LWTG (Novel) Chapter 508


YuWon stepped away, covering his throbbing head.

So far, Son OhGong's whining voice seemed to resonate in his head.

"I'll go too! I'll go too! I'll go too!"

Son OhGong's response showed up when YuWon said he would leave.

Instead of sending clones all over the Tower, he thought it would be much more fun to fight the Outers outside the Tower.


"Why do you complain so much? You're not a child anymore."

"Speak louder, we can't hear you."

"Ouch! You hear everything, you villains!"

Son OhGong's whale-like shouting opinion was finally ignored.

He had things to do here. Therefore, the right thing to do was to do what he had been assigned.

So, YuWon left Son OhGong behind.

And behind him...


Step, step-

Pandora, who followed him briskly, and Hercules, who was three times larger than her.

Those two followed him.

"Is it really necessary for you to follow me?"

YuWon stopped for a moment and looked back.

To that question, Pandora nodded, and Hercules, arms crossed, replied.

"Yes, it's necessary."

"Two are better than one, and three are better than two."


When did they become so agreeable?

The forest was getting closer to the end, and in the distance, a wall could be seen. YuWon sighed and glanced sideways at the two following him to the end.

'Surely, all the memories were transferred...'

Especially Pandora.

In her was Azatoth's memory.

Foolish Chaos. Memories contained in the box she handed to Zeus.

He thought Pandora was obsessed with him because of that memory...

'Could it be inertia?'

More than that, could he take these two with him?

He alternately looked at the two for a moment, sighed softly, and resumed his march.

'They will defend themselves, won't they?'

No need to say anything about Hercules, and Pandora too. Unless it's an Outer of considerable level, she shouldn't be in any danger.

Above all, this wasn't his only battle.

Both Hercules and Pandora.

Both were victims of what Foolish Chaos did.

By Foolish Chaos's stratagem, Zeus killed Hercules's mother, Alcmena, and Pandora was locked in a dark prison for over a thousand years.

They had the right to fight.


The three reached the wall.

YuWon touched the partially cracked wall with his hand.

The wall had not collapsed yet.

"It's annoying to go back. Should we break it and go on?"

Hercules stepped forward while rolling up his sleeve.

The wall was quite cracked. Hercules thought he could easily break it.

He gestured for them to step aside, waving one hand and throwing a lightning bolt with the other.

But YuWon didn't move.

"Were you curious?"


YuWon, turning his back to Hercules, asked.

"I don't know why you're not asking, but there's nothing to worry about."

The tone of his voice changed subtly.

Through YuWon's back, Hercules saw YuWon, who he had seen in the sky, in front of the purple nebula.

Suddenly, the person changed.

That frightened him, but on the other hand, it intrigued him too.

What had YuWon turned into?

"I've become A■thoth."

Some of YuWon's words reached Hercules's ears as a whisper.

Most people couldn't hear that Name. Only those who knew it from the beginning or beings of the same category could hear it.

YuWon turned his head.

Their eyes met.


With a sinking feeling in his heart, Hercules's eyes trembled.

'What kind of feeling is this...?'

Surprised, he almost took a step back.

The moment their eyes met.

Hercules had no choice but to acknowledge the feeling he experienced.

'Respect, right?'

Respect for a grandiose existence.

And the fear that comes with that respect.

It wasn't easy to admit. Hercules, like Son OhGong, thought he was walking alongside YuWon.

But he didn't expect something like this to happen. (That the distance would increase so much)

"How many letters have you heard?"

How many letters...

From the 'Name' mentioned by YuWon, he meant the number of letters they had heard. (Note: Here 'letters' is actually 'characters,' and Azathoth has Four Characters in Korean: 아자토스)

"Three letters."

"Four letters."

Hercules turned to look at his side.

Four letters. Pandora had heard more letters than him.

YuWon nodded as if he knew it would be like that.

"Three letters are a lot."

Originally, Pandora knew Azathoth's Name because YuWon wanted to know how far Hercules could hear.


The wall touched by YuWon's fingertips slowly melted.

The wall disappeared.

Seeing that unbelievable scene, the Lightning that accumulated in Hercules's fist slowly dissipated.

"If it had been two letters, I wouldn't have brought you."

The space revealed itself like that before YuWon's eyes.

"And if it had been one letter, I would have been disappointed."

"What are you talking about?"

"I became him. I'm not sure if I'm Kim YuWon or Azathoth yet...."

In the face of the indecisive voice, YuWon lifted his head.

"For now, I think I'm Kim YuWon."

"What are you talking about? Who is that?"

"The entity that created this wall."

Since he himself had created it, he could destroy it.

YuWon briefly explained who Azathoth was.

"The beginning of all these events. The point of the Big Bang. The totality of all Names."

"Are you saying that's you?"

"So it seems."

YuWon shrugged and approached the wall.

"Alone, you seemed curious, so I thought it was better that you know."

