LWTG (Novel) Chapter 505


It was a day when the mist hung vaguely.

Azathoth contemplated the mist with his thoughts.

-How far does this mist go?

Azathoth asked Shub-Niggurath and Nyarlathotep, who followed him.

Now, Shub-Niggurath, in the form of a quite large goat, and Nyarlathotep, stripped of the form of a child, tilted their heads.

Although he had walked for a long time, the mist seemed to have no end.

No matter how much he walked, he couldn't escape the mist.

Azathoth realized quite late the reason.

-You too... were following me.

Another joined the journey of aimless steps.

It was strange.

Starting with a goat, the group continued to grow.

Now, not only people and animals, something that was neither human nor animal began to accompany them.


Azathoth gave a Name to the mist.


-Furthermore, 'The Nameless Mist.'

Azathoth gave another Name to the mist.

From one day, The Nameless Mist, whose Name no one knew, followed them.

At first, he thought traveling with it wasn't so bad.


He remembered that moment.

It wasn't a good memory. It seemed good at that time, but now it had become the opposite.

Was it because he was betrayed once?

Or maybe because the current Azathoth was also Kim YuWon at the same time.


['Amorphous Chaos' adheres to the 'Otherworld Sword'.]


The sword's tip split 'Magnum Innominandum's head in half.

'Now it doesn't really matter.'

The name wrapped around the sword's tip pierced the mist. The mist, which couldn't be cut, was cut like a chopped tree and disappeared.


The enormous creature made of mist writhed in pain.

Nyog'Sothep exclaimed in surprise.

-How is this possible?

YuWon's sword couldn't be simply explained as sharp or powerful.

When the mist was cut, the Name was also cut with the sword.


It was snatched.

Amorphous Chaos.

The power imbued in the sword ate the Name that Nyog'Sothep had.

-Is it really you?

"You're asking the same thing again."

YuWon replied as he continued to swing the sword.

"You're half right."

['Amorphous Chaos' cuts 'The Nameless Mist']

[Divine Power increases by 1]

The Name and power returned through the sword's tip that cut the mist.

"The other half is wrong."

-It can't be!

"Didn't Nyarlathotep tell you anything?"

The mist trembled as if confused by YuWon's question.


If we talk about Foolish Chaos, surely it would realize his existence to some extent...

"It seems like he's still thinking a lot."

What else would he be plotting?

After gaining the power and memories of Azathoth, YuWon learned more about Foolish Chaos.

The battles of the future. And the battles of the present.

And the past, from before Foolish Chaos obtained his first Name to after.

Maybe, unknowingly, he, who knew Foolish Chaos better than anyone inside and outside the Tower.

'That guy.'

That's why YuWon was sure.

'He's plotting something outside too.'


YuWon, wielding the sword lightly, looked at the center of the mist.

Since before, he had been slowly cutting the mist.


YuWon clicked his tongue as if something displeased him.

"Both Hyung-nim and those guys. They shouldn't have gotten involved unnecessarily."

The Bull Demon King and the Rankers trapped in the mist.

Most of them probably didn't even know when they were caught by the mist.

The Nameless Mist. Nyog'Sothep was such an existence.

So large that it couldn't be seen, rather invisible.

That was precisely one of the abilities of Magnum Innominandum. One of the strengths of its Name.

"Fortunately, thanks to Hyung-nim's spell, they weren't completely swallowed."

What if there was another guy like Son Goku?

Who knows, but things would have been quite different.


The large lump of mist began to move.

At first glance, it seemed as if the mist carried by the wind was moving.

But, looking at it from afar, it resembled a cloud-shaped giant monster, akin to a dragon, spreading its wings.

"Are you running away?"

YuWon raised his head and looked at the purple mist that had turned into clouds.

The dragon of clouds with outspread wings looked a bit unstable.

One of its wings was cut, and half of its head was flying.

If it had been like that, The Nameless Mist would have restored those cut parts, but it couldn't.

The place where the Name was cut couldn't be filled with anything. It was as if the existence itself had disappeared.

-Yg-Yog! Sotot-!

Nyog'Sothep soared into the sky.

Where it pointed was the sky.

Beyond the purple sky, there was a place with gigantic nebulas and many Names.


"Calling a Name you can't even pronounce."

Thus, from above Nyog'Sothep's head, a small but clear voice echoed.

"You didn't know? That a day like today would come."

YuWon stood on Nyog'Sothep's head and asked.

Below, thousands of Rankers, including the Bull Demon King, looked up. To them, this massive mist would seem like a massive cloud covering the sky.

Nyog'Sothep released those it had trapped.

It was to escape from YuWon.


Thanks to that, YuWon didn't have to bother wielding the sword to cut the Names one by one.

"You saved me some trouble. Should I thank you, or say this is a draw?"


