SYS (Novel) Chapter 477


'Is it the manifestation of Chaos?'

Yona's Chaos continued to lick its lips as if hungry.

Amidst the confusion caused by the sudden appearance of chaos forms, Jin focused on a particular aspect of the chaos taking shape in Yona's shadow.

At first glance, it resembles Shadow Energy.

He had a similar thought when he saw Amela using the murky aura on Gaifa.

However, Yona's Chaos gave an even closer impression to Shadow Energy.

'Furthermore, this manifestation... It almost seems like a manifestation of a God.'

Some Gods could manifest through their Contractors.

In the Blue Bird Islands, Peitel manifested through Yulian, and Picon Minche and Olmango had also manifested in front of Jin in the same manner.

The manifestation of Yona and Amela's Chaos seemed like a phenomenon similar to the manifestation of a God.

The only difference between Amela's Chaos manifestation through Contractors and Yona's Chaos was that Yona seemed to control her Chaos while they lost consciousness after the manifestation.

Amela's Chaos vomited something that looked like black blood.

[You must keep that promise. From now on, you must treat my only little brother with more care]

[Understood, definitely...!]


Amela's Chaos bowed its head and slowly faded away.

It vanished to hide deep within Amela once again.

It was also due to the severe and irreparable injuries that it couldn't maintain its form.

Yona, who had been floating in the air, landed on the ground, starting to absorb the Chaos energy.

However, the Chaos seemed reluctant to comply with her intentions.

It lowered its head to avoid Yona's gaze and groaned in an attempt to break free from the restraint.

But as the pressure grew stronger, it seemed it could no longer resist.

The form of Chaos returned to Yona's shadow.

Just before disappearing completely, Yona's Chaos left these words:


[Or kill him...!]

At that moment, Jin felt as if he had encountered the rebellious Chaos for the last time.

Jin had a hunch that the Chaos was referring to itself.

-From now on, you must never bring out that power in front of me. Please don't ask me for details.

-I lose my nerves when I see Shadow Energy.

-You don't have to regret not explaining to me. Hehehe, I thought the younger one would hide that power from me, at least until he became a Flagbearer...

Suddenly, Jin recalled Yona's words after they had investigated Bouvard's sculpture workshop.

At that time, Jin had brought out Shadow Energy, a sign of his trust in Yona.

However, as soon as she saw Shadow Energy, she screamed in agony as if struck by lightning.

Yona's Chaos feared Shadow Energy.

That's why Yona's Chaos whispers to kill Jin every time they meet.

For a normal person, no. Even someone who had grown up and trained to awaken extreme willpower found it difficult to ignore that sweet voice.

Yona had been overcoming all those temptations and intimidations by herself.

Even at this very moment.

And she asked for nothing in return.

Protecting her dear little brother was something Yona simply considered her duty.

"Yes, go ahead and die. Keke."

In a short time, Chaos had completely faded away, and Yona's shadow returned to its original form.

The darkened interior brightened as if the storm had passed and the weather had cleared, and all the objects that had been swept away by the wind fell to the ground.

"Ugh, coff! Wh-what?"

During a brief moment of silence, Amela, who had fallen, suddenly got up and coughed.

Her camouflage suit trembled, and her eyes anxiously moved behind the hood.


However, upon meeting Yona's eyes again, she fainted once more and fell to the ground.

"Wow, is she dead? Hey, wake up... Ah, she's just sleeping!"

As they approached, they heard the regular sound of her breathing.

Murakan seemed puzzled and shook his head as if expressing his surprise, then tossed Amela onto the bed.

"She'll sleep soundly for a good while, hehehe. Hello, Murakan. It's our first meeting, isn't it?"

"Pleased to meet you. The brat talked a lot about you."

"Really? Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously."

"He talked a lot about me?"

"That's right. But why are you talking to me so informally? I'm a Black Dragon who's over three thousand years old, and I'm the guardian deity of your Family."

"Because Jin also talks to me informally."

"I see."

Surprisingly, Murakan didn't seem to have any issue or make any sarcastic comments about Yona's lack of etiquette.

He simply shook hands with Yona.

"Elder Sister."

When Jin approached, Yona's eyes sparkled.

In contrast, Jin could only look at her with a worried expression.

Yona's face was unnaturally pale.

It was a face Jin had never seen before, a face that looked exhausted.

"I missed you, my little brother!"

"Are you okay? You look very pale."

"I'm not okay. I'm going to die soon."

"Don't say that, not even as a joke."

Jin took out a handkerchief and wiped the cold sweat from Yona's forehead.

Yona smiled, feeling proud of her little brother.

Then, suddenly, she made a pout and lightly tapped Jin on the forehead.


If Jin had been a normal person, his head would have gone flying.