The look and tone of YuWon, who created a space for the group to pass by erasing the wall, returned to the YuWon that Hercules knew.

'Does it only change when he uses his power?'


Finishing speaking, YuWon passed through the wall and disappeared.

The Tower's unbreakable limit. Behind YuWon, who was fading beyond, Pandora followed him without hesitation.

Despite the sudden story, Hercules followed behind.



At the same time.

The Great Guild, Sashinso (Four Divine Beasts), was on alert.

"The Monkey has arrived!"

"The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal! It's The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal!"


A sturdy tiled house collapsed. Ru Yi Bang made the tiled house sink with a single strike.

"Stop him!"

"After all, it's just a clone."

Four Divine Beasts.

A guild composed of four High-Rankers, exerting significant influence on the 40th floor.

They prepared to fight against the clone of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

The reason was singular.

"We are not willing to cooperate with Asgard."

"War? Let them handle it themselves. What do we...?"

"I don't know what it's about, but it's even better. If Asgard or Olympus's forces weaken with this matter."

"We are neutral. If some guy comes to ask for cooperation, we will return him immediately. Even if necessary, we will use force."

Those were the orders of the four High-Rankers representing the Four Divine Beasts Guild.

As they feared, Asgard sent someone directly. Moreover, they knew that Son OhGong's clones had been visiting each Guild recently.

They thought they could handle it easily.

After all, they were just clones.

But they were wrong.

"Out with the little ones, let the head come out!"

It was impossible to stop Son OhGong, wielding his Ru Yi Bang, with just the Guild's Rankers.

It seemed that Son OhGong was determined to massacre the Guild if they didn't come out.



A wave of red flames.

Son OhGong, wielding his Ru Yi Bang, stopped and looked at the wave of flames.

A High-Ranker with wings spread, exhaling burning flames.

A woman with beautiful red hair flowing with her red spread wings.

A High-Ranker from the Four Divine Beasts Guild, Phoenix.

She looked at Son OhGong and said:

"You're causing too much trouble."

"They finally decide to show up."

With the refreshing sea breeze, the land shook. The sharp wind turned into a hurricane that enveloped everything.

Not just Phoenix.

The High-Rankers representing the Four Divine Beasts.

Phoenix, Blue Dragon, Black Turtle, and White Tiger.

All of them appeared before Son OhGong.

"Insolent Monkey clone! Where do you think you are making so much noise?"

"How dare this brat."

"We are neutral. I think we have made our viewpoint clear, haven't we?"

Each of the High-Rankers of Four Divine Beasts expressed with a word, challenging Son OhGong.

He responded to their words, touching his ears.

"It's not neutrality, it's indifference. Don't you realize? Lately, the sky has turned purple here and there."

"This arrogant!"

"Arrogant or not, do you know, right? This fight is different from a simple dispute between Guilds."

It was a fight between worlds and worlds.

Even if the fight with Asgard had ended, the Outers wouldn't stop.

"If Asgard is destroyed, there will be another. And then another, and another."

The Four Divine Beasts also knew this.

The goal of the Outers was this Tower, and if Asgard fell, eventually it would be their turn.

Even so, they didn't move.

"Perhaps Asgard won't fall."

Asgard could win.

Moreover, in that process, Asgard and Olympus might weaken.

They themselves, Four Divine Beasts, could become the owners of the Tower.

"At the end, will you hide behind Asgard to stay safe?"

Yes, they would.

Son OhGong's gaze widened as if he knew.

"You're just waiting."

For other Guilds to collapse in this fight.

To sit quietly and watch as their position rises.

And that was a decision based on the belief and expectation that their turn wouldn't come.

"Eventually, you will regret this decision. I know."

Four Divine Beasts.

The stubborn ones who rejected alliance until the end.

"So, no, I have no intention of stepping back from here."

Forced cooperation is not right.

For that reason, in the future, they couldn't unite forces.

At least, that was the case until Son OhGong appeared.

"Do you understand? You selfish bastards!"

"How dare you!"

"Knowing where you are, you're too bold!"

"A clone and nothing more!"

The energy released by Four Divine Beasts shook the earth.

Phoenix, with the highest rank, was a High-Ranker reaching double digits. Additionally, the other three were within the first two hundred.

However, even in the face of the power released by the High-Rankers of Four Divine Beasts, Son OhGong was not intimidated at all.

It was natural...

"I'm asking this just in case before the fight, to see if there really is a misunderstanding..."

Son OhGong scratched his head with an incredulous expression.

"Do you really think I'm a clone?"



Perplexed looks.

Before Son OhGong's question, "How dare you think of me as a clone?" the Arcane Power that shook the earth as if it would overturn everything in a single blow suddenly disappeared.


With a sound resembling a snort, the Arcane Power of Four Divine Beasts disappeared completely.

With the silence, Four Divine Beasts looked at each other.

With the idea that something was wrong, Phoenix, who was closer to Son OhGong, opened her mouth.

"C-Can you give us a little time to think?"


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