SYS (Novel) Chapter 475


Dox McRolan saw countless humans.

To be precise, it could be described as a kind of "tower" formed by countless humans.

It seemed to be at least a dozen meters tall.

The bodies of the humans forming the tower were grotesquely twisted and bent, resembling large bricks.

Dox had experienced many battlefields where blood, bones, and flesh mingled...

But he had never seen a tower constructed with humans like this.


Dox involuntarily held his breath.

The toxic stench of decay and pestilence was so terrible that he felt like his lungs were rotting.

He also felt nauseous, making it difficult to endure.

They are alive.

All the humans turned into the tower's bricks were alive.

Their waists were completely bent in the opposite direction, their necks twisted, and their bodies bent into square shapes to form the bricks, but they were still breathing.

Sounds of humans exhaling heavily could be heard from various parts of the tower.

With each breath, the tower expanded slightly and then sank again.

And their pupils...

Countless pupils blinked.

Some simply opened and closed without focusing, while others seemed to do something by moving their gaze.

The latter were trying to look at Dox.

Is it some kind of ancient dark magic?

Or perhaps a divine possession ritual?

Either way...

This was happening in Hufester, in Runcandel's backyard.

Of course, this place was an "execution ground."

Most of the humans used for the tower were probably serious criminals, but even so, this should not have happened.

Dox didn't care how prisoners died, but this would desecrate the land that venerates combat and battle skills.

-As soon as you recover, head to the city of Rikalton, in the southern region of Hufester. Investigate the truth of what is happening in Rikalton.

Dox remembered the words of the Twelfth Flagbearer.

Even a Black Knight like me knew nothing about Rikalton.

The Twelfth Flagbearer has less access to records than I do, so how did he find out about this place?

The Twelfth Flagbearer possessed an information network that exceeded expectations.

Naturally, he could reach that conclusion.

In reality, Jin discovered this place by chance based on the story Emma had told him, rather than Tikan's information network.

However, that was not an especially important matter.

What was truly important in Dox's mind was how many people within the Family knew this fact.

'And who is the owner of this facility, and what is its purpose?'

The Patriarch, the deputy matriarch, the Chief of the Black Sword Association, and the top Flagbearers.

That was the limit of people who could own a facility of this size.

Cyron and Luna were out of the question from the beginning, and the Chief of the Black Sword Association had recently lost his influence.

If it belonged to the Chief of the Black Sword Association, someone from the Elder Council would have exposed this facility to gain an advantage.

The remaining possibilities were the acting matriarch and the higher Flagbearers.

'It is highly likely that this is the work of Rosa-nim, and the Second Flagbearer...'

The Third and Fourth Flagbearers wouldn't have done such a thing. Until recently, Luntia had been living as someone who had renounced the world, and Dyfus couldn't do anything because of Mary.

Rosa and Joshua, on the other hand, were different. Especially, Rikalton belonged to Joshua.

'After the First Flagbearer abdicated the throne, Rosa-nim showed an obsession with the Second Flagbearer that was sometimes incomprehensible.'

And how everyone around the First Flagbearer was killed and taken in that process was a well-known fact to all Black Knights.

'When the Twelfth Flagbearer chose Barisada during the Selection Ceremony, there were reports that the acting matriarch and the Second Flagbearer were in contact with a magician who was good with Curses. They said it was just a circumstance.'

His head was heating up.

It was because he recalled that the senior knight, who mentioned this, was withdrawn not long after due to an injury during a mission.

He was naive.

It was by no means a typical injury, and Dox shook his head.

Still, I have to report to the Second Flagbearer.

I will personally confirm whether this place really belongs to him and report to...

The moment Dox thought up to that point.

Kakaka, kekekeke-!

Suddenly, laughter echoed throughout the human tower.

They were the voices of the human bricks forming the towers.

Dox prepared himself and assumed a defensive stance as he was about to unsheathe his weapon.


Then he heard a woman's laughter.

Dox had the intuition that the owner of this voice was the manager of this facility.

Step, step.

The woman walked among the human towers.

It was the Prophet.

"Now, a riddle for the foolish intruder."

The Prophet stopped.

Her face was not visible, hidden in deep shadows, but she didn't seem corpulent and gave the impression of being quite young.

"What are you doing here?"

Dox looked at her without answering.

Although she felt vulnerable, for some reason, he couldn't extend his claws towards her.

Dox's body had stiffened, like prey encountering a predator.

A Black Knight from Runcandel had gone stiff.

"You foolish child! It seems like you understand nothing. Well then, here's the next riddle!"

The Prophet extended her open palm.


Dark energy gathered above her.

The power of Solderet, Shadow Energy, emanated from the Prophet's hand.

"Whose place is this?"

The Prophet smiled satisfied, and Dox felt like he had been hit on the back of the head with a mace.

Observing the Shadow Energy, he thought the Prophet was closer to Jin than Joshua.