But Jin ended up with a bump on his forehead like a big chestnut.

'Wait... Is this the strength of Elder Sister Yona? Isn't this Luna's?'

Instead of feeling unfair or hurt by the sudden blow, Jin was more stunned by the overwhelming power.

"Ugh, as expected, you get stronger every time you call me. Sorry, little brother. I didn't mean to hit you so hard. But it's okay to get hit, right? No, you should be hit. Call me something so trivial!? You'll get in trouble!"

Jin thought that the big issue Yona was talking about was Cyron's order.

After all, Cyron had always made it clear that no one from the Family should use Yona for their purposes.

"Sister, if it's about father."

"No, it's not that! I was so happy that you called your Elder Sister for some reason. I thought you wanted to play with me, of course. But I had no idea you had another reason. Hehehe."

Jin got chills.

And he felt genuinely sorry.

As Yona said, it was a matter that could easily offend her.

"I'm sorry, sister."

At that moment, Kashimir, Valkas, and Jet, who had sensed the commotion, arrived at the room where Jin was.

"Jin-nim! What's going on...?"

"My lord, are you..."

Kashimir and Valkas began to inquire but fell silent upon seeing Yona.

'Is this Yona Runlandel?'

Jet didn't recognize her.

"If you keep acting like this, your precious friends will die one by one. Do you understand?"

Then Yona spoke with a playful smile,

"Hey! What's this girl saying? I should give her a good beating! My lord! Please let me do it!"

Jet shouted without realizing the situation.

Yona looked at Jet as if finding his reaction quite interesting.

"Yes, Jet. I am Yona. Long time no see."

"Ha! When did we see each other for you to pretend to know me...? Wait, Yona. Yona... Yoona...? Oh, are you? Yona... Runcandel...-nim?"

At the words "Long time no see," Jet's hair stood on end.

Although Jet couldn't see her, Yona had seen him quite frequently.

The same went for the other companions.

"I take full responsibility for my boldness. I'll do anything if you forgive me. I'll teach you anything! Oh, my lord, please help me...!"

In reality, Kashimir and Valkas were on high alert, ready to protect Jet if they felt any killing intent from Yona.

"He is a loyal subordinate of our lord. What if you forgive him, Yona Runlandel?"

Valkas had experienced Yona in the past, and he knew there were very few people she couldn't kill if she set her mind to it.

Valkas also knew that she regarded life lighter than a feather.


Yona shrugged.

"Little brother."

"Yes, Elder Sister."

"Now you might understand why ordinary people find me so uncomfortable or frightening. Well, at least a bit."

Yona had recently gained the ability to control a part of Chaos thanks to her desire to protect Jin.

This made her stronger and closer to others.

Some of the emotions that Chaos had damaged had been restored.

In other words...

Yona no longer treated life as lightly as when she met Jin.

Of course, as she could only control a "part," her emotions had not fully returned to normal.

She didn't give more explanations, but Jin felt that Yona's words held deeper meanings.

"People who are precious to my little brother are precious to me too. I was just kidding, Black King Leader. Relax a bit. Jet, lift your head too, hehehe."

"Thank you, Yona-nim!"

Yona turned around and met Jin's eyes again, who was regaining his complexion.

"Anyway, the next time you call me, it'll be for play. I'm dying to know how your declaration as patriarch went! I always see it in the newspapers and hear it from others!"

Every word of hers made Jin's heart race.

"So, from now on, come out with me for a stroll and let's talk about the stories we've missed. Hehe!"

In fact, Jin had initially planned to ask for Yona's help and deal with one more matter before returning to Samil.

Just to break the ice with her, as Yona said.

The reason Jin was moving so urgently was that there was something bigger than Mercenary Amela.

Jin had not found any clues about this matter yet.

So, Jin had planned to go to the Garden of Swords as soon as he finished verifying Amela's words to meet Vigo.

Since Vigo had gone to Gaifa on behalf of Joshua, he likely possessed more information than Jin, which is why he had planned to use Gaifa's debt as leverage to find out.

However, Jin couldn't deny that Yona was important, not only out of regret, but because Yona is more precious to Jin than anyone else in the world.

Above all, there were times when family feelings took priority.

And that's exactly what was happening now.

"I have so much to talk about and stories to share with you, Elder Sister. Thank you for your forgiveness. Shall we go for a walk?"

"Hehe, sure, sure."


Yona smashed through the window and jumped outside, and Jin followed her.

As they landed in the garden...

"Is that a ship?"

Jin could confirm that a ship was approaching Tikan from the other side of the sea.

The ship stood out because it lacked identifying marks.


Yona, on the other hand, tilted her head as if she knew whose ship it was.

"Eh? It's Sister Mary's ship."


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