LWTG (Novel) Chapter 507


Odin looked at the battlefield with his arms extended downwards.

Until a few minutes ago, they were moving tirelessly, but now it was no longer necessary.

Brunhilde was in the same situation.



In an instant, the goat that burst into the battlefield tore through the Outers.

Their fangs cut the breath of the Outers in an instant and turned their bodies into dust.

That wasn't all.


Flames shooting from various places.

Every time those flames engulfed the Outers, their forms disappeared without a trace.

No need to fight hard.

This was simply a massacre.

"Those goat..."

Odin, who was trying to understand the situation belatedly, was interrupted.


In the midst of the chaotic battlefield, the relaxed figure of YuWon approached, walking slowly.

Next to him, Son OhGong was chattering loudly.

"Ah, so if I explain it to you now, you won't understand, right?"

"Are you calling me stupid?"

"Have you just realized it now, Monkey?"

Son OhGong threw a punch towards YuWon.

Easily dodging the punch, YuWon approached Odin.

In this vast battlefield, the two seemed relaxed as if they were in completely different worlds.

"You did this."

Odin realized that what was happening was the work of YuWon.

Upon hearing those words, YuWon's gaze turned to Odin.

Son OhGong, who had gotten angry at being called "Monkey," kept throwing punches at YuWon. YuWon skillfully dodged Son OhGong's punches and responded:


"From the beginning, something seemed off, but you came back as an incomprehensible guy."

Odin lifted his head and looked at the sky.

There, a huge cloud covering the purple sky. "Magnum Innominandum" covered the sky and showed its presence.

Each Name had truly overwhelming power. Even seeing all of this with his own eyes, it was hard to believe that all of this was the result of one person's power.

"Is this the result of that plan they had?"

Upon hearing Odin's question, Son OhGong, who had his face half-smashed by YuWon's hand, stopped moving and looked away.

"No, this is not it."

The surprisingly answer came from Son OhGong.

"Originally, we planned to create a perfect person. A Ranker who could handle everything, like Hercules' Gigantification, my Golden Cinder Eyes, the Gungnir you have, and magic. That was the ideal we planned."

This man, who always seemed foolish, seemed surprisingly intelligent for the first time.

In the first place, Son OhGong had also been mentioned as a candidate to return with YuWon through the Clock Movement.

As such, in Son OhGong's head, an ideal of the necessary Ranker to win this war was already drawn.

"Fortunately, this guy grew according to that. If we had given him more time, he probably would have become much stronger than we expected."

Son OhGong knew it too.

The talent YuWon had was the best among them. Although he had never lost in a fight against YuWon, that was mainly because he was already at the top.

What if they had given YuWon more time?

They didn't know what the result would have been. And that was also true this time.


"But this is ridiculous..."

Son OhGong, murmuring that way, was suddenly turned backward.

"Ah! It's unfair! How the hell did this happen so suddenly?!"

Son OhGong shouted to vent his frustration.

Although he was a companion and friend of YuWon, internally, he also considered him a competitor.

But YuWon suddenly surpassed him.

Ultimately, what Son OhGong wanted to say was this.

YuWon had become a completely different being.

"...Thanks to that guy, my talk has become unnecessarily long."


Odin clicked his tongue and looked at YuWon.

Son OhGong's opinion echoed in the air. Anyway, at this moment, the power that YuWon had was not related to the original plan.

One important thing.

"There's no need to beat around the bush. Can you win?"

The possibility of winning this war.

That was Odin's question.

YuWon thought for a moment before answering.

"In the past, I probably would have answered without hesitation, but..."

"Without hesitation?"

The possibility of winning was 10%.

Does that mean the chances of winning have increased to 100%?

"Now it's more or less fifty-fifty."

"What are you saying?"

"Our strength here is too weak compared to the other side. They are stronger than we thought."

YuWon's gaze turned to the sky.

Although the nebula floating in the sky was a problem, what really worried him at the moment was something else.

'I've given too many meaningless Names. Many Names were also stolen.'

It was a matter of numbers.


The Names he had given and those that had been taken from him. Even if only half of them entered this Tower, there was no chance of victory with the power the Tower had.

"Still, don't be disappointed. Getting here could be considered almost a miraculous situation."

"I'm not disappointed. In fact, I'm relieved."

It was fortunate that it was fifty-fifty.

Originally, Odin thought it would be much lower than that.

Mimir had said it clearly.

"If things go on like this, we can't win."

Before the fight with Shub-Niggurath began.

He tilted his head, breaking out in a cold sweat.

"That goat is just the beginning. But now we can't be sure if we can catch her."

Reconciliation Day, just one day before. On that day, the conversation with Mimir was clearly engraved in his memory.

"We need a variable. A bigger variable."

'It was then...'

Mimir lost both eyes and fell into a deep sleep that day.

He seemed to have made a decision that day.

What that decision was, Mimir did not reveal. After losing sight, he plunged into a deep sleep, and it probably would never be known.