"I am the subordinate of Jin Runcandel, the Solderet Contractor. So, if the Black Knight of Runcandel is here without permission, he'll have to pay the price."

"...I came here under the orders of the Twelfth Flagbearer."

"Kakak, if that's true, my master is playing another trick. Anyway, I can't let you go. Surrender quietly. I'll have to confirm it with my master. I'll kill you if you resist."

Hahaha, the human bricks of the towers laughed in agreement with the Prophet.

Dox's body was not in its usual state.

He had hurried to Rikalton to settle his debt with Jin without fully recovering.

'I can't win in these conditions.'

Dox turned around as soon as he made that judgment.

The Prophet seemed disappointed as Dox began to move.

"Tsk, that's not fun."

When the Prophet extended her hand, a purple beam shot out.

After seeing that purple beam pass by him and graze his shoulder...

Dox couldn't help but think of the Black King's Mountain.

'This power is similar to what Zephyrin used!'

A shiver ran down his spine.

Dox had never experienced such a crushing defeat as he did that day after living as a Warrior.

The purple beams struck him again.

He managed to dodge or deflect most of them, but a few pierced through.

And it was unfortunate that the rays he missed aimed at vital points.

They were heading for his heart and throat, meaning certain death.

Strangely, as death approached, the face that came to his mind was not those of his Runcandel companions but someone he hadn't thought about at all.

Then, just as he was about to speak that name in his mind...

"Dox, wake up!"


Someone deflected the rays aimed at Dox's heart and throat.


"...That's it, Your Majesty."

The Imperial Palace.

Latz, wrapped in bandages all over his body, reported to the Emperor.

The imperial family sent so many people to Gaifa, but only Latz and the other four whom Jin deliberately left behind returned.

Even those five returned with severely damaged bodies.

Latz, in particular, could no longer perform his duties as the leader of the special forces division.

He couldn't even carry out ordinary movements anymore.

Unlike Jin, the Proch brothers had no qualms about making their enemies as miserable as possible, regardless of their personal feelings.

"It's a pity that the great mercenary Amela died... Haha, but it's quite a gain."

The Emperor's first words after Latz's report were about the "gain."

The first "gain" was none other than information about Zipple's living golem and the Demon God Orb.

'Zipple's living golem technology seems to have superior effects compared to our Demon Men, they're using God Authorities without being the contractors.'

He shivered, and a chill ran down his spine.

The power possessed by Zipple, the world's greatest, always filled the Emperor with reverence.

"Surely, Myuron Zipple has revived with the help of that Demon God Orb!"

The Emperor stood up, exclaiming with admiration.

Since Jin became a provisional flagbearer, no, even before he was born, the Emperor had always been curious about the name of that object.

It was the name of the orb that the great Zipple had coveted.

"Yes, Your Majesty. Based on the circumstances, it seems that Sandra Zipple's high-speed regeneration and Myuron's resurrection were phenomena caused by the Demon God Orb."

"No doubt, there will be a price for it.

Besides, it's probably stronger than the Majins, but there must be limitations to mass-producing these living golems.

The second gain the Emperor had in mind was information about Jin and Murakan.

"Jin Runcandel."

The Emperor smiled at the thought of Jin.

Although their first meeting was disappointing, the Emperor never underestimated Jin's skills.

However, he was convinced that someday those seeking "friendship" in the battles of the major factions would naturally disappear.

Latz's recent report on Jin and Murakan's combat prowess made him think they might become a variable like "Cyron" in the future.

It was a remote possibility, but still.

'Does he have the unique confidence of people like Cyron Runcandel or White Whale? You knew that all information about Zipple would be communicated to me... Why bother sending Latz alive, Jin Runcandel?"

Is this a provocation?

Or is it a sign that this information is not as important?

In any case, the Emperor felt uncomfortable with the sense that Jin is 'underestimating' him.

The Emperor let out a light chuckle.

'Well... My discomfort is nothing compared to the pain you will soon feel.'

A smile formed on the Emperor's lips.

Sword Emperor Castle.

Suddenly, the Emperor was curious to see how Jin would react when Hairan's house, which was slowly being restored, collapsed again.

Hairan was in an isolated state, like an abandoned island, following the terrorist incident in Sword Emperor Castle.

Zipple was constantly pressuring Hairan, and the imperial family did not protect them.

The dignity of the Sword Emperor was more necessary than ever, but Ron was gradually reducing his external activities.

Amidst the circulating rumors that Hairan might fall as it is, the Emperor was determined to make those rumors a reality.

"I'm eager to see how that tough guy values his friendship."

The Emperor murmured to himself and organized his thoughts.

The Emperor was unaware that Zipple had been pressuring Hairan more than necessary lately, largely because of Jin.


"Yes, Your Majesty."

"I'll give you a new mission. As soon as your body transforms, investigate Ron's movements."


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