SYS (Novel) Chapter 476


Tikan continued immersed in the transfer and installation of equipment for the Black Kings.

The works, which began with the arrival of the Black Kings, were a crucial task for the defense of Jin and his companions and the safety of the residents.

It was a long and meticulous process.

"Lower it, further down!"

"There, adjust the cannon angle a bit! Left, left... That's it! Well!"

The world's most formidable mercenaries worked tirelessly day and night, but their voices were cheerful and lively for some reason.

It was all thanks to Amela.

Deep down, everyone had been worried.

Worried that the great mercenary Amela could surpass Jin and Murakan, or worse, that she wouldn't surrender.

Of course, whether she did or not, they didn't doubt Valkas's unwavering loyalty to the new lord.

But somehow, they felt they might lose if Amela resisted well.

Fortunately, Amela yielded after a short time.

As soon as Jin began to show his true strength, she surrendered immediately.

"Haha, anyway, our leader chose the right side. I was a bit worried that both us and the lord would look bad because of the great mercenary. There's also a matter of leader hierarchy."

"The title of great mercenary was just a bluff? I heard from Murakan-nim that she simply surrendered."

"Bluff? You're saying frustrating things. So, are you saying the people who faced her directly on the battlefield were just a bunch of braggarts?"

"The great mercenary not only surrendered but also agreed to play dead. What does this mean? It means that our lord, whom our leader chose, is that remarkable."

In any case, the Black Kings were satisfied that their lord's journey to the Gaifa Islands ended with satisfactory results.

The Phantom Legion Mercenaries sent to work with them also thought the same.

On the other hand, two brothers in Tikan's mansion didn't share the same sentiment.

"Ugh, go away...!"

"Huff, you're so annoying!"

Lata and Fey, the brothers of the Phantom Legion Mercenaries.

They also believed that Jin's forces were increasing even more thanks to Amela, but they couldn't accept the situation as entirely positive.

"Have you had enough, my cuties? Play more with me! Let's play."

Amela reached out beyond her chubby and dense camouflage and hugged them, and the Proch brothers clearly showed their displeasure.

However, the brothers tried to balance things to some extent to avoid causing trouble for their lord.

Normally, they would swing their swords or at least curse, but for now, they only showed slight irritation and avoided running away.

'Lata and Fey surprisingly get along well with Amela... Do they really not hate her that much?'

That's what Jin thought as he watched them.

However, it was a misunderstanding.

The three were running around the mansion, playing what seemed like a hide-and-seek.

"You've been playing for a long time. Calm down and stop running. Do you want to run all day?"

As soon as Murakan shouted, Amela stopped.


Amela bowed her head to Murakan.

Leaves and twigs fell from her chubby and dense camouflage.

The Proch brothers wiped sweat from their foreheads and looked for a cigarette with faces that said life was tough.

Jin stared at Amela.

"Sorry, Jin."

"Why did your tone change like that? You were so confident in the Gaifa Islands."

"I lost my head for a moment back then..."

From what they had observed since Gaifa.

Amela was somewhat like a playful, poorly socialized beast, lacking common sense and a sense of situations.

However, she didn't show the killing intent they saw in Gaifa.

-Occasionally, those who survived by sheer luck and returned from encounters with Amela showed signs of being terrified.

-It's hard to express it in words, but it seemed like she considered us toys or playmates. She wielded a sword at us while saying she was bored.

Also, it matched what the Proch brothers had explained.

-So, it means we should recruit Amela. It's totally different when you temporarily fight on different sides due to different employers and when you become declared enemies. Personally, I think you should consider the possibility of having to kill her if you think she can become an enemy.

-I understand what you mean. Our top priority is to understand what Amela wants. Do you have any specific information?



Amela has been wandering and exploring the world her whole life. I asked her about it when we shared a meal after a battle. She seemed to have a strong desire to find something, but she didn't tell me exactly what it was.

It felt somewhat different from what Valkas had described.

The Amela who had come to Tikan was not as aggressive when playing with the Proch brothers, and she didn't seem to have the intense desire to "search and explore something" that Valkas had mentioned.

She simply enjoyed playing (especially with the Proch brothers), had a friendly personality, and didn't differ much from children who were a bit scary (especially Murakan and Jin).

"Amela, big sister!"


As a result, she got along very well with the other children.

Not only with Kou and Pinte, Euria and the others, but she also seemed to closely follow Enya.

