LWTG (Novel) Chapter 502


"What the hell is in that sky?"


Son OhGong dropped the piece of meat he held in his hand.

After blinking for a moment, he picked up the meat stained with sand again. Chewing the meat along with the sand, a crunchy sound was heard.

Hercules looked at YuWon after scanning the surroundings.

He wasn't as surprised as Son OhGong, but YuWon also showed signs of uneasiness in his eyes.

"Why do you ask?"

"I thought it wouldn't be as simple as changing color. There must be a reason."

YuWon and Son OhGong hesitated to answer.

The silence that lasted a moment became suffocating, and Hercules continued to press.

"Do you not know either?"

"No, it's not that we don't know."

"Then why?"

"We think it would be better if you didn't know yet."

As if having made a decision, YuWon nodded while speaking.

"You shouldn't know it lightly, or you might give up, like we did."

"Give up, you say?"

Hercules' eyebrows twitched for a moment.

Just as he was about to object, Hercules' gaze fell on Son OhGong.

Trembling hands.

He, who feared nothing and no one, was trembling in fear.

Why would he be so afraid?

Just as Hercules' curiosity was growing...

"Why are we here?"

YuWon's question made Hercules realize.

"Don't worry about it, never seek it out. Under no circumstances."

The reason they both abandoned the future and chose this place was that they had given up on winning.


That day.

Hercules looked up and stared at the peaceful sky.

The starry sky that looked like the stars could fall at any moment.

'Is there something up there?'

"Shub-Niggurath is dead, so there are only three we need to be concerned about in the future."

YuWon, who had stopped eating, showed three fingers while speaking.

"As I said before, the first is the sky. Absolutely. Don't look at it even by accident."

"I'll keep that in mind. And then?"

"Foolish Chaos. But it probably isn't as dangerous to encounter him. He's a cautious guy, doesn't use his power recklessly."

"In the future..."

"Ah, I've already faced him."

Hercules nodded.

YuWon used Foolish Chaos to fight Shub-Niggurath. At YuWon's signal, who caused a commotion in Valhalla's Colosseum, Foolish Chaos arrived at YuWon's room, and Hercules saw him outside the room.

"So, we just have to be careful with one more."

"Who is it?"

"We don't know his True Name, so I can't answer that. Instead, we only know some of the Names he has."

As if it was difficult to mention the Name, YuWon took a deep breath and began listing his Names one by one.

"Magnum Innominandum. Indescribable Existence. The Nameless Mist."

Only three Names.

"He might not be the strongest, but he's the most dangerous."

"What are you saying?"

"Many people have died at the hands of that mist."

If ever the wall collapsed and the mist appeared from outside.

"If you see dense mist under the purple sky, run immediately."

The most important action to take would always be "to run."


The one who led the alliance of Guilds during the fight against Shub-Niggurath was Lee Rangjin, one of the active High-Rankers of the Celestial Realm.

As one of the oldest High-Rankers along with Odin, Lee Rangjin had no rival in history, whether in terms of age or skill as a military commander.

Step, step.

The warriors of the Celestial Realm followed Lee Rangjin.

Not only that.

Even the Devas and Olympus followed him.

Thousands of Rankers headed to the battlefield in Asgard following Lee Rangjin.

"It's strange."

Lee Rangjin raised his hand.

The Guild Alliance, in a hurry to head to Asgard, stopped moving.

Michael, who followed him, asked.

"Why are you stopping?"

"Isn't it strange?"


A blurry mist enveloped the surroundings.

It wasn't a common natural phenomenon. Lee Rangjin drew his sword.


Arcane power emanated from the tip of the spear.

Lee Rangjin's sword traced a curve. After a few changes, it soon turned into a sharp and long line that extended forward.


The sound resonated as the sword cut through the mist in half along with the ground.

As if a natural disaster had occurred, the cracked terrain split in two.

Lee Rangjin was once a general who led the Celestial Realm as a rival to The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

The Rankers from various Guilds who followed him were dumbfounded at the skill he showed.

"Of course..."

"It wasn't a lie that he was on par with The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal."

"Hey, what era is that from? Look at the Ranking now."


A discussion about Lee Rangjin's abilities began.

However, those who had reached a certain level didn't show much interest in Lee Rangjin's attack.


They began to focus on the mist that appeared before their eyes.

"It's strange."

"Yeah. At this level, it wouldn't be strange to cut through..."

Michael, leading The Heaven. And Athena, who came to lead the Rankers on behalf of Olympus.

Both watched as Lee Rangjin precisely aimed at the mist and swung his sword.

But beyond the complete division, the mist showed not the slightest movement.

Lee Rangjin looked at himself reflected in his sword.

He had confidence in overcoming anything, whether it be fire, water, or a towering mountain.

