IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 143




Isaac's horse headed towards a mansion located near the capital.

"Uncle, where are we?"

"The house where I stay these days. I borrowed it."

Liena dismounted the horse and carefully surveyed the well-organized mansion.

It was far from the Cassius residence or Mikhail's palace, but it wasn't bad.

"Well, I'm not in a position to complain right now."


"No. Thank you for your invitation."

"...Fine, let's go in quickly."

Isaac led Liena inside the mansion and handed her some hot tea.

Liena's heart, which had been in hell a moment ago, melted at the warm hospitality.


Then the tears started to well up again.

The stern faces and cold tone of the three, father and sons, she found in the house bothered Liena.

"What's wrong, my niece? Tell me everything."

While Isaac gently grunted, Liena told him everything she had experienced as if a dam had broken.

Of course, without mentioning black magic, she excused the interception of the adoption site, saying it was a trap.

"That's too much! How could your father and brothers do that? You must feel very sad and wronged."

How many years had they been a family, but how could they change in an instant?

She had known for a long time that the blessing she had granted them was faltering, but it was a great shock to meet those who had changed their minds.

"It's okay, Liena. How much your family loves you."

Isaac smiled and reassured her.

"Even if they may have been deceived by that ridiculous slander at the moment, they will soon come to their senses and come to apologize to you."

"Do you really think so?"

"Of course! I can guarantee it since I've seen your family's solid relationship from the outside."

That comfort seeped into Liena's heart.

"Yes, my father and brothers are probably doing this because they are in shock right now."

The truth about the adoption revealed by Ethel will be quite shocking, but as time passes, they will come to their senses and regret trying to lock her up in a hospital.

Above all, she believed that her father and brothers' blessing from the goddess was just a slight reinforcement.

Because there is genuine affection between her and her family that goes beyond blessings.

As evidence, unlike Roland, they cared for Liena until the end.

Isaac also gave confidence to Liena.

"If you wait here for a while, your father and brothers will soon come to apologize to you."

"But what if they send me to the hospital again?"

"If that happens, don't worry, I will protect you no matter what."

"As I said before, thank you very much, Uncle."

She felt at ease because Isaac was truly a man who would use any means possible.

Liena, who had been busy for a while, was worried about other problems.

"But why do I keep getting into trouble with blessings?"

At first, she thought it was because of the Cassius blood, but when even Mikhail's condition seemed strange, the possibility that the cause was elsewhere arose.

There is definitely something there. While Liena thought about what it could be, the person who had been causing a rift between her and her family a moment ago came to mind.


Could it be that Ethel also has a mysterious ability like her blessing?

What if different people receive different blessings from the goddess?

For Liena for the past ten years, the goddess's blessing was like the power to be loved, so naturally, she couldn't think of other possibilities.

The pride of being the only one chosen by the Goddess further solidified her complacency.

Therefore, she thought that the reason Ethel suddenly found memories of her past life must have been the Goddess's mistake, a mistake of the world, or something like that.

"But was Ethel also chosen by the goddess?"

It was an assumption she really wanted to deny, but she couldn't think of any other possibility.

Now that she thought about it, the moment Ethel found her memories and the moment there was a problem with Liena's blessing were similar.

She should check this. Let's check and see if this is really Ethel's plan.

"I won't let you go!"

"What? Don't you want to take your family with you? You even dragged Angela and stabbed me shamelessly in the back."

First of all, the cause of the problem was that she thought Angela would continue living hidden and stopped paying attention. She turned a blind eye because of the old times.

Liena stood up, trembling with anger.

"What's happening, Liena?"

"I need to go somewhere. I have something to find out."

"It's dangerous. If your family finds you now, they might force you to go to the hospital."

"It's okay. I'll walk without getting caught."

"No, you must stay here, safe."

"Uncle, don't worry. It's really fine! I just have to disguise myself."

Liena smiled cheerfully, happy that Isaac was extremely concerned about her.

"You can't go out, Liena."

As if in response, Isaac also displayed a charming smile, and for some reason, a strange feeling of pressure took hold of Liena.

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