Because of this, it was quite perplexing for Jin.

'She's still dangerous.'

At first glance, it might seem that, after surrendering, she instantly turned into an ally and integrated into Tikan, but Jin still couldn't truly trust Amela.

It was a fact.

With the unpredictable elements that Amela possessed, you never knew when and how they might come into play.

It was impossible that a bond had already formed between her and the people of Tikan.

-[Tell me something! I'm no longer friends with Bouvard and Kinzelo; I'll be your friend].

There's also the fact that she betrayed Kinzelo too easily.

If someone gives her clues about Chaos, she might betray Tikan in a similar fashion.

Someone who couldn't be fully trusted or outright rejected.

That's how Jin perceived Amela.



"There are quite a few things you need to tell me. About Gaifa, how you used Bouvard's soul to amplify the power of Chaos, the information about Chaos you've found so far, and more."

"You can ask anything, and I'll answer."

"But right now, I can't trust what you say."

"I don't tell lies because I, Amela, am a good girl."

"That's why I've brought someone who might see through you."

Amela raised an eyebrow, and her face hidden under the dense camouflage seemed to have a question mark floating over it.

"Someone who can see through me? Ah, is it Euria?"

"Unfortunately, it's not me, Amela."

Euria didn't address Amela as "sister."

Her way of treating Amela was more like treating a younger brother.

Of course, you could verify Amela's words with the truth-telling power Euria possessed.

However, Jin and his companions had decided not to use Euria's power on Amela due to the uncertainty of how the power of Chaos might affect her.

They still had very little information about Chaos energy.



Someone appeared out of nowhere and shouted loudly into Amela's ear.

Amela jumped as if struck by lightning, and others nearby were equally surprised, their eyes wide open.

It was Yona, the person Jin had brought to examine Amela.

As always, she approached Jin unnoticed using her ghostly stealth.


Yona smiled as she looked at Amela.

Her first words were:

"Do you want to die?"


"Yes, you."

When Yona started walking, Amela took a few steps back.

Before she could walk more than a few steps, she was trembling and unable to meet Yona's gaze.

"Ugh... I don't want to die."

"Hehehe, shh."


Amela reached the wall and cowered.

Yona looked at her with her characteristic murderous gaze.

I don't know what's going on with her, but if I stop her, I'll be in an even worse situation.

No one interfered with Yona's actions.

Even Murakan refrained from commenting on her actions.

'Come to think of it, she exuded a powerful aura the first time she saw Bouvard's sculpture when I was a Provisional Flagbearer.'

Someone like me.

Back then...

Yona had mentioned that she was of the same type as her while observing Bouvard's sculptures in the feudal state of Kurano.

At that time, Jin didn't know it was related to Chaos, but now he could understand.

Suddenly, a gust of wind began to blow near Yona.

Magical lamps randomly shattered, cracks formed in the walls, and the ceiling seemed like it would collapse at any moment.

Jin signaled with his eyes, and the Proch brothers quickly ushered everyone out of the room.

Meanwhile, Yona's power continued to intensify.

[Get out.]

Yona's voice echoed as she began to float in the air.

In the darkness, Yona's shadow, which had grown disproportionately, hid Amela, who was crouched.

'Elder Sister Yona's shadow is different from her...!'

The gigantic shadow was drawing a different shape, not Yona's.

It seemed to be drawing the mouth and fangs of some kind of monster.

Instinctively, Jin and his companions realized that was the shape of Chaos that Yona possessed.

And an instant later...


Amela slumped forward as if fainting, and something like a black soul emerged from her.

It was Amela's Chaos.

Unlike Yona, this Chaos had a clear form.

It had a black, humanoid shape, with horns and a tail.

If it had been alone, Amela's Chaos would undoubtedly have emitted a tremendous sense of intimidation.

But in front of Yona, her Chaos seemed paler than a fang.

[You thought you could hide, huh?]

Yona, with her cold gaze, observed Amela's Chaos.

[You... have mercy...]

[This is my first and last warning. If you ever harm my little brother...]

Thud! Swish!


The black lump fell to the ground.

They were the cut arms and legs of Amela's Chaos.

Yona didn't wield any weapon; she had simply moved her gaze to cut the limbs, and her Chaos devoured them.

[And you'll never enjoy freedom again.]

[I will obey you. I will follow you and your little brother as my masters!]

Even after experiencing the loss of its limbs, Amela's Chaos obediently lowered its head in submission to Yona.


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