However, he couldn't even cut through the simple mist.

It didn't take long for him to notice something strange.

"We were going in circles."

"Are you referring to us?"

"Since when...?"

Confused faces.

But if it had to be said who was more worried, that would be Lee Rangjin.

Unlike the others, he had been in this mist for a long time.

"Since when, you ask?"


Looks questioning what he meant.

Thinking about it, Lee Rangjin chuckled to himself.

It seemed that no one else noticed how strange it was.

"Even I don't really know. Now that I think about it, I don't know since when. I don't know how much time has passed."

"What are you saying...?"

"We've been walking here for more than half a day."

"Half a day?"

"What nonsense!"

Surprise left them speechless.

In a situation like this, Lee Rangjin wouldn't lie, and others also began to feel something strange.

"Are you going to stop hiding now?"

The true nature of the mist began to become visible.

The mist vapor condensed and formed a single blurry shape. Thousands of Rankers, led by Lee Rangjin, tensed at the appearance of this figure, unsure if it was human or a specter.

"I've never hidden."

A voice was heard.

The direction of the voice couldn't be determined. Whether through the specter that appeared in front of them or from a completely different direction.

"I just wasn't seen by you."

"Yes, that's what I believe."


As if long words weren't necessary, Lee Rangjin grabbed his sword.

The other Rankers did the same.

As numbers are numbers, they couldn't waste more time here just because one guy was blocking the way.

"If something stands in my way, I'll cut through it."

"Are you going to stop us all by yourself?"

Thousands of Rankers raised their Arcane Power in unison. The ground trembled, and the mist around distorted.

Despite having clear numerical superiority, Lee Rangjin couldn't relax.


The fight with her and her thousand goats.

At that time, the Tower moved to block a single entity.

They were extraordinary beings. Unexplainable existences.

And as expected...

"I never tried to stop them. And..."

That was also the same this time.

"You should have said 'I' instead of 'we.'"



Lee Rangjin hastily looked around.

He couldn't feel the Arcane Power of the Rankers he had felt moments before.

Suddenly, Lee Rangjin was alone. All the Rankers around him had disappeared without a trace.

"What have you done?"

"I am The Nameless Mist. Magnum Innominandum and at the same time, an Indescribable Existence."


The mist scattered like a hurricane.

Only then could Lee Rangjin determine the direction from which that voice came.

'Is all of this mist?'

Before they knew it, they were inside the guy.

Perhaps at any moment, this mist could turn into swords and spears aimed at their necks.

"You can never fight together at all. Everyone is just an individual."


The gathered mist enveloped Lee Rangjin's body. He quickly swung his sword held in his hand to disperse the mist.


A hurricane was created with his sword.

Countless threads of energy pushed the mist. The technique was used with the idea of escaping from this place first.



The force released by the sword dissipated quickly like the sound of a deflating balloon.


Lee Rangjin's eyes widened as if they were going to tear.


The mist surrounded his body. After wielding his sword with all his might, he had no other way to resist.

"Don't worry."

A voice with a touch of mockery.

Finally, Lee Rangjin's sight completely darkened, and his body was engulfed by the purple mist.

"You will also meet the others in the same place, eh..."

It was strange.

The voice that until a moment ago seemed carefree now seemed to be trembling a bit.

The mist that enveloped Lee Rangjin's body also stirred strangely.

What had happened?

"...Who are you?"

At the moment that question was asked.

"I've lived for over ten thousand years, but this is something new."

It wasn't the voice of The Nameless Mist but another familiar voice that reached Lee Rangjin's ears.

Step, step.

"The youngest one told me first. The world is a wonderful place when you live for a long time."

Someone brushed away the purple mist with their hand and entered. Due to the diffuse mist, their face couldn't be seen clearly, but Lee Rangjin could be sure of who it was.

"...To think the day would come when I would need your help."

"Everything has its time, sooner or later."

A tall man entered, holding an iron club with one hand and parting the mist with the other.

A High-Ranker with the title "Heavenly Pacifier."

The Great Sage, Who Pacifies Heaven: The Bull Demon King

He himself entered the mist.

"With this, you owe me one, Lee Rangjin."

"No problem. Moreover, I'll pay you back with interest."

"Interest doesn't matter. Just give me the best wine from the Celestial Realm."

"Haha, I will."

The corner of Lee Rangjin's mouth lifted.

In this situation, there was no ally as reliable as the Bull Demon King.

"First of all, we need to clear this annoying mist."


The Bull Demon King struck the ground with the Mixed Iron Rod he held in his hand.


Vibrations spread from where the Mixed Iron Rod hit.

'Although commonly known as the King of Strength, the Bull Demon King...'

At the same time as the vibrations, the mist around began to gradually dissipate.

'He's the best Sorcerer in this Tower.'


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