No, Azathoth was above his head. Nyog'Sothep gave up on fleeing.

In front of him, Nyog'Sothep looked like a small rat standing in front of a dinosaur. Without even considering the possibility of opposing, it trembled in fear.

-G-Great... existence...

For a moment, Nyog'Sothep's words stopped.

Conscious of the sky for a moment, he soon surrendered to the looming fist.

-My... father...

"Until the end, you're a filthy bastard."

YuWon cut the conversation as if he couldn't bear to hear it.

Hearing it made his stomach churn, and he felt so disgusted that he wanted to vomit.

"Who is your father? Bastard, who was the first to join Sothoth in betraying me?"

-Father, I...

"Say one more word, and..."

In the face of the roaring voice, Nyog'Sothep couldn't continue speaking.

YuWon didn't want to hear the sound of someone like him calling him father.

"I'll throw you into the abyss, regardless of your Name, and make you suffer forever."

Nyog'Sothep's hesitation could be felt.

He was feeling it clearly.

Something was different. It was strange.

Sure, he was standing in front of Azathoth. That was undeniable, as evidenced by the Name he possessed.

But why did it feel like he was a completely different person?

"Do you think things will change if you beg and ask for forgiveness? Would it have been different if it had been Sothoth and not me standing in front of you?"

No more needed to be said.


This guy is truly unrepentant and repugnant.


The tip of YuWon's sword rose.

Azathoth didn't handle swords. He had no objects, not even a cutting tool.


"I am Kim Yuwon."

Yuwon, not Azathoth.

He was a person more accustomed to the sword than bare hands.

"I am..."

He wrapped Amorphous Chaos around the sword.

And pictured it in his mind.

The image of cutting with a single stroke the gigantic mist in front of him.

"I am Kim Yuwon."


Along the blade, a long black line was drawn in YuWon's field of view.


Following that line, the massive mist, Nyog'Sothep, tore apart.

Along with that...

['Amorphous Chaos' absorbs 'The Nameless Mist']

['Amorphous Chaos' absorbs 'Magnum Innominandum']

['Amorphous Chaos'...]


[Divine Power has increased by 10]

A message surfaced in his mind countless times.

YuWon felt an infinite amount of power accumulating in his body.

In addition to the three Names he knew, a few more Names came to his mind.

Certainly, Nyog'Sothep was someone with great ambition.

Since then, he has been constantly gathering other Names.

"Fool... ■■..."

The mist, whose Name was stolen, could barely articulate its voice.

"■■Azathoth... ■■."


The mist lost strength and dispersed.

Not many words were heard clearly. The mist that lost its Name was nothing more than mist, and it couldn't speak.

However, there was one word that was heard clearly.

'Azathoth, the fool, huh...'


Nyog'Sothep, who lost his Name, simply turned into a cloud. YuWon, who no longer needed to stay on him, fell down while thinking.

'I guess Nyarlathotep wasn't the only one calling me that.'

Apparently, those words were spreading among various Outers, including Nyarlathotep.

Maybe it's becoming a trend.

'But who's the fool with that Name?'

A scornful laugh escaped from him.

The more he knew how they talked behind his back, the more excited he felt.

Anyway, it wasn't difficult to make a decision.

After all, YuWon's goal was one.

To win this war.

And correcting the mistakes Azathoth made, in the end, would lead to the same result.


A round circle formed around Yuwon, who had fallen down.

The Rankers who had come out of Nyog'Sothep's mist were cautious of Yuwon. Even well-known Rankers like Michael or Lee Rangjin couldn't easily approach.

It wasn't because they couldn't distinguish between friends and foes.

It was because of the sight they saw earlier, an incredible scene that was hard to believe even seeing it with their own eyes.


Lee Rangjin's eyes lifted slightly.

A black line drawn in the sky.

That single sword cut the mist that trapped thousands of Rankers and various High-Rankers with a single stroke.

'Who the hell is...?'


Among the Rankers who were far away to avoid YuWon, one approached.

The Bull Demon King approached him.

"I'll ask just one question."

He looked at him with calm eyes.

As Hercules and Diablo felt before him, the Bull Demon King was also seeing through YuWon's eyes.

"Who are you?"

The Bull Demon King's question made YuWon's eyes shine. He realized that the Bull Demon King could also see two people in him.

'I'll have to pay more attention.'

He chose a safe side rather than two ambiguous ones. So, he shouldn't lean too much.

YuWon answered the Bull Demon King's question.

"I am Kim YuWon."


The gaze returned to its place.

The Bull Demon King smiled as if relieved.

And then, with a voice no different from usual, he asked.

"Now, what are you going to do?"


It was an obvious question.

The only thing that had ended was Nyog'Sothep's life.

The fight had just begun.

"I'll go to the battlefield."


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