LWTG (Novel) Chapter 506


There is no existence without a Name.

Any existence had to be called in some way.

A Name referring to it.

Descriptive expressions, all of them are branches of Names.

And if all that ultimately derives from a single Name.

"What is that if not God...?"

Foolish Chaos murmured as he ascended to the sky.

As if walking on an invisible staircase, he slowly ascended to the sky.

Thus, he reached the purple universe.

A set of stars floating in great number. Walking towards the nebula, terrifying and beautiful, Foolish Chaos stood upright and said.

"Now you understand, right?"


The nebula stirred and shone with complexity. The light emanating from it made Foolish Chaos feel a tingling sensation throughout his body.

"Are you angry?"

Although there was no response, it could be felt.


The new King of the Outers, the one closest to Azathoth.

He was angry with himself.

"Why are you angry? Because he's alive? Or...?"


As he continued speaking, Foolish Chaos's hat flipped backward.

A force that took his breath away. Overwhelmed by it, Foolish Chaos knelt on one knee.


-You killed her.

"Do you mean Black Woods Whore?"

Black Woods Whore.

It was the name of Shub-Niggurath.

But unlike other Names, that name had no power.

One reason.

Because that Name had been given by others, not by Azathoth.

-She doesn't have that name.

"It's a name they gave her after following you. It seems to bother you a lot."



Foolish Chaos's body twisted. Space distorted, and the body tore apart, breaking into pieces.

An unrecognizable form.

And when it reached that point...

-So, let's end this conversation.

Foolish Chaos began to speak in his own language.

-Nyog'Sothep. That ambitious and clumsy bastard has disappeared.


A presence with the name 'Magnum Innominandum,' which could change size to approach infinity.

He was the first being to enter the Tower when it collapsed.

He probably stands next to Foolish Chaos in terms of the number of Names.

That's how high Nyog'Sothep's status was, and his death had a serious meaning.

-We must prepare for a larger war. The upcoming war is not just about occupying a small world.


The nebula stirred complicatedly.

Foolish Chaos, torn apart by that force, returned to his original state.

-From now on, we will fight against our God.

With these words from Foolish Chaos, the nebula stopped shaking, as if it had accepted it.

Foolish Chaos turned around at this reaction from the nebula.

Although Foolish Chaos thought he might not come back alive from this place,

Fortunately, it seemed that the nebula had no intention of killing him right here.

So, once again,

When Foolish Chaos was about to descend from the sky,

He heard a voice that stopped him.

-You followed him more than anyone.

There was a voice holding his feet.

-But why?


The father of all Outers, who was also like a God.

Foolish Chaos was the one who followed him more than anyone.

But now, that same being was leading the fight against Azathoth.

"It's a question that's not worth answering."

Foolish Chaos didn't respond.

He descended the same path he had climbed and continued talking.

"Don't you see it in my name?"

He was Foolish Chaos.

The silliest of all, the one who took more Names from Azathoth than anyone else.



A long wound appeared on Son OhGong's face.

The long and sharp edge that barely grazed his face was reflected in his red eyes.

If he had delayed a single step, that blade could have pierced his face and turned his head into a mess.

But now that he had avoided it.

Now it was his turn.



Ru Yi Bang struck Daoloth's torso.



Pushed by Ru Yi Bang, Daoloth's body flew through the wall.

Light entered the dark space. Son OhGong's golden eyes, which sent Daoloth flying, shone again in golden color.


Sliding as if slipping, he slid over Ru Yi Bang.

The direction his feet were heading was towards Daoloth, who had been knocked down.


Ru Yi Bang returned to Son OhGong's hand, squeezing it tightly.

At this moment, Daoloth still couldn't fully control his body.


Son OhGong swung Ru Yi Bang with force once again.


When Ru Yi Bang hit the ground along with Daoloth, the world shook as if there was an earthquake.

The chaos on the battlefield split in half. Hundreds of Outers entangled in Ru Yi Bang, and if it weren't for Odin's protection, dozens of allies would have suffered damage too.

But despite that...

Boom, boom, boom-!

Son OhGong's attacks didn't stop.

"Hit him!"

Many Son OhGong rose into the sky.

Their hands simultaneously reached towards the sky.


An immense lightning held in the clouds rising in the sky.

Thousands of Son OhGong released that lightning.


Clang, clang, ku-gu-gu-gu-!

Countless lightning showers fell at one point.

All sounds disappeared.

Even color vanished from the world as it was covered by a cloud of yellow light. Son OhGong squeezed as much Arcane Power as he could and unleashed a Ru Yi Bang lightning bolt towards Daoloth.

"Ugh, huuu-."

Lowering the hand he had raised, Son OhGong breathed heavily.

The same did his other clones.

After all the lightning bolts were launched, at the moment when some clones anxiously wondered if they had managed to "defeat him,"


Deep within the abyss created by the Ru Yi Bang...