But what was clear was that it would be known before this war ended.

"Anyway, for now..."


Odin raised his hand.

Dozens of magic circles unfolded above his head.

Odin's eyes glowed white as he unleashed the power of Yggdrasil from his body.

"We must clear this battlefield."

From now on, it was time to counterattack.


The battlefield was quickly cleared.

The power difference was overwhelming. Apart from Daoloth and Nyog'Sothep, the others were not worthy opponents.

It was strange.

"Why aren't they still coming?"

Son OhGong, who still had a lot of energy, was the first to express his disappointment.

It was strange.

The wall had fallen, so they thought they would keep coming without stopping.

YuWon looked in the direction where the wall was.

It was so obvious that there was no need to figure out when the incoming bastards had stopped.

'They won't come back.'

They were under the control of the nebula.

As long as he himself (YuWon) was here, the nebula would not send them here.

'The more it sends, the stronger I will become.'

[Divine Power: 369]

After defeating the Outers, including Daoloth, and regaining his power, YuWon became stronger.

The essence of his power was his Name. And all those Names came from Azathoth.

The more he gathered his powers, the stronger he became.

Or more precisely, he was returning to his original state.

'But that doesn't mean they withdrew. So, maybe the next step is...'

In the midst of chaos, the battlefield was getting organized.

Watching that scene, YuWon murmured.

"A total offensive?"

Odin and Hercules were the ones who heard YuWon's words.

Not long after, the Bull Demon King, Michael, Lee Rangjin, and others, including reinforcements, arrived.

Those who arrived a little later than YuWon.

Among them, the one who stood out the most was Lee Rangjin, leading the others.

"We arrived late. I apologize."

"I heard about your situation, don't worry."

Odin didn't blame them.

It was an inevitable situation. He couldn't blame them for being late due to the circumstances that arose when they came here.

"For now, it's time to seek cooperation from other Guilds."

Lee Rangjin nodded at Odin's words.

"I agree. Surely not everyone has moved yet..."

Although the forces gathered here were not insignificant, it was time for the Tower to unite into one body.

With so many Rankers and High-Rankers. Unless they all joined forces, they couldn't imagine fighting against them.

"Then, leave that to me."

Unexpectedly, Son OhGong stepped into the conversation between the two.

Odin and Lee Rangjin. Both of their gazes turned to Son OhGong.

Cautious looks.

Son OhGong frowned at the suspicious looks directed at him.

"What's wrong? Don't you trust me?"

"If this were a battlefield, I'd be happy to trust you with my back... but..."

It was Son OhGong they were talking about.

They couldn't let their guard down. Moreover, asking Son OhGong for help with a "cooperation" task was risky.

"Leave it to him."

At that moment, YuWon approached Son OhGong and said:

"He already did a similar job quite well before."


"This guy has skills. He might be the most suitable for the job."

At the mention of skills, Odin nodded.

"That's right. If it's the cloning technique..."

The cloning technique.

Along with the Golden Cinder Eyes, it was the representative ability of Son OhGong, allowing him to create more than a thousand clones of himself at once.

"And sometimes, his eccentric personality can be helpful."

Something similar had already happened before.

Under the Guild name, there were forces divided into hundreds or thousands of groups.

Son OhGong gathered them by sending his clones.

And in the process...

"Those who refused were persuaded by the Ru Yi Bang."

And that turned out to be useful.

Although not in the most ethical way possible, it was useful, which was the main thing.

YuWon believed the same would happen this time. And that's what his teammates who had worked on the plan together thought.

Even Odin, who was skeptical, changed his mind.

If YuWon said it so confidently, he was trustworthy. And on the other hand, he thought that Son OhGong's ignorance might be useful in times like this.

"So do it as usual this time. We trust you."


With a crooked smile on his lips, Son OhGong patted his chest.

"Alright. Leave it to me. I'll bring them all. Ha, ha, ha!"

"Somehow, I feel more insecure."

Son OhGong had never succeeded in something he boasted about. YuWon felt even more uneasy about his bravado.

"And you? What are you going to do now?"

Odin asked about YuWon's next steps.

Although Son OhGong's role was also important, the greatest force in this fight was YuWon.

The outcome of this battle would depend on YuWon's actions, plans, and power.

"Well, I think..."

YuWon's gaze turned to the sky.

"I'll have a lot of work in the future."

There was no need to go very far.

The enemy he had to defeat was always in front of his eyes.

"I'll have to negotiate with that guy."

In the sky, a purple sky rose.

Neither day nor night, it was formed by an infinite number of stars.

To fight against that, he had to increase his power more than ever.

"And he doesn't need to come here, right?"

YuWon's answer made Odin's eyes widen.

"It can't be..."

Although he said, 'it can't be,' only an idiot wouldn't know what YuWon's words meant.


But for YuWon, that possibility was not so astonishing.

"I plan to go there."

After all, that was the world where Azathoth lived.


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