SYS (Novel) Chapter 479


Mary shared all the information with Dyfus, who is one of the main Flagbearers.

So, it wasn't anything unusual for Mary to know something that Jin didn't.

In fact, Jin had no idea about the most important thing, aside from Gaifa.

Other important matters that had crossed Jin's mind were continuously checked by his companions, but there were no unusual updates.

'Hehehe. Dyfus oraboni's words were right after all. He's reacting right away.'

Mary suppressed her inner laughter.

It was a shame she couldn't enjoy the look of bewilderment on the younger one's face from a closer distance.

"Elder sister!"

Jin opened his mouth, and to Mary, who had turned around, his lips were almost reaching her ears.


"I rushed into thinking! You've come a long way, so it wouldn't be polite to send you back just like that!"

"What are you saying?"

"Please, come up! I permit it!"

"I can't hear you well!"

"I'm sorry. Come up, and let's have a conversation!"

"Hahaha, kid, I can't hear you! Say it once more!"

Of course, she heard him clearly.

It's just that she pretended not to hear with exaggerated gestures, trying to mock her younger brother.

Of course, Jin showed no signs of embarrassment or discomfort, as Mary had anticipated.

Only Mary was incredibly amused.

When Jin continued Mary's joke for a while, thanks to that, soon, everyone in Tikan saw her and her fleet.

At first, Jin's companions and the residents shared Mary's feelings.

It seemed incredible that Jin would play along with this childish prank.

This facet of Jin was not only unknown to Mary but to everyone else.

"Hey, Captain. Could you stop now...? The atmosphere is cooling down a bit."

Only after Cosmos spoke reluctantly did Mary stop her joke.

When she turned around, she saw Jin's expressionless face and Murakan, who was looking at her sternly.

Other people, though they couldn't show it openly, probably shared the same feeling as Jin and Murakan.

The situation was getting quite awkward.

If things went on like this, you should've told me earlier, asshole.

Mary whispered, and Cosmos nodded.

'I thought they would hit me like last time...'

'But it's different from back then.'

'Even so, don't worry. I'll find a way to lighten the mood when the chance comes.'

When Cosmos stepped aside, Mary looked into Jin's eyes again.

"Coff, coff! Well, if you're so eager to welcome me, I'll indulge you by coming up!"

With a jump, Mary landed on the outer wall and the construction, heading to the mansion's garden.

"Hahaha! What's with this act of being a fierce pirate, Mary Runcandel! It suits you very well."

"Hmph, what's with this act? My dignity, that's what."

"What? Dignity? Are you saying losing an eye is an honorable wound?"

"Or it could be a bluff. You're still very amusing, Murakan-nim."

Although Mary had arrived at the mansion, Tikan's residents continued to watch, not returning to their homes and workplaces.

"Ladies and gentlemen! I'm Cosmos, the pirate king and king of the corsair fleet operating in the waters of Hufester, with the permission of Captain Mary! The reason our pirate crew has come to Tikan today is..."

Because Cosmos began to work hard to create an atmosphere outside...

Bam, bum!

Fireworks exploded, and the pirates on the deck breathed fire and demonstrated various feats, capturing the attention of the crowd.

Moreover, the crowd was already filled with anticipation.

After all, Mary had shouted for a duel that shook the entire sea with a thunderous voice.

"Cosmos owes me, and he was going to lead the corsair fleet for me one day. But you've taken the lead. How did you find out, elder sister?"

After the incident of the compass theft, Cosmos Pirates were being chased by both Vermont and Zipple.

Jin had secretly worried about them from time to time, but strangely, Cosmos Pirates, a small pirate crew, had never been caught by any major faction.

"I ran into them while wandering around, taking down anyone who crossed my path. Besides, that guy was already familiar to me. I even thought he was quite useful when I was young. Good enough to run errands for me when I'm training."

"Training, you say?"

"Haha, yes. Lately, your dear sister has set some goals."

"What kind of goals?"

"You don't need to know! There won't be any more contract duels for a while after this. I'll leave after deciding which of the two is superior today. I'll go to very harsh lands to look for demon core creatures and hermit masters."

I haven't given a firm answer to the duel request.

Under normal circumstances, Jin would respond like this, gaining time to observe the situation and gain some initiative.

But he had no choice seeing Mary's gaze.

The resolute and determined gaze of someone who has prepared firmly for something.