"Oh, sh*t..."

Daoloth, who had fallen, started moving again.

"He's quite resilient."

Son OhGong scratched his head in annoyance.

Normally, he would be glad to see an opponent who wouldn't collapse so easily, but the situation was a bit different now.

This fight had to be won somehow.


Son OhGong tightly gripped Ru Yi Bang again.

There was no time to catch his breath.


He had the responsibility to bring that guy down at all costs, even if he had to use any means.

"Come to an agreement."

All of Son OhGong's clones made the same movement.

"Who will fall first? Come on... huh?"

And all those clones were equally surprised.

It was because of a familiar face that had suddenly returned to the battlefield.

And when Son OhGong saw that face...

"Hey, hey! Wait a moment! Hey!"


Flying quickly over Daoloth using the Flying Nimbus, he soared towards YuWon.

YuWon was already walking right in front of Daoloth.

Daoloth looked at YuWon, as if he no longer cared about Son OhGong.


Dozens of sharp fangs extended from Daoloth's body.

It was an entity that multiplied infinitely from 0, distorting space-time.

Most people, even common High-Rankers, were hit by it without even recognizing its original form.

And that wasn't much different for the future YuWon.

What changed now was that YuWon also had the Golden Cinder Eyes.

'But still not with those eyes...'

The distance closed rapidly.

And at that moment...

YuWon's held sword moved.


YuWon's sword, wrapped in Amorphous Chaos, easily cut through Daoloth's multiplying body.

With dozens of fangs falling like willow branches, Son OhGong felt that something was wrong.


Daoloth's body, which fell to the ground, evaporated and dissipated. YuWon's sword had the black smoke it had seen before wrapped around it.

The Flying Nimbus suddenly stopped.

The reason it stopped was because it instinctively knew.

That YuWon was now different.

YuWon's sword, which had cut Daoloth's body, cut his body in a succession of blows in an instant.


The sword's tip was fast and precise.

His hard body was cut too easily. Even Son OhGong, who was watching, was left speechless.

Daoloth's resistance was fierce.

The beast opened its mouth, as if saying something.



Finally, YuWon's sword pierced through the guy's heart.


Daoloth's body turned into smoke and dispersed. As if it was returning to its original place, the smoke naturally seeped into YuWon's body.

"What's up with that guy?"


A feeling different from when he fought Daoloth.

The strength coming from some entity that clung to YuWon's body was felt again.

"Is he being controlled again?"

It wasn't the first time someone controlled YuWon's body. He had only felt it two times before, and one of them was witnessed directly by Son OhGong.

And in that state, YuWon was no less than an existence comparable to that "heaven" as perceived by Son OhGong.


After cutting Daoloth, YuWon looked at the sword's tip.

It didn't take as long as he thought to deal with him.

"He has become much softer."


An entity that possessed the greatest defense among the Outers.

The fact that he was defeated so easily meant that he had already accumulated a lot of damage to his body.


YuWon's and Son OhGong's eyes met as he raised his head.

At that moment when YuWon's eyes met his.


Son OhGong, who had stopped for a moment, hurriedly descended.

"Hey, hey! What's going on?"

Certainly, what YuWon had just used was a force of the same kind that devoured Ubbo-Sathla.

There was no other force in the world capable of cutting Daoloth's solid body like a cake.


Unlike before, there was no one's figure seen in YuWon.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Speaking frankly..."

YuWon murmured, lowering his head vaguely at the end of his words.

It's not like he could make this Monkey understand in a few words, it would take at least a couple of hours and a sparring with him for him to understand.

YuWon's gaze rose upwards.

It didn't seem like the sky would intervene immediately. Once the entity realized its existence, it wouldn't move easily.

But it wasn't over yet on this battlefield.

"Let's talk properly later."

"Later? Huh?..."


A bleating sound was heard on the side.

Son OhGong, who was standing, jumped surprised by the horns of a goat poking his butt.

"Ah! You scared me."

Son OhGong, who had jumped up, climbed onto YuWon's head. With fangs exposed like an animal, he looked sharply at the countless goats that had appeared around him.


Beeeh, beeeh-.

Black Woods Goats.

They appeared all over the battlefield.

[The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young]


One of the names stolen from Shub-Niggurath.


[Magnum Innominandum]

[The Nameless Mist]

[The Dancer Who Dances With Fire]

[Amorphous Chaos]

[The Star That Brings...]



Black flames rose around YuWon like will-o'-wisps.

In the sky, the round moon opened its eyes. Those eyes turned into YuWon's eyes and looked at the world.

The Names he took from the Outers.

Before, due to the lack of Divine Power, he could only use one or two of these Names, but...

"First of all, let's clear this battlefield."

The situation now was different.

[Divine Power: 361]

Perhaps because he had obtained Azathoth's Name?

Power flowed and spilled as if overflowing.


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