.

-Zipple must have promised you eternal life, supreme power, or something. And you must have witnessed the evidence of it with your own eyes.

-I think it's probably the Demon God's Orb. I myself have seen the dead resurrect and gain tremendous power thanks to that strange object. It was a miraculous power that anyone would covet.

-By the way, Barton-nim, do you know what? I've already experienced the Demon God's Orb being shattered by Runcandel's sword. Even my father knew about the existence of the object. So don't dream of anything. The death you face today is complete. Resurrection, eternal life, those vain things won't happen.

Jin suddenly remembered the words he said to Barton Vicena during the mission to assassinate the Black Knight.

Indeed, resurrection itself wasn't so surprising. It was because he had already experienced how the Demon God's Orb saved Vyuretta while battling Andrei when he was a provisional flagbearer.

What really surprised Jin was the existence of the "cube" and not the resurrection.

What the hell is that cube?

It didn't look like a Demon God's Orb. It was unlikely that Zipples would give Midor such an important item. And it looked completely different from what Andrei had.

'It can be said to have been upgraded and has a different shape, but it doesn't have that eerie feeling at all. Especially, Murakan doesn't seem to react much to that object either.'

The Demon God's Orb instilled instinctive fear in dragons.

Murakan showed immunity when fighting Andrei, but Quikantel was unable to fight as soon as he saw the Demon God's Orb.

In that case, the answer was simple:

"Advanced technology, a new weapon of war."

The operating principles of the solid cube were unknown, but its use was very clear:


'It's some kind of transfer gate. It's incomparably smaller than the current transfer gates and has higher performance. Maybe it's such an extraordinary object that it surpasses my imagination and guesses.'

None of the currently used transfer gates could accommodate such a large number of people at once.

Furthermore, it was impossible to move a giant battleship.

His heart suddenly started racing.

Before his eyes was a sample symbolizing the world's number one and Runcandel's greatest enemy—'better invisible technology.

Perhaps the fact that Joshua and the top Flagbearer of other factions went to a different place from the Gaifa Islands has something to do with that technology.'

If Jin could have it, it might have been a bigger harvest than Amela's (who became a potential ally).

[They keep complaining. Ugh, it's annoying to watch. Just stop and die; it's getting on my nerves.]


Murakan took a deep breath again, determined to kill Myuron, Midor, and the remaining magicians.

"Stop, Murakan!"


Murakan, who was about to exhale his breath, suddenly coughed and closed his throat.

[Hey, why so suddenly?]

Jin was already running towards Midor with a gleam in his eyes.

"Shit, damn it!"

Midor shouted and fired a space explosion to prevent Jin from getting closer.

However, the space explosion couldn't easily penetrate the runes and Shadow Energy armor of Myuron.

The Jin that Midor knew in Colon and the Jin now were completely different beings.

Midor also worked tirelessly to become stronger for revenge, but their vessels and willpower were fundamentally different.

It was an insurmountable gap.

"I never forgot the pain you caused me in Colon, Midor Elner."

Bradamante traced a diagonal path.

A swift sword against which even martial artists reaching nine stars couldn't react without haste, so a magician like Midor could only be stunned once.

He had been blocking Murakan's attacks all along the way, causing his mana to deplete.

He couldn't raise his protective shield properly, and he couldn't gather any counterattack.

The older brother, in whom he trusted, was panic-stricken, muttering to himself even though the enemy had just passed him and swung his sword at his younger brother.

Midor was completely exhausted.

A gush of blood spurted out.

Midor's right arm was severed, and blood gushed from his chest.

A cube with a creepy blue glow floated amidst the drops of red.

Mana with ice attributes enveloped the cube.

'There must be a security measure prepared for data leaks.'

It was expected. Just like Vermont's Demon Men rusted without a trace.

In the case of the cube, it was designed to explode.

He felt the imminent threat and was ready to detonate to protect the sensitive information it contained.


Jin planted Bradamante in the ground for a moment, used both hands to grab the cube.

He used his frost seal to wrap the cube, attempting to allow the explosion but maintain its general shape.

There was a roar in his hands and in front of his chest.

It was an intense explosion, as if all the fingers and bones in his chest shattered, despite having a blessedly strong body and Shadow Energy armor.

When Jin finally released his grip, the cube was shattered and in disarray, but most of its components remained intact.

With this level of damage, it can be sufficiently analyzed with the help of the world's top researchers.

Satisfied, he involuntarily smiled.

Midor, on the other hand, was shaken, glaring at Jin as his hair stood on end.

"Myuron, you damn bastard! How can you call yourself Zipples with such incompetence? It's a shame I've lived all these years coughing up so much blood to avenge you."


Midor raised the staff he held in his left hand, a magical tower master staff with runic characters emitting light to call for reinforcements, and aimed it at Jin.

"You wanted to kill me, right? Well, Jin Runcandel. Do it. But my revenge won't end today."

Midor thought Jin had made a "mistake."

Driven by his desire to get a sample of the cube, he failed to anticipate the activation of the Magic Tower Master's Staff.

But the reason Midor could activate it was that Jin had intentionally left his left arm.

"It seems like you, Zipples, take death too lightly due to the high speed of regeneration and resurrection. But, Midor Elnor, do you really think I've made a mistake?"

Jin said as he walked towards Midor.

"I don't know if you have more of these cubes, but isn't it too slow to call the main force with that staff? By the time they arrive, I'll probably be at home, enjoying a hot bath and dinner."

"If it weren't for Talaris that day, you...!"

"If you appear before me again, I'll take it as proof that Zipple can resurrect without a body. So let's not meet again, Midor Elnor."


Jin beheaded Midor as he spoke.


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