The Mary who had been full of joviality a moment ago now had that look in her eyes.

What has happened to my elder sister?

Jin completely ignored that the reason for Mary's determination and her training were the recent actions she had shown.

'Anyway, judging by the seriousness with which Elder Sister Mary approached this matter, it seems that the issue related to that big thing is not very urgent.'

In a desperate situation, the Family would undoubtedly have mobilized Mary.

It was a case where the First Division of the 4 main forces had given up on Amela and clung to her, and Mary couldn't come here for a duel in a hurry.

"It's an honor that my sister's training includes a duel with me. I'll accept this challenge with gratitude."

"Yes, that's the spirit!"

"In that case, shouldn't you give me a hint about that big case?"

"I'll let you know once you defeat me."

"I'm worried that I might become too curious and lose focus while fighting you, Elder Sister. Wouldn't that be discourteous to you?"

Jin was half sincere.

He felt that he could figure it out even with a small clue. Jin had been wandering aimlessly since he left Gaifa, and that had left him frustrated.

"You're trying to trick me again!"

"Elder sister, I can't count the number of eyes and ears that have already seen and heard you. Please let me know, lest I take the lead and leave you out."

Mary stared at Jin as if she could see through him. Finally, she shrugged as if she had no other choice.

"I'm talking about Zipple, Jin."

Jin opened his eyes wide.

Members of the four main factions who hadn't come to Gaifa were preparing to contain Zipple.

'Zipple, huh? Is it living golems or a new type of battleship? Or... that cubic thing?'

From the perspective of the four main factions, these things were much more important and dangerous than Amella.

"Research facility or production plant!


That single word made a sharp intuition pierce Jin's mind.

Living golem.


Myuron 2.

Research facilities for the cube and production plants.

The major factions had found them and were set to take control.

"Hmmm, it seems you've already figured it out."

"I feel my unease fading."

"I'll tell you more details if you defeat me. If you can't defeat me, then it'll become something that never existed. We'll fight one on one until one of us is unable to continue fighting. Let's settle it without killing or causing permanent injuries."

"Very well. Do you have any place in mind for this fight?"

"No, I'm planning to fight you right here."

"Well, Elder Sister, I'm speechless. If you and I fight seriously here, there might not be much left of Tikan."

Jin and Mary, both elites, possessed the power to easily reduce the entire city to rubble wherever they fought.

With the ongoing construction of defensive structures, a slight misstep could lead to the total collapse of Tikan.

"It seems like today has been a special day to witness your reckless behavior. Fool, did you think I suggested fighting here without knowing what I was doing? Hey, Cosmos!"

Mary turned her head towards Cosmos and shouted.

"Speak, Captain!"

"Prepare the stage!"

"Understood! Did you hear that, you stinkers? Prepare the stageeee! Come on, come on, come on!


Cosmos blew the trumpet.

When Cosmos blew the trumpet, the ships in his fleet began to move in perfect order.

The scattered boats came together instantly, forming a space like a plain, with no gaps between the decks.

It was like the arena of a battle competition.

"As I mentioned before, this competition is a one-on-one duel. It's also a swordsman's duel. The rules are simple. You and I will fight on the fleet. However, any highly destructive technique that excessively damages the fleet is strictly prohibited."

"Oh... I really like that, Elder Sister. In that case, Tikan won't be destroyed."

"But you'll be the one who is destroyed, however. Let's start!"

Cosmos, who had been maintaining the atmosphere, cleared his throat before making the announcement.

"Coff! Please, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, elders and children! Now, get ready for an incredibly, incredibly intense duel between two individuals! Are you all readyyyy?"

Cosmos had completely captured the audience's attention and was an experienced organizer of this type of contest, given his long experience as a host of events.

"I'm also having a hard time containing the excitement. Let's all applaud together! Known by everyone and each one, the greatest fighter of our time! Truly crazy about fighting! The madwoman of the Southern Continent, oh, I guess she doesn't like that nickname. And the madwoman of the wind, Mary! Her titles always include the phrase 'mad'! Who is this person? Who, I ask!"


"Mary Runcandel!"

"Yes, Mary... Runcandel!! Step forward, please!"

Mary jumped onto the deck, and thunderous cheers erupted from all directions.

She seemed to be familiar with this type of situation and casually waved with a mischievous smile on her face.

She turned to Jin, pointing at him with her index finger, making a throat-slitting gesture with her thumb.


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